The IT-Dream isn't Infosys or Wipro, anymore. The IT-Dream is a weekend.

Egads! its 5:33 a.m....I better get my nap...its a Saturday! :-)

Want to see what happens to the herd of evolved IT-industry professionals when they are un-caged after a long week of "job-satisfaction"?
  • Hit the Brigade Road: Blank, confused faces...I call them Zombie Stares...
  • Hit the Forum Mall: holding hands with their GF-BF/GF-GF/BF-BF and yet staring at the hot babe/guy passing i always say, "the joy in a relationship is either in getting into one, or getting out of one...not in the relationship for most young dudes and duddete's (LOL) today"
  • Hit the pubs and disco's: Young ambitious IT pro's (familiarising to "social" drinking culture) acting "faithful" to their managers (we all know, recession fading away, and January around the corner, payrise is just a month of "hard work" away).....or just a bunch of young "cool" dudes and dudette's who haven't experienced the high of Sudarshan Kriya yet, and want to drink bottoms-up, get sloshed, do naughty things at night and wake up with a hangover on Sunday
  • Knock at appartments in Koramangla/BTM/Marathalli/ITPL, at noon time: A sleepy-eyed young IT professional whom you just rudely awoke from his weekly slumber, or a dripping-wet Mamma's boy who knows the benefits of waking up early on Saturday and doing his week-long dirty laundry (mostly in Bangalore, the BairraAmma's are on leave on Saturdays :-))
  • Don't hit the Barista's or Cafe Coffee Day's: You'll only find first-dates, about-to-break-up-couples, school reunions, or business plans :-)

This is not a joke, but a reality check for those who:
  • are not yet disillusioned about the misnomer "JOB-SATISFACTION"
  • haven't learnt to meditate and need Axe Deo Sprays and Haute Couture to cover up years of SUBTLE accumulated emotional garbage, intellectual saturation and physical stress (doesn't show until you ae 30)
  • still have those American dreams

See you until my next post...Love Bow Wow

"There exists a better world, a few breaths away." -Khurshed Batliwala (lovingly called, Bawa)