Living is truly an Art, which teaches the Science of Living!

Re-living Life

Are you a college goer?

A fresher?
A corporate professional who picked up smoking during college days and the peer pressure of "acting" cool?
A rebel who rebels in all the wrong ways that cause long-term damage to your own health?

I am sure after reading this blog by Jitesh, you will re-think why you started smoking in the first place. And why not meditation?
Simply because it is a sincere and innocent request to stop smoking and start re-living! :-)

And for the intelligent people like me and you too (if you are a non-smoker and you meditate everyday), we know what a HIGH meditation gives to the system! It is intoxicating.

By meditation, I mean the real meditation. Cos most people have this misconcept about meditation:

"close your eyes and imagine toony lights...concentrate..Concentrate...CoNcEnTrAtE! cOnCeNtRaTe! ConncennnTrAAteee!!! Boom! Bang! KaBoooommm! "
I'm sure you'll wake up with a splitting headache and disappointment because you didn't see disco lights going zigzag with eyes closed...No! thats not meditation. Meditation as GuruJi says, is "DE-CONCENTRATION"! and the EFFECT of meditation is "CONCENTRATION".

So simply relax, call any Art Of Living volunteer, and register for a YOUTH EMPOWERMENT and SKILLS (YES!+) WORKSHOP (if you are young at heart!). I promise You, it'll be the best investment you'll have ever made in your life.

Time to Re-Live the few beautiful remaining years of this life in the Best Way! Let's learn the Art Of Living!