Sometimes, I reiterate over the reason why I keep a blog, and post my thoughts and share of the definite reasons is, social responsibility, and an inner urge to share the best things (with universal appeal) I have experienced in life with people I know and with people I dont know yet...

Along the way, I am confident I shall catalyze some positive change for many many good people in this planet, and for the not-so-good people too...
One such issue is certainly the unfair controversy over BT BRINJAL...whereas the facts are clear:


One doesn't need a ph.D in Biochemistry or Genetic Engineering to decipher this simple fact. In fact most ph.D. holders who support Genetically-Engineered (GE) food, have done enough harm upholding "progress for progress's sake" and downplaying the long-term ethical murder that BT BRINJAL (and others, in the pipeline) bring upon farmers, the environment (air, water, land), and millions of consumers who may (God forbid!) consume potential carcinogen in form of BT BRINJAL!

I call GM food a hazardous stunt show, by politicians and Monsanto-species.

Let's uncomplicate.

Certainly, BT COTTON proved half the point with miserable failure, and complications.

No doubt farmers had a great crop for a season, and then the eco-system crashed...
  • soil was depleted of its capacity to grow other forms of crops!
  • further tests showed BT COTTON caused liver malfunction, skin allergies, and even carcinogen properties
  • In fact, GM food can also cause unknown mutations to the consumer or to the future generations, at any point of life...It like having dormant HIV which can appear at any time...
  • And the biggest flaw is that INSUFFICIENT tests were performed on BT COTTON before approving it.
Question: Who conducted the tests?

Yes, you are right...the same guys who approved it, the very corporates who created it.

We don't want human rights crushed in this bureaucrat game and political monopoly...we don't want farmer suicides...we don't want our earth to turn sterile.

And today, BT BRINJAL is contending to enter India, and through whom? The Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh!

The facts are clear, the experts have conducted 5-6 tests only! and they concluded it is safe...I didnt know we have such dishonest and conscience-less scientists too, who compromise on the ethics of their work, at the risk of health of millions of people, flora and fauna.

How can we even blame them?

These are the scientists who were taught the "BENEFITS" of GM food, not the negative ramifications, in their college. These are the very scientists who actually work for the companies that invent, produce and market GM food!

These organizations manipulate the tests, bribe their way past the regulatory hurdles, and promote themselves through the greedy pockets of the same government that WE elect! Very smart selling strategy, but it doesnt stop at that...
...have you heard of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? This very IPR also protects these organizations, and gives them the farm to sue, and even grab the lands from the farmers who "dare" to save their own crops. Why? because IPR laws protect the interests of the one who holds the patent! In this case, it is MONSANTO and MAHYCO.

I am sure we all have got the picture here.
Remember the last meal you had? Breakfast...lunch...or dinner? you know the vegetables/fruits were bought at the also know in India, there is NO LABELING of vegetables.

By "labeling" I mean, the footprint of the vegetable/fruit that you buy...where was it grown? was it exposed to fertilizers & pesticides? If yes, which fertilizers & pesticides? was it grown under organic conditions? If not, what is the level of toxicity it contains?

NOTHING! We are told nothing, and made to consume food with invisible footprints, the same way that your pet dog or a cow unquestioningly eats the food you give it!

"There is no law fixing liability in the event of contamination of non-Bt brinjal by the GM variety."

As consumers we think we monopolize the trend? WRONG! We may decide what fashion wear or movie should reach our wardrobes and bookshelves, but we are compromised on the most essential products-- our food system.

I ask Jairam Ramesh, did he put a labeling mechanism in place, before deciding to even encourage talks with GM companies? No he didn't. I am asking you, did you cast your vote in the last elections?

No? Then I am sorry you do not have a say in the government's affairs.

My friends, Europe including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Denmark, Ireland has banned GM food, half of Brazil has done so too. In fact some of them have banned Monsanto completely, and Nestle (yes sir, they also inject GM ingredients into popular food products like Cerelac, Maggi noodles, Munch and Kitkat chocolates etc)!

I am sure we Indians are not cuckoos, or perhaps some politicians are...and greedy cuckoos at that too.

Have you decided to vote yet, now?

Perhaps we can start with a signature campaign.

You don't want your girl friend/boy friend/wife/husband, or mother or father or siblings (sisters, brothers)...anyone you love or care about developing an irreversible disease because one day when you had a chance, and you knew, still you didn't act...

I love myself, and I love my extended family is you too.
And that is why I just made you aware of what's coming, if you and me don't do something right, right now.