The Story of Cap and Trade

Love our planet?
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NOW Watch the Story of Cap and Trade

And after you watch it, come and enrol for the next YES!+ workshop in your town. Because, naturally, you'll want to do something about it, and something practical and worthwhile for this planet of ours and its beautiful people. YES!+ empowers you first, and gives you the platform for REAL social change.

And if you are just an IT pro, too busy ONLY accumulating monies for "the 3BHK and the family car" target within ten years, then forget about it.
If you are an IT pro who does his/her job well...and wants to do more for the planet and the future of this world TOO, then jump on board. :-)

Don't miss the flight to your inner self, and outer change. Come and be the change!

...oh btw, it also includes a 3BHK, family car, family care too...and more...@ the right time ;-)