Childhood memories..thank you youtube!

Beautiful reality check

This thing just came in this morning: :-)

In true love there is no heartbreak.
A broken heart means broken demands, broken expectations, broken hopes.
How can love break?
Love cannot break!
~Sri Sri
True, isnt it?

Legendary Love

Legendary is the love that withstands rejection. It will be free of anger and ego.

Legendary is the commitment that withstands humiliation. It will be one-pointed and will reach its goal.

Legendary is the wisdom that withstands turbulence. It will be integrated into life.

Legendary is the faith that withstands a million chances of doubt. It will bring perfection-- siddhis.

Legendary are the events that withstand time. They will become morals for the millions.

-Montreal Ashram, Quebec, Canada, July 5, 2000

A eunuch made my day

I was a little low on energy after:

  • a vampire movie (Twilight part 2: slow, but interesting...little too mushy..Ashley Greene should have smiled more often..everytime she was with Robert Pattinson, she looked like she was suppressing a terrible headache inside :-) LOL) last night
  • day-long laptop radiation
  • excessive cell phone usage @ night
  • barely any sleep
  • Bangalore morning traffic and its stressed out, spaced out commuters throwing oodles of stress energy all around
...@ Sony World traffic signal, lights went red, my auto driver (some Mr Khan) and I were cajoled by a eunuch (a daily routine for eunuchs), and routine-wise the auto driver handed her a few coins

...for those who don't know, in India, eunuchs donot have any rights, and hence they have formed a closed community which goes around asking for money...though most of them are happy souls, there are some aggressive souls too...thanks to these aggressive souls, most people do not get into an argument (God forbid!) and dole out some cash...

well, she blessed the auto driver, and next was my turn, I smiled, mentally blessed her, and handed her some cash too...she went all out pulling @ my cheeks (real hard..ouch!) and mouthed in heavy-accentuated Tamil...
"bless happy...well, why dont you grow a'll look handsome" ...this went hand in hand with the sign language she used to describe moustache (BIIIIG moustache), and moved on.

Microsoft Paint zindabaad! :-)

Understanding the fact that sporting a big burly moustache makes you a much-sought after guy in south India, I only smiled imagining how I'd look in moustaches. (considering that I am allergic to sporting moustaches)

Of course after she left I wondered at the irony. In a country like India, where communism has spread like a plague in over 400 territories out of 600...will even a single fanatic communist even bother to cry his/her voice hoarse for the right of eunuchs. I am sure, they wont. After all, their warm-blooded agenda's are selective and motivated by thirst for power. Of course they are blind to their own history when communism failed in the Soviet Union, and left so many crores of people dead, and many more in worst living conditions.

I no longer feel anger at our short-sighted FMCG-mentality politicians, and the communists who are misleading simple-hearted gullible youths in naxalism...I only feel compassion.

The HR-interviewee dialogue :-)

No matter who you are (HR or an employee), where you are (Mumbai or Finland), you will find this useful :-)

The funny world that we live in...HUMOUR vs. AGGRAVATION




McDonald's: I'm NOT loving it

Looks delicious? Feeling the mouth water slightly?

We defend our freedom so strongly, don't we? Our freedom to expression, our rights as a citizen and as a fact we all know someone who has blown the lid over smaller issues like "Why can't I use this road??? I pay road tax!" or "Why is Vodafone charging me like crazy?? Call your manager!"

Do we honor others' right even a pinch as ferociously as we defend ours?
Time to do a double-check. You indulge in a McDonald's burger...somewhere in the long inventory, who does it support and who does it hurt?

Check this out

McDonald’s is the world’s largest user of beef, and of all companies, probably has the most colorful animal rights history.

Remember the McLibel Trial (the longest trial in British history) when McDonald’s sued British activists for exposing McDonald’s practices in the pamphlet: “What’s Wrong with McDonald’s -- Everything They Don’t Want You to Know”.

With all its corporate might, McDonald’s could disprove that McDonald’s junk food does not affect rainforests, heart disease and cancer, or food poisoning and starvation in Third World. Despite all its corporate might McDonald’s could not disprove that it EXPLOITS CHILDREN, FALSELY CLAIMS THAT ITS FOOD IS NUTRITIOUS, is responsible for ANIMAL CRUELTY, and pays its EMPLOYEES LOW WAGES.

Down the line, the Company has seen an ugly chain of exposures from non-vegetarian French fries to factory farming. Personally, I have stopped eating at McDonald’s…and so have many of my friends after they did they did their own research on the McDonald’s eco-system from the US to Bangalore.

As for those who love chicken, I wont talk you out if it. You very well know what you are eating…mutilated birds that were killed under extreme pain. This releases fear hormones in their systems, and the same stuff goes into your bodies. Not to mention, the antibiotics with which these birds were pumped during their short lifespan in factory farms.

And for those who think chicken tastes great, try eating chicken without the herbs and vegetarian spices that make your taste buds crave for chicken.

I’ll be surprised if you make it to your late 30’s without an acquired chronic disease…the least being weak digestion, and the worst being cancer of course.

I can make BETTER BURGERS than McDonald's and sell them @ HALF THE PRICE of what McDonald's charges (also without the plastic bags that McDonald's gives its "educated" consumers)

Drop in for a treat, if you're in town next time...and you'll not long for another McD's again.


The Times of India, 12th February, 2010

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This Valentine’s Day, make the Divine your valentine. See the Divine in your valentine and make the divinity your valentine. Have the same love for everyone, with different flavours. You cannot behave the same way with everyone, but you can love all of them.
Love transcends behaviour and etiquette.

Abiding in the Self, you become the valentine for the whole world. Spirit is the valentine of matter and matter is the valentine of the spirit. They are made for each other. If you hold on to matter and do not respect the spirit, then matter is not pleased. If you honour the spirit, then you will care for the world, and when you care for the world, it will take care of you. Keep your heart in a safe place; it is too delicate. Events and small things make strong impressions on it. A precious stone needs a setting around it - gold or silver - to hold it; in the same way wisdom and knowledge are the settings that will hold your heart in the Divine. To keep your heart safe and your mind sane, you cannot find a better place than the Divine. Then the passing time and events will not be able to touch you; they will not create a scar.

Often, you do not know how to respond, or feel obliged and bound, when someone shows a lot of love.
The ability to receive genuine love comes with the ability to give love. The more you are centred and know by experience that love is not an emotion; it is your very existence, the more you feel at home with any amount of love expressed in any manner.

There are three kinds of love. The love that comes out of
charm, that which comes out of comfort and divine love. The love that comes out of charm does not last long. It comes out of unfamiliarity or attraction. In this, you lose the attraction fast, and boredom sets in. This love may diminish and bring along with it a fear, uncertainty, insecurity and sadness.

The love that comes out of
comfort and familiarity grows, but it has no thrill, no enthusiasm, joy, or fire to it. For example, you are more comfortable with an old friend who is a familiar person rather than with a new person. Divine love supersedes both the above. It has an ever present newness. The closer you go, more charm and depth come to it. There is never boredom and it keeps everyone on their toes.

Worldly love can be like an ocean, yet an ocean has a bottom. Divine love is like the sky which is limitless. From the bottom of the ocean, soar into the vast sky. Ancient love transcends all these relationships and is inclusive of all the relationships. Let love be. Don’t give it a name. When you give it a name, it becomes a relationship, and relationships restrict love.

Often, one experiences love at first sight. Then as time goes on, it decreases, decays, turns into hatred and disappears. Ancient love never decays. Although its mortality rate is high, love dies very young. After a few days, weeks, months, or years, it dies. In society, you say love is never a tree, it is a seasonal crop.

When the same love becomes a tree with the manure of knowledge, it becomes ancient love that goes from lifetime to lifetime. That is our own consciousness. You are not limited to this present body, this present name, this present form and the present relationships around you. You may not know your past, your ancientness. But just know you are ancient, that is good enough.

Pain goes with love. Because you love someone, even a small action can hurt you. And in hurt, you feel very delicate, very deep. Love also creates the same sensation. Separation creates the same symptom. If you don’t love somebody, you will never feel hurt by them. Understand and accept this. Then that hurt will not turn into a sore feeling. Rather, that very hurt will take you deep into dispassion and meditation.

When love glows, it becomes bliss; when it flows, it is compassion; when it blows, it is anger; when it ferments, it is jealousy. Let love be. Don’t give it a name!

The Story of Cap and Trade

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What's the difference between Appeasement and Empowerment?

Giving a hungry person bread is appeasement
Teaching him to bake bread is empowerment

Appeasement makes you dependent and weak, always whining and servile
Empowerment makes you strong and independent

When you do appeasement, and solve one problem for someone, that person/community will come up with 30 more
When you do empowerment you dont solve any problem, but you nudge the person/community into coming up with ideas and solutions to solve their own problems, then when you pose a problem to them, they come up with 30 solutions :)

Appeasement gets you votes and its short sighted at best
Empowerment will make the country great… and takes time, and will eventually make you a legend!