Benefits of a Professional Resume

Come January, 2010…
Come January, 2010…and companies are gearing up for a hiring fever. I’m sure the smart ones among us are revisiting job portals in lunch breaks already…
Here is the best time to avoid a few mistakes we made in past job hunts. Have you wondered why most high paying companies we apply for have never responded? This is why:
  • Too many resumes flood the recruiter’s inbox. Result: Your resume gets an unfair 30 seconds only, to attract the recruiter’s attention. High chances of your resume getting filtered out, exist.
  • Your resume may lack focus
  • Is your resume duties-driven instead of accomplishments-driven?
  • Incorrect ordering of items can disinterest the recruiter
  • Subconsciously, we highlight our skills the way we want the recruiter to see, not the way the recruiter wants it to be!
  • For many companies that use data mining HR software, a resume that lacks specific keywords may not be noticed among thousands of other similar resumes! Yes it’s unfair.

These are just few of the goof-ups we make, in an uninformed, unintended hurry. What can you do to break the wall between you and that desirable job opening you are eyeing? Get in touch and Let the Experts Do what they do best...creating the unmatched resume no interviewer can overlook.

Only a professional resume engineer knows how to give your resume that sharpness and accuracy to engage the recruiter’s interest in your candidature! You will carry with you the unputdownable advantage of a sharp, impression-cutting CV that outmatches other applicants’ far more skilled or experienced than you.

Please email your resume to for a free consultation (analysis of keywords, format, and expert ranking).We will respond in 24 hours.

This will give you a realistic idea of the weight of your resume, based on which you can decide how much rework is required on your resume (along with other benefits from us) to attract interviews.