Shameful Incident at Delhi

It was tolerable when, the last time, I saw the Indian parliamentary session recording ON RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT (yes!)..and the scene looked like a bunch of money- and power-greedy overgrown children, fighting overparliamentary issues....with chairs in their hands, and flinging mikes and sandals at one another (yes!) !!! Such is the complacency, maturity, civilty and tolerance level of our Government representatives.

But now, reading the following report, I am ashamed of the system which despite being governed by a lady President, and whose capital (Delhi) governed by a lady Chief Minister, has so much discrepancy, and that also in public !!

I feel ashamed of men who are psychologically primitive , and donot respect women beyond the bonds of their immediate families. The general mindset has been consumed by sex, indulgence, intolerance, and greed. And one cannot impact much on alleviating this as long as the judicial system is crumbling under pressure and in turn, leaves the immediate-priority judgements at the mercy of the lower-priority judgements..this is what I am referring to:

But there is much we can ourselves do...and the start is, to be unyielding to such corruption when it happens to us or our eco system, never to negotiate in what someone else deserves rightfully (it even includes paying the bus conductor the exact ticket amount, and taking a ticket, instead of paying him less(which he pockets for himself) ) , and in being responsible individuals, answerable to our conscience .

We have an unlimited capability to choose.

And every choice we make takes us more firmly towards the direction we chose to go.

But how can we overcome our petty short term pleasures and benefits , to receive grace from the Universe...I see only one answer...MEDITATION, SADHANA and GOOD COMPANY. Thats what hardens us, and bestows us control over our misleading 5 senses. We have been gifted this beautiful body, as an instrument for Divinity to flow through it...and for that it must become hollow, and empty, like the flute ! And unless the body is hollow and the the five senses are in moderation, we CANNOT have a consistently focussed mind...