India may have lost Siberian cranes forever!

Tokyo to receive 2 Pandas from China next year.

Fewer tigers in forests than captive in US

US troops eating scorpions, drinking cobra blood: Report!

All this news in one day...So much love inside all of us, so much good work to do for the much we have already consumed greedily without giving even a fraction of it back to this beautiful hasn't even spared man...

There are always choices in life: the way of inner-engineering, knowledge and service...or the highway...and only one with a broad vision, can drop petty me-mine mentality and do something worthwhile in this lifetime with a Sangatchadwam attitude.

As Guruji says, "three things can get a job done: fear, greed, or love."

Certainly the best way is of love. And love emerges from belongingness...belongingness comes through awareness...and awareness...well, the smart people on this planet know the secret to better awareness: meditation, of course. The energy, the enthusiasm, the strength meditation brings, nothing can match it...The ones who ain't meditating today, now, are missing out on a lot in life...A LOT!