Benefits of a Professional Resume

Come January, 2010…
Come January, 2010…and companies are gearing up for a hiring fever. I’m sure the smart ones among us are revisiting job portals in lunch breaks already…
Here is the best time to avoid a few mistakes we made in past job hunts. Have you wondered why most high paying companies we apply for have never responded? This is why:
  • Too many resumes flood the recruiter’s inbox. Result: Your resume gets an unfair 30 seconds only, to attract the recruiter’s attention. High chances of your resume getting filtered out, exist.
  • Your resume may lack focus
  • Is your resume duties-driven instead of accomplishments-driven?
  • Incorrect ordering of items can disinterest the recruiter
  • Subconsciously, we highlight our skills the way we want the recruiter to see, not the way the recruiter wants it to be!
  • For many companies that use data mining HR software, a resume that lacks specific keywords may not be noticed among thousands of other similar resumes! Yes it’s unfair.

These are just few of the goof-ups we make, in an uninformed, unintended hurry. What can you do to break the wall between you and that desirable job opening you are eyeing? Get in touch and Let the Experts Do what they do best...creating the unmatched resume no interviewer can overlook.

Only a professional resume engineer knows how to give your resume that sharpness and accuracy to engage the recruiter’s interest in your candidature! You will carry with you the unputdownable advantage of a sharp, impression-cutting CV that outmatches other applicants’ far more skilled or experienced than you.

Please email your resume to for a free consultation (analysis of keywords, format, and expert ranking).We will respond in 24 hours.

This will give you a realistic idea of the weight of your resume, based on which you can decide how much rework is required on your resume (along with other benefits from us) to attract interviews.

"Tresspassers will be recruited"

Another PJ:

Security Sign outside an IT-campus?
"Tresspassers will be recruited"

The IT-Dream isn't Infosys or Wipro, anymore. The IT-Dream is a weekend.

Egads! its 5:33 a.m....I better get my nap...its a Saturday! :-)

Want to see what happens to the herd of evolved IT-industry professionals when they are un-caged after a long week of "job-satisfaction"?
  • Hit the Brigade Road: Blank, confused faces...I call them Zombie Stares...
  • Hit the Forum Mall: holding hands with their GF-BF/GF-GF/BF-BF and yet staring at the hot babe/guy passing i always say, "the joy in a relationship is either in getting into one, or getting out of one...not in the relationship for most young dudes and duddete's (LOL) today"
  • Hit the pubs and disco's: Young ambitious IT pro's (familiarising to "social" drinking culture) acting "faithful" to their managers (we all know, recession fading away, and January around the corner, payrise is just a month of "hard work" away).....or just a bunch of young "cool" dudes and dudette's who haven't experienced the high of Sudarshan Kriya yet, and want to drink bottoms-up, get sloshed, do naughty things at night and wake up with a hangover on Sunday
  • Knock at appartments in Koramangla/BTM/Marathalli/ITPL, at noon time: A sleepy-eyed young IT professional whom you just rudely awoke from his weekly slumber, or a dripping-wet Mamma's boy who knows the benefits of waking up early on Saturday and doing his week-long dirty laundry (mostly in Bangalore, the BairraAmma's are on leave on Saturdays :-))
  • Don't hit the Barista's or Cafe Coffee Day's: You'll only find first-dates, about-to-break-up-couples, school reunions, or business plans :-)

This is not a joke, but a reality check for those who:
  • are not yet disillusioned about the misnomer "JOB-SATISFACTION"
  • haven't learnt to meditate and need Axe Deo Sprays and Haute Couture to cover up years of SUBTLE accumulated emotional garbage, intellectual saturation and physical stress (doesn't show until you ae 30)
  • still have those American dreams

See you until my next post...Love Bow Wow

"There exists a better world, a few breaths away." -Khurshed Batliwala (lovingly called, Bawa)

Business Week Best Global Brands

Business Week

Best Global Brands

58 Colgate

$5,633 million

2005 Rank/Value
60 / $5,186 million

9% change from 2005

Based in U.S. Well into a four-year restructuring, Colgate now has something to smile about with new launches such as Luminous toothpaste finding strong demand.

I wonder if Business Week will stop associating the word "BEST" with "HIGHEST EARNING" when benchmarking organizations... Simply rephrasing my words, I'd request them to read my previous post on Colgate.

Shahrukh Khan endorses Colgate. Does he know, Colgate is a toxic chemical cocktail

What can I say? :-) :-)

This one's my favorite :-D

I'll keep most of the text of this post pale yellow in heart-felt condolence for all the educated, sleeping consumers who "consume" Colgate everyday!

SRK...King Khan...Baadshah of Bollywood...what not? certainly...

A compelling actor, a confident man, who stepped into filmdom with Deewana (1992), and stole millions of hearts with hits like
...Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Mohabbatein, Chak De India (my personal favorite), Om Shanti Om, Ra Ne Banadi Jodi, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kal Ho Na Ho, Veer Zara, and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
...has garnered hardcore fans from Pakistan and Japan!

I'll tell you why I'm thankful that my date of birth is the only thing Shahrukh and I have in on....

Some people with chain smoking habits (You know who), know that they are role models for thousands, and yet sometimes they overlook the impact that every slight gesture of theirs can have on the society... guess is, such celebrities may not have learnt the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga or PERHAPS never even experienced the enhanced awareness that meditation and a holistic DIET (excluding poultry meat pumped wth antibiotics, or eggs containing hormones) can such cases such celebrities consider stress (resulting from their hectic work, super-strenous workouts, the blinding celebrity glitter) as something natural to carry inside their systems...hence the lack of awareness....and they do not mind promoting products without doing their own RESEARCH...

(oh, btw, SRK earns 8 to 9 crores from his brand endorsements.)

What are the ingredients in Colgate?

Water, hydrated silica, glycerin, SORBITOL, PVM/MA copolymer, SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE, cellouse gum, and flavor, and some other trace chemicals. And of course SODIUM FLUORIDE and Triclosan for whitening.

"Overseas researchers have found Colgate toothpaste contains ingredients that may cause cancer."
Why did I panic when discovered this:
  • I had just finished brushing my teeth with Colgate toothpaste (it was in the morning newspaper).
  • I have been using Colgate since many years.
My first reaction was to dispose the Colgate toothpaste in my bathroom.Of course I did so...
As I wondered:
  • Where have the quality control authorities gone?
  • How come harmful products are on the shelves of supermarkets for so long?
After all, the quality control authorities are "supposed to be" responsible for the safety and health of consumers, isn't it?
But by now, my insecurity had turned to proactive anger. A few days down the line, here I am, sharing some interesting facts with you...who knows I may be instrumental in a positive change in your lifestyle...we never know :-)

Artificial sweetener- also contained in chewing gums, and calorie-conscious sweets
  • causes dramatic weight loss with prolonged or excess ingestion
  • causes gastro-intestinal problems like weight loss, or abdominal pain
(Aah, this is my favorite compound..technically termed as 'surfactant', an 'emulsifier', and a 'denaturant')
Also contained in:
- Most shampoos and conditioners (even in the ones labelled 'herbal')
- bath and shower crèmes and gels
- liquid hand soap
- moisturizers
- bubble-bath

Used as a foamer and a detergent in toothpastes, and preferred by manufacturers because it is cheap, SLS is used
  • to clean oil spillage from petrol forecourts....means it is very effective (sarcastic)
  • It is well KNOWN to be a harmful skin irritant (remember why they say 'flush your eyes with plenty of water' if you get shampoo in them)
  • Toxic to the liver and kidneys
  • Toxic to aquatic animals/fish (remember tons of this stuff washes-off down our drains!!)
  • On the NIH hazards list
  • Known to trigger eczema and skin problems
  • And this is my favorite: SLS is...Known to cause mouth ulcers!!!
Of late,
Have you noticed the increasing trend of sensitive teeth? Don't be surprised.
Do you still want to use Colgate?

Used as Rat Poison...need I say more?

I hope SRK is reading this (for his own health)...

what's the irony of it...most celebs do not even use the products they endorse...

When will it be 2012 for the media industry?
When SRK endorses the 'Jaago Grahak Jaago' (wake up consumer wake up) campaign on television! (hahaha)


Lately two thoughts have been competing in my mind, for first appearance on my blog is the Monsanto Company...another is celebs endorsing ads....

Its nearly 3 am in the morning, and my near-Zen state of mind ;-) suggests I should give full honor and dedicate more hours of research to Monsanto (to do justice to the years of their hard work in mindless animal slaughter, federal manipulation, unethical business practices, (oh...i could go on and on with such lovely adjectives)), before I write upon it...

as of now, it'll be celebrity stories series... :-)

BUT WAIT! just a small piece of general knowledge here...

Is milk safe from cows that have received hormones like RBST?

NO! (The answer couldn't be louder than this)

(R)BST ([Recombinant] Bovine somatotropin) is a bovine growth hormones in cattle..way back in 1985, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) had claimed that RBST is harmless to humans (what were they thinking??)

With the political manipulation that Monsanto is infamous for...Monsanto has geneticaly re-engineered RBST to abnormally boost milk production in cows to as much as 15 per cent , labelled it as POSILAC (or BGH, rBGH, BST and rBST) and managed to pass it into mainstream usage through FDA in 1993. Today, youngsters in the US are experiencing catastrophic levels and varieties of diseases..ranging from:
  • puberty in children as young as 10 years of age....they are confused, scared and do not know how to deal with such abnormal bodily changes at such a young age!
  • girls as young as 11, experiencing periods!
  • moreover, injection of estrogen (female hormones) in cows for commercial gains, are causing breast cancer in women and testicular cancer in men

    For the record, this is the rising trend among Indian children today since a decade....did you know India is a lucrative testing ground for Genetically Modified food, or GMO, for such organizations like Nestle and Monsanto...

    Do we still want to go the US way?
    ...Oh btw, today, one in every three children in the US suffer from Type-2 Diabetes. And among the minorities, the ratio is 1:2.

    ....are you still waking up every morning from Monday to Sunday, in the comfort of the packaged
    (homogenized/pasteurized) milk? or "are you asleep"? the advertisements of Maggi noodles, promoting Maggi stories make you feel good? or do you take the initiative to GOOGLE out on the effects of MSG, or Mono sodium Glutamate in Maggi, to your health...."YOUR HEALTH"?

    ...does one bar of Nestle's Kit Kat make you reach out for another bar? you feel Cerelac is a great food for babies?

    ...chances are, if you are educated and able to read this post to this point, you will certainly do our own research, and tell me what you found.

    Lots of love, until then.

    The Purpose of Education

    Faith and alertness appear to be completely opposite in nature. When you are alert, usually there is no faith and you feel restless and insecure.
    When there is faith the mind is secure and rested and you are not alert.

    There are three types of faith:

    Tamasic faith which is because of dullness. Like when you do not want to take responsibility or action and you say, "Oh it doesn’t matter, anyway God will take care of all these things!" (laughter)

    Rajasic faith which is brought on by intense compulsion of desires and ambition. The ambition keeps the faith alive.

    Satvic faith is innocent and is born out of fullness of consciousness. Faith and alertness, though apparently opposite in nature, are actually complementary to each other.

    In the absence of faith there can be no growth, and without alertness there can be no correct understanding. Faith can make you complacent. Alertness makes you tense. If there is no faith, there is fear. And when there is no alertness one cannot perceive or express properly. A combination of both is essential.

    In Gyana (state of wisdom) there is alertness without tension and faith without complacency. The purpose of education should be to remove the element of dullness from faith and the element of fear from alertness. This is a unique and rare combination. If you have faith and alertness at the same time, then you will become a true Gyani (the Wise One)! - Sri Sri

    What happens when...

    What happens when...

    25,000 people gather from across the globe every day for nine days of Navratri Festival at Bangalore? They create ripples of celebration and harmony as they participate in the Navratri Homa, at Art of Living International Center, Bangalore!

    Today, Durga Ashtami (the eighth day of celebrations) saw a mighty crowd of around 50,000 people, who attended the VEDIC Style (the most ancient)of CHANDI HOMA in reverence to the victory of Goddess Mother over the buffalo demon (symbolizing our small-minds)...
    ...the air burst into ripples of sanskrit mantras...(we all know the potency of mantras recited in the world's oldest language)
    ...the positive vibrations it creates in our bodies and minds
    ...and in the power of the science of YAGNA which uplifts the mind to expand beyond its vices, energizes every cell of the body and stimulates the soul
    ....the bhajans (soulful songs) stretched the devotion and emptiness to peaks that can only be experienced, not expressed (i call them Art Of Living bhajans, because they have a style of their own...ancient chants sung with a modern and simple style...ancient roots and modern leaves :-))

    ...and of course, the grandeur was recreated on the very sacred land on which the International Ashram campus stands today (the land where millenniums ago, Mother Divine is known to have come and meditated in rest after killing the demon on Chamundi Hills)...

    ...the rites of the festival presided over by the Guru Of Joy Himself in all His love, simplicity and glory
    ...the rituals performed in such precision and scientifically that it would silence even the most rational minds who are forever entangled in root-cause-analyses of everything (perhaps this "small rational mind" stems from the wanting to control everything in existence....sad, isn't it)....

    It all culminated into powerful vibrations and 25,000 peaceful people (and many more who witnessed it on television).... was followed by a 10-course absolutely delicious feast...which i for the first time in my life, couldn't stretch beyond one helping (of all my food adventures)...why? because of the love with which every dish was prepared and served, even a morsel satiates the five sense and even the soul....

    What happened in evening is my recollection of one of the most memorable moment of my life...a mighty satsang (sat= truth, sang= company) wherein every one present, from children as young as 3, to the youth, and the elderly as old as 80's, sang and danced in blissful intoxication like never before....personally i can feel the vibrations on my feet even hours after the satsang, as i share this blissful experience...oh btw, my feet are happily blistered now :-)

    I slept only an hour last night (i had personal stuff to do), but now, i am wide awake and as fresh as a flower....what is this energy that keeps mankind evolving? what is this divinity that creates so many playful forms...sometimes Rama and sometimes Krishna, sometimes Buddha and sometimes Christ...and this time, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar-- the simple, loving, enlightened master who lives knowledge, and simplifies lives for millions of beings on this planet-- war torn people, tsunami affected people, political leaders, the average college student, the villager next door, the scientists at NASA, the fashion and movie czars and czarina's, and for me!

    We are fortunate to walk this planet alongside this phenomenon called His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has shattered dividing concepts of religions, races, sexes and sexualities, and nationalities, and is unconditionally uniting people into VASUDHAEVA KUTUMBAKAM (One World Family!)...this is the time for mankind to wake up and step over their petty haves-have nots, likes-dislikes, comfort zones and gain the ability to live the knowledge first-hand from the Guru of Joy Himself!

    What is this "knowledge"?

    This knowledge is... live in the present moment (which enables one to live fuller, all-dimensional, happy life, abundant with physical-emotional-mental health, personal and professional achievements, and the energy and inspiration to make a difference to our lives and to this ONLY living planet that we know of)... MAKE LIFE AN EXPRESSION OF HAPPINESS, NOT A PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! retain the inherent innocence we were born with, and at the same time, to grow the intelligence that we gather with time.....innocence and intelligence hand-in-hand

    Sounds difficult? Come try one of the ART OF LIVING matter where you stay, how rich or poor you may be, how able or challenged you may be...the workshops are conducted in over 156 countries!

    ........talking about Navratri again, it is unfair to relate such a deep, stirring, energizing experience in words, at best I can and shall post few glimpses caught on camera, in my upcoming post...

    ....but its an experience to be experienced by visiting and being a part of the ONE WORLD FAMILY that is rejuvenating hearts and sharpening minds of more than 50 million people on this planet TODAY!



    A tantalizing word in the English dictionary today...and it has definitely formed trend-setting impressions on our well-informed minds.

    An IT-mecca not so strong anymore...Bangalore is still home to a large chunk from the 5 lakh odd jobless software junta that the rat-racing IT/ITES companies banked upon in India, in the recent past.

    Talk fashion and the page 3 arena..what does one associate with Bangalore here? A slightly dampened fashion steed and a completely drenched night life!

    And the once-famous air conditioned climate that Bangalore boasted of, is just a fad now...thanks to the insensitive pollution, deforestation and of course, our short sighted netaas.

    This should take care of the most vivid impressions we have about Bangalore.
    This gives me a chance to demystify Bangalore a little deeper for you...because Bangalore is about more.

    More potential...more culture....more living-friendly....more spirituality....more entrepreneurial...and more "yes" to life today.

    June 9th, 2009....i am roughly into my 6th year of being a Bangalorean. Being a Bangalorean comes so easy to most people who have looked at Bangalore with an open mind, and noticed the exuberance and welcoming feel Bangalore radiates.
    I am riding in one of the auto-rickshaws driven by just another unpredictable driver. Unpredictable because no two auto drivers of Bangalore share the same psyche......every alternate auto driver does. :-) just when you have discovered this auto driver who is taking you on a will discover the next who is an eager do-gooder to you....that settles two important lessons i implement:
    • To what extent can a stranger push your buttons? (to a person who hasn't experienced the experiential wonders of an Art of Living workshop, this learning may take long time to become second skin)
    • Form no concepts about how people or situations should be (includes the concept about auto drivers) and you will live sunnier days and die a happier man.
    so back to the southern part of Bangalore where I sat in the auto rickshaw with my stranger driver riding whiiish and whooosh on this marvellous vehicle of three wheels that only INDIA prides in possessing. . .i pass this girl of 16 walking down the road, sporting the in-fashion jute bag beautifully crafted and designed to incorporate the environment-aware material with a traditional look. What struck me was the amalgamation of her attire and accessories. Dressed in a green striped top and Bossini jeans, and accessorised with the red kumkum on her forehead and a gajra of mallige flowers, she like many Bangaloreans had become children of two worlds: the culturally-grounded Kannadiga-Indian lifestyle one was born into, and the new-found western accenture one wanted to blend into. She was unconscious of the strangeness of this Indo-western outlook that was slowing seeding into her brain...and conequently translated into her attire. :-)

    next observation: an old grandlady who stepped out of her courtyard onto the footpath....frail and creased to look at, but equally steady in her gait (given her healthy lifestyle devoid of fried junk and corporate stress). She was probably now used to the noise of crazy traffic right outside her house...the roads- she must be a witness to the transformation in her previously picturesque neighborhood...previously lined with trees full of squirrels and children playing innocent games, this neighborhood is now pounded with incessant noise of vehicles and the ever-ensuing smoke, idle smoker population(who just hadn't been sufficiently street-smart or book-smart in recetn past), and of course the teenage couples.........and also a few abandoned cows! She had probably adapted to this change conveniently, because they next moment she brandished a plastic bag full of her usual household garbage (vegetable remains...the same vegetables grown with fertilizers and pesticides today!) and most casually tossed it, onto the main road. Convenient enough!

    The beautiful, life-breathing trees are today being increasingly replaced with international brands that flaunt their sportswear, clothing accessories or fast food within their empires of glass buildings that are fantastic contributors to green house emission.

    And what fast foods at that? This...and This!

    Marketing jargon all over the place...roadsides, building fronts, everywhere...I wondered....where is our civilization headed? Is the world churning out more zombies...the zombies who are conditioned into becoming the so-called software cash cows with a oh!-not-again MBA....and the zombies who in a desperate attempt to break the conditioning, got unconsciously conditioned into the general rebel pattern of "aggressive, blind over-ambitious executive saaar's" vs. "never-been-employed Bangalorean macha's".
    Dissecting the first kind of zombies is pretty predictable...they are these super-conditioned individuals who were pushed into the engineering colleges (all creativity and potential lost for the poor soul)-- the same engineering colleges that have become a thriving business outlets minting money out of the gullible parents who live in the hope of seeing their sons and daughters become a neatly labeled "engineer" package. These super-conditioned engineers, deprived of creative inspiration take the next plunge into being labeled as MBA grads. And herein emerges this perfect zombie who did a "Masters in Business Administration" to "get placed"! B-schools take pride in churning out employable professionals...not you know which direction to run the next time when a B-school plays the tune of a "placement" funda @ you.

    We are truly living in a funny civilization.

    Laugh at it or take it seriously, you have a choice. choose what is part of your life and what is take revolutionary decisions that will pick up momentum when the "unplugged" youth of today lurking and waiting to break this unhealthy direction of civilization, see your first step.

    Something very revolutionary is happening right now...and perhaps I just caught you unawares, and am trying to tell you that the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that it is a problem....perhaps here, the answer lies right beneath your nose...where you least expected it. :-) ...IT (I meant "Inner Transformation" ) is happening.

    "There exists a better world, a few breaths away."- Khurshed Batliwala

    p.s. (this post would be incomplete without this cute pic shot in the streets of Bangalore...cute pic but a stark reality in today's schools that over burden children)

    (This pic is courtesy of Anant Bhandarkar- he is a 24-year young YES!+ youth workshop trainer and shares the vision for a happier, inter-dependent global society that is being realised right now as you read this, in more than 150 countries through the One World Family vision of the Art of Living International Foundation)

    Holistic Affordable Certification Programs for IT Professionals

    Feeling the recession pinch?

    Hunting for the missing link that could boost immunity to your career?

    Giving a concerned thought to where your career is headed?

    Sri Sri Centre Of Professional Excellence (SSCOPE) is the answer.

    Having observed the difficult trends in the recent IT landscapes, we are sharing our rescue jacket programs for the IT industry that will give you a competitive edge.
    Our unique programs reinvent and upgrade your current skill sets, thus adding value to you as a professional in today’s cut-throat market.

    What is SSCOPE?
    SSCOPE is a Learning and Transformation centre of the education wing of Art of Living ( and has been established with a vision to empower professionals with the right attitude, skills and knowledge to achieve excellence.
    SSCOPE imparts professionals with cutting edge competencies that enhance employee productivity and add value to organizations. Comprised of relevant and practical modules and delivered by industry experts, the programs are offered at very attractive prices enabling individuals to register on their own.

    SSCOPE Certifications:
    • SCSL- SSCOPE Certified Software Lead: ready to take up Leadership roles
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    We would appreciate if you also gave us an opportunity to speak to your organization' s training department and explain the program benefits more in detail. We can send out a corporate mailer to the concerned person accordingly.

    Make the Divine Your Valentine

    Happy Valentine's Day to all the singles in the world...
    Do what? Wrap your arms around yourself...adn give yourrrrselffff a BIIIGGGGGG HUGGGGG!


    There are three kinds of Love. The Love that comes out of Charm, that which comes out of comfort, and the Divine Love. Do you see what I am saying?

    The love that comes out of charm does not last long. It comes out of unfamiliarity or out of attraction. In this you lose the attraction fast, and boredom sets in, like most love marriages. This love may diminish and bring along with it fear, uncertainty, insecurity, and sadness.

    The Love that comes out of comfort and familiarity grows. But this Love has no thrill, no enthusiasm, joy, or fire to it. For example, you are more comfortable with an old friend who is a familiar person, rather than with a new person.

    The Divine Love supersedes both the above. The Divine Love has ever newness. The closer you go, there is more charm and depth. The Divine Love has comfort, enthusiasm, and familiarity. There is never boredom and it keeps everyone on their toes.

    Worldly love can be like an ocean, yet an ocean has a bottom. The Divine Love is like the sky which is limitless, infinite. From the bottom of the Ocean, soar into the vast sky.

    - His Holiness

    Food and Your Emotions

    The only connection between one’s emotions and diet is more than just the tendency to eat when depressed or stressed. Western science has just recently uncovered the link between mental states and nutrition, though Eastern civilizations were well aware of the consequences of diet on the mind since around 4000 B.C.
    Personally I feel western science and research could do much more and faster if they consulted our ancient Vedas with sincerity, because we’ve been there and done that more than 20 millenniums ago. Saves a lot of resources and the unnecessary exercise.
    But the world, I believe is almost reaching that point of intelligence, and soon they would completely recognize the value of the ancient scriptures which have already embedded all the scientific, mathematical and philosophic knowledge that the world by western technique is only grappling to grasp. And this change that we as Indian encourage, is out of the mentality of a unified one world family mindset. This unified One-World-Family mindset is what makes an Indian just smile and brush minor plagiarisms of the west aside…by “plagiarism”, I mean the textbooks saying that Aristotle discovered the shape of the Earth, or Galileo’s discoveries about the solar system, many mathematical equations, the fact that the ancient Indians designed and implemented the first complete flying machine, that the umbrella was first invented in India, and Kalaripayattu, the mother of all martial arts….and much much more. What the world considers breakthrough inventions and discoveries today, is what ancient Indian civilization knew in entirety ages ago, right from stem cell invention, to artificial insemination, to knowledge of dark matter, parallel universes, and so on.
    One such interesting science I want to share with you today is the effect of food on our mind.
    It is simple understanding that what we eat today in a little while becomes integrated as part of our bodily organs and fluids. WE BECOME WHAT WE EAT.
    Neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain regulate our moods, emotions and the experience of pain. When we eat, nutrients in the foods trigger amino acids and these acids affect the production of emotional neurotransmitters (dopamine, epinephrine and serotonin).
    Take an example, proteins tone blood sugar levels, infuse alertness and generate constancy in energy levels in a person.
    Exactly the converse happens in a sugar-rich diet.
    The body is a part of the planet’s elements, and it is an evolved, complex living matter. Every living and non-living being functions through conditioning, and conditioning is super important for the body more than for the mind, because the body is more gross, and the mind is subtle. The rules that apply to the body do not apply to the mind. The body needs effort to build itself. The mind needs effortlessness to rest and relax and bounce back with vitality. The body needs conditioning to become lively and healthy. The mind needs unconditioning. Get the subtle point.
    Now when I say protein again, your conditioned mind gets mental pictures of eggs and fishes and lean meat, right? Honestly from a very scientific, medical and environmental perspective, MEAT IS NOT AN INTELLIGENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN at all. If you want visual proof, and you are older than 16 years, please feel free to indulge in the video “Meet Your Meat” and educate yourself :-)
    I’m sure you’ll find healthier and easily available sources of protein besides the meat.

    Complex carbs
    Effect- Releases more serotonin: Alleviates depression, Creates mental peacefulness, restful sleep, Reduces appetite and physical pain, cleans blood of all amino acids (except tryptophan- tryptophan which converts into serotonin-)
    Source- Whole grains and starchy foods (pasta, potatoes), spinach, orange juice, nuts, seeds, olive oils

    Ascorbic acid and selium
    Effect- Increases intercourse frequency and mood, reduces anxiety, fidgeting, irritability and violent tantrums
    Source- Brazil nut, sunflower seeds, whole grain cereals

    Folic acid
    Effect- Enables 50-70 year olds fight cognitive decline; deficiency causes anaemia
    Source- Spinach and orange juice

    Antioxidants-Vitamin E
    Effect- Better memory as you grow older and older and older
    Source- Vegetable oils, nuts, leafy greens, berries

    Omega-3 fatty acids
    Effect- Healthy brain, fights mental illnesses (depression and mood disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dyslexia, dementia), heart disease, cancer, inhibits behavioral problems and spelling and learning disabilities in children
    Source- Walnuts, kiwi fruit, flax seeds

    Vitamin B12
    Effect- Synthesizes red blood cells, maintenance of a healthy nervous system, and development in children. Deficiency can cause anaemia, disrupt DNA production and create abnormal cells (megaloblasts), resulting in anaemia. Symptoms:excessive tiredness, breathlessness, listlessness, pallor, poor resistance to infection, a smooth, sore tongue and menstrual.
    Source- Seaweeds (nori), and algae (spirulina), Vit. B12 fortified nutritional yeast extracts (Red Star brand etc), Vecon vegetable stock, veggieburger mixes, textured vegetable protein, soya milks, vegetable and sunflower margarines, and breakfast cereals (Nutri-Grain)

    Refined white sugar (I call it "chemical menace"...deadly name na :-))
    Effect- Depletes the bodily B-vitamins, leading to nervousness and mental depression. emotional outbreaks, especially in children and adolescents. chronic blood-sugar level problems (that may cause diabetes or hypoglycemia depression, irritability and nervous attacks), accompanied by headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, crying spells, nervous breakdowns, excessive worry, inability to concentrate, depression, forgetfulness, suicidal thoughts, illogical fears, allergies (do you want sugar now?). The worst is, it coats itself on the inner lining of the digestive and intestinal hair and inhibits the absorption of nutrients by the body.
    - Schools that have removed carbonated drink and candy machines have observed a decrease in vandalism and absenteeism

    Foods high in artificial flavors and colors
    Effect- Interfere with the working of bodily chemicals
    Source- You’re smart enough to figure out the names :-)

    Curry spice curcumin
    Effect- Reduces memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease and brain trauma

    Effect- Dull the mind’s thinking faculty and induces mild depression because fat digestion demands much blood to be diverted away from the brain to the digestive system.
    Source- You know which :-)

    Preserved foods
    Effect- Saturates the bloodstream with toxins that poison the body and interfere with brain function
    Source- You knew that! :-)

    Effect- Metabolic dysfunction; impairs the vitamin C absorption, destroys currently present Vitamin C in blood, interferes with the blood circulation and deprives the brain of its essential nutrients (blood glucose); causes emotional outbursts and irritability
    Source- Tobacco (Are the inspirational old West actors and Shahrukh Khan reading this?)

    Caffeine drug
    Effect- Nervous and emotional disturbances (anxiety); stimulates insulin secretion, thereby disturbing the blood-sugar level in the body.
    Source- 1-3 cups of coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate

    Effect- Disturbs blood-sugar level. Low blood sugar occurs in 70-90% of all alcoholics. Causes niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency that leads to periods of depression and feelings of lack of self-worth.
    Source- I'll doubt your IQ if you still want a martini?

    The Bhagavad Gita, systematizes foods into three types:

    Pure foods ("sattvic")
    Calmness, tranquility and clarity of mind, alertness and sweetness of disposition.

    Cereals, honey, herbs, sprouts, seeds, nuts, legumes, butter, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables (includes sprouts), fresh juices, and whole meal bread, dairy products, almonds, dates, barley

    Stimulating foods ("rajasic")
    Induces animal passions, egotism and a restless, dissatisfied state of mind. These foods contribute to nervous disorders and emotional outbreaks.

    Salty, dry, sour, hot and bitter food like sharp spices, meat, eggs, onions, garlic, sugar, salt, wheat and rye products, sugar, meat, chocolate, tea and coffee

    Impure or rotten foods ("tamasic")
    Decrease in thinking capacity (delusion), dull the senses, lethargy, anger, jealousy, greed, pessimism, lack of common sense, doubtfulness and contribute to chronic mental ailments. They accelerate the aging process and cause early death.

    Putrified, processed, canned and preserved foods (includes icecreams or log-refrigerated stale food), burnt or half-cooked foods, meat, alcohol, tobacco, onions, garlic, fermented foods (includes wine) and over ripe foods

    Broadly, foods affect our mental and emotional state by:
    1. furnishing or depleting vital nutrients upon which our mental and emotional health depend, and
    2. Producing or not producing toxic by-products, in the body which poison the brain and contribute to emotional problems.

    Appropriate changes to our personal diet system heighten cognition, protect brain from damage and defend the effects of aging. The food we consume is broken down and the vital nutrients are supplied to the brain cells wherein our mental and emotional faculties take shape.

    The wrong kinds of foods can cause complete mental breakdowns and personality transformation.

    This knowledge is so profound that the mental health of all countries maybe linked to only the diet being promoted by the governments.

    End of the day, the bottom line is this: gluttony is bad! If you overeat, you are giving me vibes about your negative self-image, or inability to handle negative emotions (hence the temporary desensitization of emotions).
    Remember how Mom or Dad conditioned the ice cream rewards: "If you're good, I'll buy you an ice cream." Now we play the same parent-child reward game with ourselves unconsciously, don’t we? What would you do if you are depressed, eat chocolate chip cookies, (or smoke, if you’ve had a bad upbringing) but they do not erase the cause of that depression. For certain, the foods we are eating may be recreating the emotional problems we are trying to escape from. See the point?
    Do you put money in the nearest carbonated drink machine or grab a candy bar, when you are lonely, or bored?
    We don’t even stop there. We mindlessly eat turkey, pastries and sweets on holiday festivities, not moderately, but mindlessly.

    This brings me to another talking point: under eating/ fab dieting. This is my only take on this: Half the world’s population is starving, and the other half is on a diet.

    Need I say more?

    The bigger picture is clear: we make hundreds of dietary decisions SUBCONSCIOUSLY everyday. We have conditioned our minds to do that. And it costs money to satisfy the urges momentarily, and even more money to undo the bodily disasters. The shift is only a matter of orientation: Let’s change the way food is served, for the multitudes of unconscious consumers so that they can painlessly cut around 200 calories a day! 200 calories everyday…it really is a big deal !
    Start with small measures of changes…promise yourself not to eat that snack unless you have a fresh (and preferably organic) fruit. And get innovative…garnish your meals well. We all know that we also eat with our eyes and smell and touch, so get innovative..get artistic!
    No intelligent person will fall for the false sense of security mis-promised by fast food chains like McDonald’s, that talk loud about health food, and so-called nutrients in their happy meals, and parallely trick you into buying coke floats with sugar-cream filled icecream (remember the info on white sugar? :-)) floating in pottycola (you’ll know why, if you’ve read my earlier posts).
    I know you are intelligent, and you are aware of it, when you walk into a McD outlet.
    My question is: are you intelligent enough?
    You may enjoy the illusion of eating a “healthy” wrap sandwich for a meal, but go beyond the mayonnaise pack label that says “0 carbs”. The packet doesn’t mention the 10 grams fat and 90 cals. ! Sorry to ruin your meal, sorry that we are living in a funny civilization, sorry to say you are setting the trend for your family and for your friends when you make a choice. You are the most important person in your life, and you have only one body.

    Depressions, worry, nervousness, anxiety, tension and other negative emotions surface out of fear. Worry is fear of the unknown; anxiety is fear of future possibilities; tension is fear of people or their demands; nervousness is fear of one's own inability to handle daily responsibilities.
    Primitive man (and animals) had to tackle tangible fear, which was external and he could run from it. Contrary wise, the modern man, today, has fears about the intangible worries. These are internal factors and he cannot run from them. And sadly, our education system never taught us to handle our own minds, so we have been unequipped so far to deal with worry, nervousness, anxiety, tension, depression, and now even panic (an extreme manifestation of fear).
    Awareness is a solution, so are affirmations. But these are superficial. What else can one do sureshot?
    Enter: Meditation, yoga, and the Sudarshan Kriya.

    I bet your parents never knew this, so they never taught you this. I bet you know this now, so you will do what an educated, intelligent, self-empowering, narcissist individual like you can do about it now!

    Happy people inspire happiness in people around. Meditative minds create more tranquility and positivity around them. The whole exercise of life is to be happy. And 30 million people around the world are experiencing unshakeable happiness and struggle-free success with Sudarshan Kriya.
    Haven’t you experienced it yet?

    Delightful article on The Art Of Living International Foundation

    This is easily the most impartial yet a very stirring article on the Art Of Living, its values, projects and the source of all the happiness and positive transformation over the world-- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , the Guru of Joy.
    A must read for just about anyone!

    The River Ganga was man-made

    I remember once, some years ago, my pen friend from NJ, wrote asking- Ganges is a sacred river to the Hindu religion, then why does it stand so polluted? I could only chuckle sadly with two thoughts,... one: what is dear to you, you often tend to over-do it....this happens from lack of awareness. second: most people don't know about the effort that went into channelizing the mighty river, ages ago! Read this for more.

    Non-vegetarianism and religious sacrifice

    Animal slaughter is the worst act of misinterpretation that religious zealots promote. What the religious scripture mean between the lines, and what religious pastors, saints, ulamas mandate, are two very misconstrued practices.

    In fact this blog post signs off on a very very eye-opening note. And this CONTEXT isn't just about Islam, its about Christianity as well as some Hindu sects. And it rests upon an educated reader to disillusion his/her mind if it is clouded by the herd mentality, and driven by stimulation of the senses.

    An intelligent and responsible person will know that the capacity to enjoy the senses is limited. It will eventually tire one in the end. But the capacity of one mind to contribute to restoration of the planet is enormous...not limited by space, nor by time. Because when one's intentions towards other beings we share the planet with, and towards the planet, are genuine, then a dam of inspired following bursts, and it becomes a revolution with a far-reaching ripple effect across the planet and across centuries. It eventually shapes the face of the civilization and fosters a healthy evolution for all.

    You know, the quality of your life depends on the state of your mind. And the food you eat affects the state of your mind just as strongly. And since that pastfew decades, we must admit we have made the wrong choices. Perhaps this is why today, it is perceived as desirable to be more angry, to be more aggressive, to be more self-centered, to be more violent. Perhaps this is because we have molded our younger generations from an intelligent civilization that is peaceful, that respects and CO-EXISTS with all life forms, into an animal civilization that encourages mindless rape of the environment. Do you remember how, yesterday, as children in a classroom, we were shunned if we lost our temper or got violent. What do you see today? More and more aggression...more and more depression..more and more suicides.

    Where are we headed?


    As Khurshed Batliwala (lovingly called Bawa) says, "Tomorrow we may end up with education systems where every child must be accompanied by a bodyguard. Ironically, we wont even know if the body guard is trustworthy." Where we are headed today, reflects the choices we have made about our lifestyle in the past. It is more strongly about CHOICES WE ARE MAKING TODAY about our lifestyles. Getting back to the talking point here non-vegetarians are more prone to diseases, more aggressive, short tempered, impatient, and certainly the biggest contributors to global warming (how?? educate yourself: If you are a cool teenager reading this, I would like to meet you 20 years from today..when the coolness quotient in your health equation translates into (God forbid!) impaired memory (from never having meditated..thanks to our bigotic education system), low immune system (from years of eating eggs and drinking milk that had been injected with antibiotics at farms), host of chronic health-issues, out-of-control aggression at work place, inability to function as a team, broken/abusive relationships, depressive thoughts....

    I don't want this for you. Why do you want this for yourself?

    Your weakness in attitude towards making intelligent and truly cool choices becomes weakness of character. IF you DO NOT make a balanced, intelligent choice for yourself, for your life, for the lives of people around you, and for this planet, then tomorrow you may become a weak link in evolution. And your future generations (or luckily, you yourself), shall experience the chain-effects of non-vegetarianism, abuse of natural resources, herd mentality, and inaction as well as wilful action.

    Make good choices in life... become strong. Then... strengthen others. Grow together. Life is short. . .make a meaningful choice. Now and Here.


    Check this link: WOW!

    India is truly the greatest (in knowledge of sciences, of spirituality, of life and living), yet humblest and most accepting of all the countries that ever existed in civilization. I feel humbled to be born to such a great nation whose sages of the ancient past have been illuminators to the formation of newer cultures and religions of today world over; whose sages have been masters in both science and spirituality; on whose lands so many races, friendly or unfriendly, have been welcomed like one would welcome Gods (atithi deva-or bhava); on whose lands today so many religions and castes co-exist despite the differences; on whose lands there is a never-ending abundance of wealth (in all aspects) despite multitudes of foreign invasions- this nation has survived it all- and continues to prosper. I cannot but only count my blessings that I have been born on its lands. The greater gratitude I feel is to be taken on the path of universal knowledge, emotional-physical-mental well being,
    unconditional love, greater belongingness, and of course a very very cool Guru- the Guru Of Joy.
    Life is an endless celebration today!