The World's only Immortal Animal........ :-)

Sages have spent years of energy and research into food, living, and meditation....drug companies spend millions of monies into this....and even more, many a Seeker on the path to Enlightenment, have deviated from the path of self-enquiry, simply to find immortality...

...and here is this one, simple, living creature that effortlessly stays immortal...Nature knows who to bestow what. :-)

Which is it? 
The turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish...also called the hydrozoan jellyfish!

It can cycle from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again, and back again, and back again! There may be no natural limit to its life span.

Transdifferentiation process: 1 type of cell transforms into another type.
Examples of runner-ups: Salamanders can regrow limbs (limited transdifferentiation).

Because they are able to bypass death, they're now found in oceans around the globe.

"We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion," ~Dr. Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute.

Tree Plantation Drive by YES!+: June 5, 2010

When Art of Living Bangalore's YES!+ team took charge in different parts of city, with AoL teachers, BBMP, and other responsible organizations like Vee Technnologies, the outcome was more than 100 new trees in a few hours, across parks!

FAQ: On an average, a human being utilizes resources of 16 trees in a lifetime.

Have you adopted your tree yet? :-)

Contact your Art of Living city coordinator and get started now.

Harvard said this...NYTimes said that... what do you say?

For the "less-evolved" ones who have an open mind to evolve:

A large-scale Harvard study, conducted last year, revealed that "the actual, realistic weightage to technical expertise is only 13 per cent!! ..compared to the 87 per cent attributed to soft skills in corporates and graduates today!"

Ironically we need Harvard, Stanford, NY Times or some such brand name credibility to believe the facts...instead of the universal knowledge already shared to the world through the Vedas and scriptures that contributed to India's high, multi-dimensional prosperity quotient, in ancient times! Isn't it ironic...?

If you have understood the point here, then you are already "evolving".

If you wish to fast-track your evolution, and fast-track the evolution of this beautiful planet along the way, enrol for the next YES!+ program. It's for you. And you will find everything you have been searching for so far in life...and much more..

Btw, at the realm of the Self, there is no evolution, the Self is all there is, as it is.

What's common to the MEDIA, POLITICIANS and EKTA KAPOOR? :-)

Some of my friends argue (from lack of anything valuable to contribute to conversation) ...why does ART OF LIVING charge money for the courses?

I gently remind them about how much they have invested (money + time + energy) in their graduation, and how much returns and satisfaction quotient they are reaping today. And the ridiculous disproportion in Investment versus Returns. :-)

And they immediately know that all this is because of the lack of spiritual education so far...

The greatest point to remember is that, "spiritual education" which is the most important aspect of education is often neglected...results are obvious to one and all, and I needn't elucidate that.

Oh, btw spiritual education broadly means "knowledge of self, knowledge about mind, balanced lifestyle with a holistic combination of prosperity" fact all spiritual people are prosperous-- in wealth, in thoughts and in magnanimity of attitude.

"Anything that helps you become unconditionally happy and loving is what is called spirituality." ~ Sri Sri

Something I came across recently...and feel I must share with you...

"The idea that all spiritual education should be free, or the notion that spiritual training was free in ancient India is a fallacy. Spirituality is also an education and all education needs to be paid for. Those who know their history know that people in Vedic times had to “invest” far more to get a spiritual education than we do today!

The concept of ''Dakshina'' is from the ancient Vedic times.

The vow of poverty is a concept alien to our land. Here, the primordial Guru, Lord Narayana is wedded to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Material progress goes hand in hand with spiritual growth. There are some pseudo intellectuals and historians who...praise only the dead and abuse the living.

Aptly captured here...


Silly goofy media...

sensationalizes a bullet and not the incredible work done by AOL in more than 165 countries in just 27 years!

politicians are the outdated PJ nowadays...and media is the new joke of the day.

Remember the last time, the media sensationalized that the commisioner's dog has run away....yes we all remember that !

But remember any time that AOL was highlighted for completely transforming Asia's largest slum...or creating a model village (in Maharashtra: in the history of the world....or Sudarshan Kriya curing thousands of patients from migraine/asthma/depression/homicidal tendencies/Cancer....or how AOL volunteers are still working in tsunami zones and Naxal-torn jungles of Chattisgarh ??

No the media wont portray that...because the media is the new PJ of the planet.

Politicians and media seem to have become the new series of Ekta Kapoor package in real life :-)

Oh, btw...the donations paid for the AOL courses are utilized in thousands of service projects across the world...from disaster relief to rural women empowerment....from free children education to saving the environment.

I'm sure some of you will appreciate this, and invest in your own health (physical, emotional, mental) through the incredibly simple and powerful ART OF LIVING courses (my personal favorite: , and at the same time, contribute to the revolutionary service activities happening through the Art of Living.

Its only one family...we call it a ONE WORLD FAMILY (Vasudhaeva Kutumbakam!)

"Do not sell your smile, even if the whole world is offered in return for it." ~Sri Sri

Clean Water!

"Once upon a time..." always has a "...Happily Ever After" at the end in reel life and fairytales.
What about in real life?

People who use the newest, "best", most-expensive water filtration systems...well guys this is not for you...because you have already lightened your pockets significantly to the "brand new" water purification system...and what I tell you about next will be a disappointment to your consumer-enthusiasm....

An ancient filtration technique that has near-zero carbon footprint in production and assembly of the system...and something that is way too affordable for anyone from a farmer to a what I am talking about...
i discovered this system at the Art of Living International Foundation...and I could only jump in joy...because this is exactly what every small village and every health-conscious consumer would love to have...and this it it!

A product of research on ancient, fool-proof, holistic way of purifying drinking water, this is a joint inititaitve between the Government of India and the Art of Living...and the product is called TERAFIL!

Costing less than 500 INR, this is a boon to many many people who deserve good health and clean drinking water...

To check it out, please contact Dr Ramkrishna Muley - 9342139075


Sri Sri: Calls Upon All to Fight Terrorism and Work for World Peace

Sri Sri Publications
India, May 31, 2010:
 Commenting on the attack on his convoy, spiritual leader, humanitarian and founder of the Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said: “We have to raise the voice of non-violence. Violence has been increasing all over the country and in the world. We have to work towards a more spiritual and peaceful society.”
The probe into the attack, which occurred on May 30, continued with the visit of the Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa to the Art of Living’s International Headquarters in Bangalore.
The Chief Minister promised to extend their full support to aid the investigations. He discussed the incident in detail with Sri Sri. “We are committed to give all possible protection to him. There will be an inquiry and the culprit will be punished. I am happy to see Sri Sri’s determination. He remains undeterred even after the attack.”
Investigations revealed that a gunman fired at Sri Sri’s convoy as he was leaving a public satsang attended by thousands of people on Sunday evening.
Addressing the media at the Art of Living International Center today, Sri Sri said, “We heard a noise in the car. Only later I learnt that a devotee had received a surface injury in his thigh.”
He further added, “I invite people who have violent tendencies to the Center. I am sure after they sit in the satsang for a few days, they will be reformed. I have no enemies. I have already forgiven the gunman. I invite him to learn meditation and the Sudarshan Kriya (a stress-elimination breathing techniques introduced by Sri Sri)."
Asked about enhancing security measures around him, Sri Sri said, “I am here for the people and am not in favor of any measures that will prevent this.”
He urged people not to worry and called upon them to work towards a more inclusive, peaceful and spiritual society.
In the meantime, religious leaders across faiths spoke in support of Sri Sri. Deepak Chopra, the Stress Management expert, also condemned the incident while appreciating Sri Sri’s calm response on this unfortunate episode.
Father Babu Joseph, spokesperson of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India and Swami Agnivesh, well-known social activist, strongly condemned the act of violence against ‘a man of peace and prayer’.
Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said,* “He is a non-controversial figure. It is surprising that such an incident has occurred. Such a spiritual leader must be given all security.” All-India Muslim Personal Law Board Working Committee member Kamal Farooqui said, “Gurus have a lot of relevance in our lives. The culprit should be punished.”

All said and done, Rashmin bhaiya's blog nails the facts into place...from the senseless media to the "we will blah blah"  politicians, he puts this grim reality about our media and politics into right light!

Innovation on the webpage :-)

It's amazing ... don’t know who made this.

1st Line is Seconds
2nd Line is Minutes
3rd Line is Hours
4th Line is the Day of the Week
5th Line is Today's Date
6th Line is the Month
and 7th Line is the Year

Sri Sri's comments about "suicide"

"Just relax! and be dead now!

Shareer ko kyun marte ho ( why do u want to kill your body ?)
Restlessness is in your mind.

By destroying your body you are not going to get anything.
Kill the mind , that is the real death you are looking for. If your
mind dies you relax. If this does not happen you cannot relax.
By destroying your body don’t think you will be at peace.
You have come to the right place.
Killing your body, your restlessness remains.
Your body is a sacred thing. It belongs to God !
What makes u so restless is your desire.
Drop that craving of yours and your mind becomes calm.
You want to compete with someone and when you cannot, you become
restless. All ambitions make u restless.

Kill your ambition,throw your ambition out.
If you are peaceful from inside you can do anything.
Aatma hatya karoge tho 400 -500 saal ghoomte rahoge (If you commit
suicide you will keep going round and round for 400-500 years !)
It is like - when u are feeling cold do you need more blankets or your
taking off your clothes will help ???!!!

Suicide is taking off your clothes when you are already feeling
cold !!!"

It is you who have shown me how precious human life is on this beautiful each second counts...and there is more love on this planet than we can comprehend!
In You, I experience the playfulness of the Krishna Consciousness, the innocence of the Shiva element, the unconditional love of Jesus, the non-violence in Lord Mahavira...and the unfathomable, soothing stillness of Lord Buddha...sometimes I wonder how You really are...a friend? a confidant? a Guru? a Father? a Mother? ...but then I smile and know one thing: I have the most beautiful life on this planet because of You.

How to detect Hidden Camera in TrialRooms of shops and malls? ?

Issued in public interest :-)

In front of the trial room take your mobile and make sure that you are able to make calls with your mobile phone...

Next, enter the trial room, and make a call again.....

If u can't make a call...
There is a hidden camera!!

Science behind it:
This is due to the interference of fiber optic during the signal transfer, if a hidden camera is present.

YES!+ Program

What keeps NASA astronauts and Asia’s best cardiologist stress-free?
How do Google employees at PaoAlto balance life and work?
What gives the world’s best snooker player an additional edge over competition?
Do I have to struggle to become successful in life?
Do I have the ability to handle any situation in life…with a smile?
Welcome to YES!+ Program and Upgrade your life skills.

YES!+ stands for Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop for students and working professionals between the 18 to 30 age group. It’s a one of a kind, life skills workshop which is specially designed to give deep relaxation and easy-to-practice, practical tools to lead life with success.

·                  Do my relationships handle me?
           For a change let me learn to handle my relationships.

·                  How can I give 100 per cent to life in the right direction?

·                  How to cultivate intelligence in my life without losing my innocence?

·                  Take a break from the madness of the world outside…Re-live life in your terms!

Whether you are a busy corporate, an ambitious student, or simply in need of a shift, YES!+ will leave you feeling lighter and ready to face any challenge with greater clarity and ease.
It enhances excellence and health in ALL ASPECTS of life: professional, personal, academic, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.


v    Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY):  A rhythmic breathing process that brings clarity to the mind, enhances creativity, kicks out personal mental barriers, gets rid of unhealthy habits, and increases focus and concentration levels tremendously.

v    Challenging sessions to strengthen and energize the body and increase stamina

v    Interactive Processes that are fun and provide practical wisdom to dealing with unpleasant situations at work/life

v    You’ll learn Ancient techniques:
ü  To enhance focus and concentration without stressing the mind
ü  shortcuts to time management
ü  for enhanced productivity at work

v    A 20-minute daily breathing and meditation practice upon completion of the program

The upcoming YES!+ @ Bangalore:
Trainers: Smriti and Sahil Jagtiani. (Sahil is an International trainer for the Art of Living International Foundation, an Entrepreneur, and an International Singer and Musician.)
 Dates: 11- 13 June
 Timings:  8:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.

 Where: ManandiSamskruta Sadan Hall, Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore
Age Criteria: 18–30 yrs + "those Young at Heart!"

Contact Us: Krishna 09884761590, Gaurav 9886279368

Strangely, over-saturated intellectuals today need testimonials from organizations to believe good things, so here goes...(bcos nothing should stop you experiencing the most freeing experience you can have, in life) Please check the testimonials of various Organizations.

Also, share this link with your friends, family and colleagues. You never know whose life you may help Transform!



Do you feel the pinch of the Bangalore heat every time you step out of the air conditioned office?

Does the unusual summer heat play spoilsport every time you step out for coffee?

Is your doctor telling you to stay away from the dust and the heat?

If you feel the guilt that Bangalore’s world famous air conditioned climate may soon be a thing of the past, let’s do something about it.

Shall we get together and give the summer of 2011 something to look forward to? More greenery, more spring flowers, more coolness quotient to namma Bengaluru.

I know its been on your mind for long, and it has been on my mind too, and as we both waited for someone to initiate a project for TREE PLANTATION AND ADOPTION, the climate went from bad to worse.

The Art of Living International Foundation has joined hands with the BBMP to paint Bangalore city green this JUNE 5th.
Mark this day on your calendars, apply for leaves from offices, even better: involve your teams, your company, and let’s do our part that was pending since long.

Our sankalpa is for 200,000 saplings across Bangalore.

Send me ( your name with phone number and email ID.

If you belong to the corporate circle, and wish to see your company involve as a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive, send us the contact information of your HR or CSR Head.
Let’s get started RIGHT NOW.

p.s. (An average human uses the resources of 16 trees in a lifetime. Can we plant at least 17 ?)


You know by now, the dangers of GM Food to your family and mine.

Simply refuse GM food.

Sign this petition

Here are some latest happenings from the capital city, and some more real facts:

Our words have power, lets use it wisely and timely. We want a cleaner, greener planet, and healthy people around.

Don't allow greedy, insensitive foreign MNC's to abuse this planet and stuff our bodies with time bombs (GM Food)!

A new series of universal knowledge

Just browse through "your" will find something that clicks :-)
Knowledge from the Source

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What Sri Sri Said Jan 4th 2001- Canada Q and A Sessions


I liked this blog

One of those elite few bloggers (like me :-)) , who blog about useful stuff, that all can use...

Most other bloggers are so community centric...the Microsoft communities, the Open Source community, the vegan community, the this community, the that community....and the other few simply blog to make noise and be heard and be famous...

In such dark times, universal blogs like,, (;-))

are lighthouses of knowledge that the HUMAN community can use and reuse and gain from.

Do you know more such blogs? share them here...let's spread knowledge, not gossip or war :-)

Bangalore's Mall Culture!

THE MARKET awash with rotten apples which go unnoticed to most consumers...most of us look forward to THE Sunday, and when its here, we waste half the day sleeping late (which topsy turvies the biological clock and! what a dumb thing to do...), and one third of the other half, we waste inside a supermarket....especially if you walk into one of those noisy Big Bazaars...I compare the confusion to what probably chickens feel when they are crammed into cages inside factory farms! Loudspeakers babbling away about last minutes discounts...and frantic mothers trying to parallely manage crying kids and shopping carts @ same time...! and you'll find the local boys loitering inside...passing comments at so-called babes....!

The experience becomes worse when you are more aware of the air inside...its cluttered with thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...all thoughts of confused, weekend-starved professionals...who end up buying junk in that confused state of mind...and the air inside is stiffling! You know that when you step outside........

Personally I feel the shopping mall culture is killing off the good old Bangalore....and another chain of "environment and health" side-effects are on the way because of these malls, the same way that IT has done to Bangalore in the past!

The reasons most people go to malls:

1) Because suddenly you have nothing better to do...

2) You want to meet your friend, at a mall...and once you meet him/her, you both are clueless what to do

3) If your friend is same sex, and you are straight then you'll both stare away at the opposite sex...this is similar to what we have done when we are at home...stare away blindly at the TV..while eating, while studying, while entertaining guests, sometimes even just to fall asleep!!

4) If your friend is same sex, and you both are gays/lesbians, you'll stare at the same sex...LOL

5) If your friend is opposite sex, then you'll do either of the following:

     a)  You are "just friends" with her, so she'll point out all the so-called hot guys, and you'll point out all the so-called hot girls

     b)  You "friend" is your girl friend?? Oops...then you'll probably peek glances at the babe who just passed by...a subconscious fantasy will probably make you take a second peep!

6) You want to shop for products...home needs...and in the process you will take home one or more plastic bags which you will dispose irresponsibly! You will fight for your currency change with the autorickshaw wala who drops you home, but you will not fight for the planet nor educate the rest of the zombie shoppers who are also taking plastic bags by the dozens!!

7) You want to eat at McDonald's (or KFC if your love towards your own body and environment is lost!) and feel good about all the goo that's going into your delicate system. And if you are one of those fast-food young mothers who use toilet papers (yuck!), then you will definitely pump your little child's system with generous doses of unhealthy McVeggies, McChicken...I promise you that your child has higher chances of:

        a)  getting early puberty
        b)  becoming dumber and dumber at studies
        c)  becoming more aggressive with age
        d)  getting chronic diseases: including gastritis, obesity (most common), heart diseases, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, Type 2 diabetes and worst of all, WEAKENED IMMUNITY!

If you tell me, "Oh, but I just take my son/daughter to eat junk "once in a while"."
I tell you, Every weekend is NOT "once in a while"!

Real communication has become passe, with more and more malls, and their fast food joints spreading like fact most conversations nowadays are very focussed....on MONEY or GRATIFICATION. Gratification includes DOING NAUGHTY THINGS ON BED!

Definitions are also changing:

X    Love for this funny cult of people is not love any more. It is "making love".

X    Contributing to the planet means building software for foreign monopolies, that become cash cows for the already-rich foreign tycoons.

X    As children, we played with toys, now most of you have stopped playing with toys...and started playing with human emotions

X    Doing a random act of karmic kindness means helping the beggar woman (who will in turn give the money to her drunkard husband)

X    Music means loud, metal, anti-Christ bands who exhibit suppressed emotional imbalances at rock shows, and invite a couple of alcohol brands as well to heighten the short-term madness

X    Quality time with parents means dragging them to the nearest mall to buy you that latest watch or jewellery or gadget.
Bangalore and its mall culture (includes fast food, rock bands, smoky pubs) are drugging the minds of promising youth...
...Software code is more poetic than Rabindranath Tagore's poetry
...Bloody Mary and McDowell's is more refreshing than healthy herbal juices
...Junk food is more gratifying than home-made organic food
...Singing about heartbreaks (followed by getting drunk) is more soothing than spending time meditating or helping someone
...Urban Agriculture means Farmville on facebook
...Higher grades in high school mean a promising engineer or doctor or lawyer (as if we don't have enough unemployable ones already)

What is the purpose of your life? 
To get into IIT? To get out of IIT? To get into Infosys? To get out of Infosys? To get married and create a generation of fast-food dependant children? To leave a huge property behind that has your younger generations spilling blood over?

Is the purpose of your life to struggle?
Is the purpose of your life to:
  • lose  health working for a foreign MNC?
  • lose self-esteem by becoming a successfully "placed" MBA?
  • lose the priceless wealth of Vedic scientific knowledge that has survived millenniums, and inspired scientists and world leaders since the times of Archimedes?
  • lose the spirituality that has held together the magnanimity of the Indian civilization: the most prosperous, the oldest and the most welcoming of all civilizations?
If you want to break the chain, and do something worthy of becoming a legend...start with something very simple. And the simplest thing is to love yourself more, enrol for an Art of Living YES!+ workshop, do good to this planet, and care for more and more people around you. You will live a regret-free life that will inspire many lives around you.


Dear One,

I wish to introduce a major project headed by Pitaji, as we lovingly call R S V Ratnam—father to the Guru of Joy- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Today, at the age of 88, through the noble project VISTA INDIA, He has reached a milestone no man or woman of his age would have done, to educate and empower the girl child. Today, he has identified 33 more villages for this work. Current project is ongoing at Sirsi village in Karnataka. Ladies are educated to be able to read, and are taught to stitch and tailor clothes, and jute bags. These are promoted by the Art of Living International Foundation, and all revenues are given back to the women, thus empowering them for this project that does this for our society:
·  Creates interdependent women self-help groups
·  Provides a platform for free education for the rural girl child
·  Supports the jute and cotton industry of India, thus brings holistic, eco-friendly products with Indian artistry into the limelight


We require more sewing machines. Each costs 3000 rupees. This makes a very significant contribution from you.

Spiritually, a small contribution like this out of your earnings purifies the wealth. And what better way to contribute, than for a cause that is coming to fruition under the aegis of an 88 year old freedom fighter whose dedication is a lesson to be learnt and a cause worth joining.

As a donor, you will enjoy 80G tax exemption. This means 50% tax exemption on your contribution, recognized by the Income Tax Department of India.

If your contribution as an individual or a group or as an organization exceeds 50,000 Rupees, you are eligible for 35AC Tax Exemption, that is, 100% tax exemption.

Through cheque: In favor of “VISTA INDIA”. Please write your name and address at the back of the cheque.
You may also send cash. If a group of two or more donor pool in money for contribution, each donor will receive 80G certificates.
In either case, please mention your name and address (with phone number).

Contact me on, once you have readied the cheque or cash.

Love, best wishes