There are two types of mind .

One is an open mind
another is a closed mind
A closed mind is that which says, "This is how it is'', "I know it. That is it''. It gets hardened.
An open mind is, "Oh, may be! Perhaps! I do not know!'' Limited knowledge and conformity to it makes a mind very hard.

Whenever you seem to understand a situation and label it - "This is how it is'', that is the beginning of your problem.

All problems always arise from knowing, not 'not knowing'! If you do not know, your mind is open, and you say, "Oh! May be! Perhaps something I don't know.'' You do not label something you do not know. Whenever you think injustice has been done to you, whenever you think you are a victim, whenever you think something bad has happened to you, all this falls in the category of 'I know it, this is how things are'.

Suffering is a product of limited knowledge. 
A question is a sign of limited knowledge.

But when there is amazement, patience, joy, waiting, you are in a state of `I don't know, may be, something, Oh, what is it? I don't know.' Something you cannot pinpoint. The whole life is a shift from the limited 'I know', to all possibilities. You think you know the world and this is it. That is the biggest problem. This is not just one world, there are many layers in this world.

When you are upset, you are not just upset for no reason. There is some string that is being pulled. When your mind is open to all possibilities, an event happens and there could be many possibilities for that event to be that way, not just in the gross but some other reason in the subtle as well.

Suppose you enter your room and find that someone at home has made a big mess in your room. You are irritated. Now you attach that cause for your anger to just that person who is there. But there is something more happening in the subtle. At that moment something else is in the air but you could only see that person creating a mess around and you attribute all the anger to that person.

This is what limited knowledge does. Even after experiencing that you don't see something beyond. This is the most amazing thing. There is a proverb in India that says: you fell in the well in the daytime, which you could see in the night. You fell in the pit in the daytime, which you could see in the night. You saw the pit in the night, you were careful, you avoided and walked, but in the daytime you fell in the same pit. This means what? That your eyes are not open, you are not sensitive enough to see and recognise what is going on.

As we attach the events and emotions to individuals, the cycle continues. You will never be free from that. So first detach an event and emotion from that person, space and time. This is called Astrology. It is the knowledge of oneness of the universe.

If a pin is pricked into your hand, your entire body knows it, feels it. So every cell is connected with the whole of you. In the same way every body is connected to the entire creation, to everybody, as there is only one life at a very subtle level, though it appears to be many in the gross.

If you go deeper and deeper, it is one existence, one divine. So the wise person never labels individuals; infact, in a wise person, all individual existence ceases. That is why one should not see any intention behind the other's mistakes or attribute mistakes to somebody and grudge over them because one thoroughly knows and understands that it is nobody's business, nobody's mistakes.

The mind drops cravings and aversions and becomes free. This is one way of saying. Another way of saying is that the mind ceases to exist. So when the mind goes away, only the self remains.


India may have lost Siberian cranes forever!

Tokyo to receive 2 Pandas from China next year.

Fewer tigers in forests than captive in US

US troops eating scorpions, drinking cobra blood: Report!

All this news in one day...So much love inside all of us, so much good work to do for the planet...so much we have already consumed greedily without giving even a fraction of it back to this beautiful planet...man hasn't even spared man...

There are always choices in life: the way of inner-engineering, knowledge and service...or the highway...and only one with a broad vision, can drop petty me-mine mentality and do something worthwhile in this lifetime with a Sangatchadwam attitude.

As Guruji says, "three things can get a job done: fear, greed, or love."

Certainly the best way is of love. And love emerges from belongingness...belongingness comes through awareness...and awareness...well, the smart people on this planet know the secret to better awareness: meditation, of course. The energy, the enthusiasm, the strength meditation brings, nothing can match it...The ones who ain't meditating today, now, are missing out on a lot in life...A LOT!

"Love is paying attention to the smallest details"

"Love is paying attention to the smallest details." ~Sri Sri

Meoooww what is Valentine's Day without yooouuuuu...

Don't overwork...

Take a bubble bath...

Get a hare job done

Eat healthy

Don't hog!! Let your partner take the first bite

Take some time out and snuggle...doctors say 'touch heals'

Kiss generously...muchha muccha mucchhaaa

...and spread the love vibes

We are made of a substance called Love. It's very revolutionary, it cuts through all barriers and unites.- Sri Sri

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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The ShivSena misfits!

I am sure no smart entrepreneur would name his/her venture this name...ever! Shiv and Sena are oxymorons, in any sense...because Shiva-- the Siva element in the universe represents: peace, unonditional love, and non-dual one..."Shivam Shaantam Advaitam Anandam"...and Sena means an Army....oxymoron right...

originally "Shiv Sena" was an allusion to Shivaji the great Emperor's army. Shivaji a legend of great might, wit, wisdom, and above all, patriotism, of course! But to name a political party by that name...a political party that has gone berserk, is a grave injustice to the name of Shivaji Maharaj.

I need not get into the exploits of the political party, they are quite infamous already...but I'll share Pooja Bedi's sentiments towards ShivSena's fantaticism...and I am sure many Indians (at home and offshore) also share the same sentiments...

"I simply cannot comprehend... the Shiv Sena and MNS getting upset that Australians and Pakistani terrorists are attacking Indians. No doubt that it’s an atrocity and appalling in every sense, but somewhere the Senas need to get their perspectives sorted. Have they forgotten that they themselves have been hitting, beating, ostracising, abusing and threatening Indians in India? Er...yes, all Mr. Thackerays... sorry to break this to you, but North Indians are Indians too! And the same aggression, shock and anger you feel when Indians are being attacked is what we feel every time you do the same to other Indians! Why do you expect others to love and respect all Indians when you clearly don't do so yourself?
I simply cannot comprehend... how parties like the Shiv Sena, that lose the elections, still get to dictate to the city, state and country their agenda. Clearly the masses voted against such ideologies. So why are they allowed to still prevail with their rule of terror?
I simply cannot comprehend... why a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, that contributes over 40 per cent of the country's income tax and corporate tax, hasn't had the state and central government jumping in to protect its image and tax-paying populace from terror attacks, menacing goons and divisive politics...
I simply cannot comprehend ... why the Jain, Sindhi, Marwari, Parsi, Gujarati, South Indian communities and business/industry heads, along with every single tax-paying non-Marathi individual in Mumbai (that's a massive chunk of Mumbai and tax payers right there) don't demand an apology from the two Senas for their actions and from the elected government for its inaction!
What I can comprehend ... is that peace cannot be achieved by violence. It can only be attained by understanding... but will the Senas comprehend that? Probably not! Because it's a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. And forget being Marathi, he's not even Indian!"

These days, I was pondering over an emerging trend in the country...From macro-division, from Pakistan, and Bangalesh decades ago...mentality has narrowed into micro-division...with the likes of UP-Bihar divide...the Uttaranchal divide...now flashes of political idiots misguiding people in the state of Andhra Pradesh to divide it into Telengana (people who are originally Telegu-speaking) and non-Telengana...and fuelling gullible people and hormone-awash youth into creating violence...
I ask this fundamental question...We all know this is just a political stunt of the idle mind (devil's workshop) to divide the state and have more number of governing bodies who can exercise full control on their portions, but @ the end of the day, people are divided...more decentralization (which is bad, in this case) happens...take an unbiased public poll..and we all know what people will say: everyone wants to stay together...

I leave you guys with one question: AP if divided, will leave Hyderabad to the Telengana part! For anyone who knows even a bit about Hyderabad, will know what a misfit Hyderabad will be in in hands of the other team....LOL

"Get well soon, our politicians!"

...I am not going to blink an eyelid, if tomorrow, the Shiv Sena's demand a separate state...hahaha...
...this brings me back to the matter of prime importance, today we are better off with senseless political parties like Shiv Sena being out of power...will it stay the same tomorrow...it depends on one question:

Remember, as children, how we were protective of our toys...some of us, have grown...from toys to people...and some of us, have grown from toys to land...my land, my political power, my boy friend, my girl friend, my this, my that...
Can we start this all over again, and say, my country- my Valentine...even better: my planet- my responsibility!

Lack of spirituality is the root of all problems!

My WOW! Guru

That's my WOW! Guru

...and my WOW! YES!+ teachers with WOW! universal Amma :-)

Jai GuruDeva!

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especially the one with "Best Young Entrepreneurs"


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"Immortal Love is within Reach"

Deccan Herald, 8th February, 2010

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Some say the purpose of life is to ensure that one doesn't come back to this planet because it is bereft of love. They feel if there is love then why is life so painful? All that one want in life is love. Every human being is longing for a love that doesn't die out, a love that doesn't cause pain, a love that grows and stands forever. By taking a multilateral view of life, one can see life in a different way and realise that the purpose of life is to achieve this kind of love and blossom in that ideal love.

Suppose you are immensely successful and have all the riches at your command but there is no love in your life, then life would not really be worthwhile; it would appear barren. But still most of the people lead a loveless life. Have you ever thought why this happens? It is your ego that prevents you from achieving that love. As long as there is ego, there cannot be love. And when there is love, there is no sign of ego. What is ego? Ego is simply being unnatural. Half knowledge brings ego but when knowledge becomes complete, ego drops and simplicity dawns.

The question arises that if the ego is so unnatural then why does every human being have an ego? We have the ego because it is necessary in some way for our growth in life. That doesn't mean it should not have been there from the very beginning. Ego is necessary, but with knowledge you can now grow out of it. In the Narada Bhakti Sutras one sutra says: "Knowledge is one of the aids to uncover the naturalness". Through observing oneself and deep into one’s self in meditation one can overcome ego.

Often, when someone shows a lot of love you do not know how to respond, you feel obliged and bound. This is because you are not natural. There is an ego coming in between. The ability to receive genuine love comes with the ability to give love. The more you are centered and natural and know that love is not an emotion it is your very existence, the more you feel at home with any amount of love expressed in any manner. A seed has a covering or shell over it, and when you soak it in water, it sprouts and then the shell peels off. Similarly, the ego is a necessary unnaturalness that develops as you grow. When you were a child of two or three years, there was no ego; you are in a state of total, innocent, blissful love. Then the ego forms a cover. Knowledge uncovers this shell and make you a child again; natural, simple and innocent. When you are natural, simple and innocent, there is no ego. The ego is not a substance; it is a non-substance, much like darkness. Darkness is only lack of light. There is nothing called an ego that has substance. Ego is just a lack of total development, a lack of total understanding. It is just a lack of maturity or lack of knowledge.

Jai Gurudev

("Maintain the innocence of the Gods and cultivate the Intelligence of the Guru")

150 Varieties of rice!

For the record, I didnt know that ...just the south of India grows more than 150 varieties of rice!

If GM crops were to enter India, it dangerously limit the delicate and myriad biodiversity of our eco-system...many crops could get EXTINCT!

The Indian culture has always been to grow multiple types of crops. And we have flourished at that, with rich varieties.
If one crop fails the other will flourish...farmers and their families, and the whole of country wont starve...but if GM crops are grown, failure of one type of crop will mean virtual suicide.

And India DOES NOT want another episode of Vidharba district's mass suicide calamity repeated ever in future, in this great country!
Neither do you, nor do I. So, every educated citizen ought to get the facts right, and condone "progress for progress's sake".

This country is sustained by its farmers and rural villages, let us not forget that...and give the farmers their right...to cultivate crops in the best and the natural way...

And we have seen always, organic crops, and crops grown by vedic methods of agriculture, grow FASTER than any damn fertilized crop, and are the HEALTHIEST too! I have seen first-hand experience of this.

For the rest of us, I encourage you to do your own research.
And protect the richness of this country, after all, it is this country that has created the foundation for so many more diverse cultures across this world.

...and by all means, restore its unbounded spiritual, scientific, cultural, natural and human wealth, India is a country of love, and progress. But do not mistake this love as naive, and do not generalize the greed of a few short-sighted politicians as progress.

Here are glimpses of wake-up calls:



Sometimes, I reiterate over the reason why I keep a blog, and post my thoughts and share it...one of the definite reasons is, social responsibility, and an inner urge to share the best things (with universal appeal) I have experienced in life with people I know and with people I dont know yet...

Along the way, I am confident I shall catalyze some positive change for many many good people in this planet, and for the not-so-good people too...
One such issue is certainly the unfair controversy over BT BRINJAL...whereas the facts are clear:


One doesn't need a ph.D in Biochemistry or Genetic Engineering to decipher this simple fact. In fact most ph.D. holders who support Genetically-Engineered (GE) food, have done enough harm already...by upholding "progress for progress's sake" and downplaying the long-term ethical murder that BT BRINJAL (and others, in the pipeline) bring upon farmers, the environment (air, water, land), and millions of consumers who may (God forbid!) consume potential carcinogen in form of BT BRINJAL!

I call GM food a hazardous stunt show, by politicians and Monsanto-species.

Let's uncomplicate.

Certainly, BT COTTON proved half the point with miserable failure, and complications.

No doubt farmers had a great crop for a season, and then the eco-system crashed...
  • soil was depleted of its capacity to grow other forms of crops!
  • further tests showed BT COTTON caused liver malfunction, skin allergies, and even carcinogen properties
  • In fact, GM food can also cause unknown mutations to the consumer or to the future generations, at any point of life...It like having dormant HIV which can appear at any time...
  • And the biggest flaw is that INSUFFICIENT tests were performed on BT COTTON before approving it.
Question: Who conducted the tests?

Yes, you are right...the same guys who approved it, the very corporates who created it.

We don't want human rights crushed in this bureaucrat game and political monopoly...we don't want farmer suicides...we don't want our earth to turn sterile.

And today, BT BRINJAL is contending to enter India, and through whom? The Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh!

The facts are clear, the experts have conducted 5-6 tests only! and they concluded it is safe...I didnt know we have such dishonest and conscience-less scientists too, who compromise on the ethics of their work, at the risk of health of millions of people, flora and fauna.

How can we even blame them?

These are the scientists who were taught the "BENEFITS" of GM food, not the negative ramifications, in their college. These are the very scientists who actually work for the companies that invent, produce and market GM food!

These organizations manipulate the tests, bribe their way past the regulatory hurdles, and promote themselves through the greedy pockets of the same government that WE elect! Very smart selling strategy, but it doesnt stop at that...
...have you heard of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? This very IPR also protects these organizations, and gives them the farm to sue, and even grab the lands from the farmers who "dare" to save their own crops. Why? because IPR laws protect the interests of the one who holds the patent! In this case, it is MONSANTO and MAHYCO.

I am sure we all have got the picture here.
Remember the last meal you had? Breakfast...lunch...or dinner? you know the vegetables/fruits were bought at the market...you also know in India, there is NO LABELING of vegetables.

By "labeling" I mean, the footprint of the vegetable/fruit that you buy...where was it grown? was it exposed to fertilizers & pesticides? If yes, which fertilizers & pesticides? was it grown under organic conditions? If not, what is the level of toxicity it contains?

NOTHING! We are told nothing, and made to consume food with invisible footprints, the same way that your pet dog or a cow unquestioningly eats the food you give it!

"There is no law fixing liability in the event of contamination of non-Bt brinjal by the GM variety."

As consumers we think we monopolize the trend? WRONG! We may decide what fashion wear or movie should reach our wardrobes and bookshelves, but we are compromised on the most essential products-- our food system.

I ask Jairam Ramesh, did he put a labeling mechanism in place, before deciding to even encourage talks with GM companies? No he didn't. I am asking you, did you cast your vote in the last elections?

No? Then I am sorry you do not have a say in the government's affairs.

My friends, Europe including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Denmark, Ireland has banned GM food, half of Brazil has done so too. In fact some of them have banned Monsanto completely, and Nestle (yes sir, they also inject GM ingredients into popular food products like Cerelac, Maggi noodles, Munch and Kitkat chocolates etc)!

I am sure we Indians are not cuckoos, or perhaps some politicians are...and greedy cuckoos at that too.

Have you decided to vote yet, now?

Perhaps we can start with a signature campaign.

You don't want your girl friend/boy friend/wife/husband, or mother or father or siblings (sisters, brothers)...anyone you love or care about developing an irreversible disease because one day when you had a chance, and you knew, still you didn't act...

I love myself, and I love my family...my extended family is you too.
And that is why I just made you aware of what's coming, if you and me don't do something right, right now.

Root of Violence

I received an email forward today morning....I thought I should share it with you too...

The caption read:
"The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles."

I thought if we refine the sentence above in two steps...how would it look simpler?

"The Roots of Violence: Wealth without ETHICS, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without INNOCENCE, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without LOVE, Politics without SPIRITUALITY."

The Roots of Violence: An individual who doesn't have SPIRITUAL EDUCATION."