Do you feel the pinch of the Bangalore heat every time you step out of the air conditioned office?

Does the unusual summer heat play spoilsport every time you step out for coffee?

Is your doctor telling you to stay away from the dust and the heat?

If you feel the guilt that Bangalore’s world famous air conditioned climate may soon be a thing of the past, let’s do something about it.

Shall we get together and give the summer of 2011 something to look forward to? More greenery, more spring flowers, more coolness quotient to namma Bengaluru.

I know its been on your mind for long, and it has been on my mind too, and as we both waited for someone to initiate a project for TREE PLANTATION AND ADOPTION, the climate went from bad to worse.

The Art of Living International Foundation has joined hands with the BBMP to paint Bangalore city green this JUNE 5th.
Mark this day on your calendars, apply for leaves from offices, even better: involve your teams, your company, and let’s do our part that was pending since long.

Our sankalpa is for 200,000 saplings across Bangalore.

Send me (gauravnath.vision@gmail.com) your name with phone number and email ID.

If you belong to the corporate circle, and wish to see your company involve as a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive, send us the contact information of your HR or CSR Head.
Let’s get started RIGHT NOW.

p.s. (An average human uses the resources of 16 trees in a lifetime. Can we plant at least 17 ?)