I'll share the best known-secret in the world now: a simple, effortless nd revolutionary breathing technique called SUDARSHAN KRIYA
Its an advanced form of meditation which "successful+happy" people swear by...Abdul Kalam, NASA, AIIMS, NIMHANS, the European parliament, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, they have sworn by it.
Meditation is conscious relaxation, or, restful awareness. It flushes the mind of recurring negative thoughts and emotional garbage, and is a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit. Meditation gives you a rested mind free of negative emotions and stress and enables you to take more balanced decisions, with heightened awareness.
A monarch butterfly that flutters its wings in the rose of gardens of Lalbagh (Bangalore) causes a stir in ocean currents off the coast of …now think this: what would be the effect of a crowd of 1.12 billion Indians meditating in their own homes everyday? Scientists have observed that group meditation causes a dip in the stress levels of the environment all around it for miles together. And it has been proved that it affects the energy levels of people you come in touch with, it dilutes negativity and ill-intentions and gives more energy to all positive possibilities, and creative thoughts and intentions.
And we are all well-evolved human beings with good intentions inside us, who want to be live life 100% and enable health and life to flow to everyone around.
With this thought in mind, the Youth Empowerment and Skills (YES!+) series of workshops were designed. YES!+ teaches practical all-aspects-covered meditation and breathing techniques .
Drug de-addiction centers, alcoholics groups, suicide counselling groups, juvenile detention centres, and such similar philanthropic organizations are doing their part for the youth who are into alcohol, drugs, smoking, who are suicidal, violent, and so on. But 27 years ago, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, lovingly called as the Guru of Joy, knew the need to intervene at the stage before all these issues of substance abuse, depression, STDs, suicidal or homocidal tendencies start.
It does not make sense for counselling NGO's to wait for a teenager from a dysfunctional family to get into depression or smoking. It isn't meaningful to wait for a relationship breakup to lead to promiscuous sex or substance abuse, before alcoholics anonymous or AIDS groups intervene. Even more, its stupid shortsightedness to wait until a youngster under academic pressure resorts to suicide, before philanthropy starts. Instead it makes all the sense to intervene before drugs, alcohol, smoking, depression, violence or suicide attempt happen. This is ALSO what YES!+ does.
Your intellect may argue: But I am a normal person.
Ok dear, but "normal" is a subjective term.
I am successful.
Ok dear, but "at what cost are you successful?" How many times in a day do you smile without a reason?
I am happy.
Ok dear, you are happy because you have this and that. Will you still be happy if unfair coincidence snatches away the things that makes you happy?
Let's get practical.
YES!+ facilitates my life with SIMPLE and PRACTICAL techniques that makes me dynamic on o-u-t-s-i-d-e, unshakeably calm i-n-s-i-d-e. Its a shortcut from The Head To The Heart!
. . .head-to-heart is important so that:
...success can never cloud the intellect
...over-ambition may not eat one's true happiness away
...lack of awareness may never overstep simplicity and respect for the environment
...and power may not corrupt one.
For me, YES!+ workshop has been the most fulfilling experience of my life, and I simply cannot keep this off-the-charts Happiness Quotient with me..I want everyone to experience this equation of "success = unshakeable smile + unputdownable enthusiasm".
The rest of the stuff in life....job, relationship, money.....will automatically byproducts of your "YES!" mind (as Bawu sayz :-))
I see more sense in YES!+ today after the recent terrorist bloodbath at Mumbai. Youth are a symbol of energy...potential..enthusiasm...change.....and an innocence-intelligence balance. I invite you to enrol for the next workshop happening in your city or country and collectively EXPRESS our solidarity as youth of one world against any diabolical extremist force that threatens our peaceful coexistence. Your participation to this workshop will add value to your life, empower you to do all the good things you always wanted to do, and add your voice in tribute to our brave soldiers who have laid down their lives in unconditional valor for us.
Besides meditation and loads of fun, practical skills will be taught in interactive workshops that attend to all levels of existence (includes restoring the healthy bounce back to body, and developing a uncluttered super-mind that can relax and focus @ same time, and also influence the environment effortlessly). These techniques are right now being practiced by millions across the globe, and its healing effects have been tested and validated by researchers, doctors and scientists world over. Something that we have not learnt at school/college/offices, but which are essential for effective and stress-free, positive living. And learn it for a cause…to be stress-free and spread good vibes at a time when we need more of acceptance, good vibes and action, not words or lame complaints. It is time now to respond and not react.

“One peaceful mind attracts harmony in situations and people around. Six and a half billion peaceful minds create an unshakable civilization.”


My Friends

I wish to communicate heart-to-heart with you today on an issue of paramount importance. We share the friendship of human kind. Recently a thought crossed my mind, what is the true meaning of our friendship? Is it only coffee, movies, gossips, dates, breakups, advice...or is there something more valuable? To be clearer, let me say this:
Of all the 6.5 billion people on this Earth, you are not reading my blog by coincidence. There isn't anything called coincidence, there are only reasons not coincidences and the reason isn't just sharing commonalities or celebrating differences, the reason is also to uplift each other through rough times, and dilute negativity with good company (sat-sangh). Today is a ripe time that we stood by each other in sangatchadvam (working together), because our national security and the world’s state of calm is at stake. A bunch of 20 jokers are able to trigger mental, physical, emotional, financial and administrational quakes in financial capital of our country with a population of 1.12 billion!

Isn't it time for good people to act too?

A virtual dissection of a terrorist’s psyche reveals a silent victim. He is a victim of some childhood trauma, some misleading concepts (concepts of religious feverishness or leftism-- the communist mindset that left hundreds dead in Russia). Fill this innocent child's mind with stress and teach it to divide people—on basis of religion, caste, economy, gender, politics, country, bias and prejudices, concepts about how things should be or shouldn’t be. Add the fuel of misinterpret Jihadi concepts to this mind filled with untapped energy…and you can get a full fledged miss-channelized terrorist product.

One more step: Equip this mind with state-of-art guns, and it will go to any extent to execute its misled any cost.

Now... think of youth like you and me—good people in comparison. How do we react to terrorism?

We meet.....we light candles. We call celebrities to talk about it and grumble about it.....and talk more about it? We don’t act, we only talk about it until it becomes an intellectual entertainment.

The tragic paradox is, you lose your sleep if your laptop breaks down, but not when an innocent man, woman or child is gunned down elsewhere! Are we so lost in our small closets that we have become insensitive to our world.

If you feel a little stirred and responsible, then I ask you to join me in friendship of the world, to eliminate this stress that creates a terrorist or prompts a 10-year old to suicide (academics) or leads a college youngster (with a dysfunctional family or a recent breakup) towards unhealthy emotional ventilation (drugs, alcohol, smoking, aggressive behavior, short temper).

Let's admit it: even with our IIT degrees, and MBA's we know very little about our own minds, and even little about how to handle it. But clarity in thoughts are important every moment of our day, isn't it?

The trick as His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares, lies in our breath: the breath and the mind are connected. Just as a string guides the kite, the breath guides emotions in the mind...happy thoughts: effortless breathing, angry thoughts: rough shallow breathing!

Unless we uncondition our system of all negative impressions, our immense creativity and richness of life remains unexplored. Remember the choice Morpheus offered Neo: blue pill......or red pill...

So what's the solution to it?

  Next post :-)

Recent Snapshots from Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!+)


Bawa and Dinesh...Directors of World Alliance for Youth Empowerment ~WAYE~

Meditation is seeing God in Oneself

You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are much more than that.

Yoga is meditation in motion....especially when you smile in each posture ;-) *wink* *wink*

True celebration is on the inside...not the outside.

Sattvic intellect brings desired results effortlessly...
Sattvic fun refreshes and rejuvenates you, it doesn't leave you drained....

Making LIFE an expression of Inner Silence and Outer Dynamism- YES!+

Sudarshan Kriya gives one the ability to be Relaxed and Focussed @ the same time!


The YES!+ Workshop continues to empower youth in over 40 countries (...and counting) with a YES attitude towards life and successfully collimates the untapped energy in youth which is being diffracted in negative ways...

The techniques that are taught in the workshop INSTANTLY rids the mind of negative behavioral patterns like:
depression and loneliness,
low self-confidence and stage fright,
substance abuse, smoking, suicidal tendencies,
aggressive behavior, short temper, impatience, intolerance,
lack of sustained interest in studies, poor memory,
stress and low energy levels.

These techniques are something no one taught us in school, at home, at college or at work but which are life-supporting to our education, our career, our relationships and the quality of life we live!....thus these become a lifetime asset.

You make friends the world over...connecting to youngsters who have risen from mediocrity to excellence in life...and friends who uplift and support each other in knowledge and unconditional love~

It teaches simple yet powerful practical techniques (benefited more than 20 million people across 151 countries!) to:
  • boost the body's immunity and energy levels,
  • flush out emotional garbage,
  • enhance the happiness quotient,
  • do more in less time (time management) -- without getting stressed,
  • be successful+happy,
  • be 'focused + relaxed' at same time,
  • take responsibilities,
  • handle relationships: with oneself, with parents/teachers/boss/colleagues/friends,
  • interact inhibition-free, effectively and assertively at all levels with people,
  • take balanced decisions,
  • live life 100%

Maintain INNOCENCE....

.... Cultivate INTELLIGENCE !

Broaden your Vision...Deepen your Roots. ~ Sri Sri

The Sudarshan Kriya is part of the workshop, and is taught as curriculum/credit course at Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur, Guwahati, Mumbai), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), MIT, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Indian Business Academy (IBA), Symbiosis (Pune), Harvard and Stanford, GeorgiaTech University, University of Virginia, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), GooglePlex (California), IBM, National Insitute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), All India Insititute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and so on...the count of happiness quotient + health quotient + success quotient has dramatically improved in all participants within just 6 days!

Tibet - "the roof of the world" in suppressed woe

Tibet the land of Tibetan horses, snow lions and the Dalai Lamas

...has been reduced to a dwindling culture suppressed by the China and their majestic calm perforated by Chinese hurts to see that a culture which is stronger (i prefer the word "aggressive") than the other, would be dumb enough to overtake another at the cost of the quintessential magnificience that another smaller culture represents.

I cant help but think of an ironic monologue like this:

"I face the East and pray, you face the south while you I'll kill you."

or more closely this monologue... "I am stronger, faster and smarter than I shall kill you.'

Long gone are those times when a tiger would say this to a lamb. We are evolving...and as human beings who are perfectly capable of reading my blog in English and understanding what I am trying to communicate, we should realise the shift that has happened from survival of the fittest in the wilderness to peaceful and interdependent coexistence. This is what mankind is all about.... "I am stronger, faster and smarter than I shall protect you and ensure you become the same too, if not better."

Sadly a country like China gives the world a more dismal picture about itself...and it also puts the majority of the peace-loving, intelligent Chinese population in a wrong light...all because of a few legacy minded, power greedy decision makers who choose to take the unappreciable way of monopoly. With great power (whether bestowed upon or taken aggressively), comes great responsibility.....and it is with responsibility that one experiences a greater degree of freedom. Infact the very thought of being in control of something or someone is an illusion...and it is tragic that an ancient and powerful culture represented by the Chinese civilization fail to perceive this fact.

What the heck? In the end we are all going to die...the person who is writing this blog, the person who is reading it, the people around whom this discussion is centred...all...are going to merge with the dust...then why not shrug off the imperialistic tendency and spend the remaining few years fostering a global brotherhood and uplifting the civilization that has only experienced negative impressions from you the concerned brothers of the same race.

Stop hurting the beautiful people and culture of Tibet with unfair commerce, pollution and Chinese police force...

Life is a journey from the head to the heart, and in the end, it all comes back to you.

The following is a skeleton-by-skeleton account of an anonymous Tibetan and a plea that every civilization grows on interdependence and deserves the right to live free from fear in today's flattened world:

Perspectives from inside Tibet
International Campaign for Tibet
November 18th, 2008

On the second day of the Special Meeting in Dharamsala, bringing together Tibetans from the diaspora worldwide and including new arrivals from Tibet, the Prime Minister (Kalon Tripa) of the Tibetan government in exile clarified the process of the meeting and its possible outcome. He said that the first day had been very "emotionally charged", with each of the 15 sub-committees discussing a wide range of issues relating to the current situation in Tibet and strategies for the future.

In answer to a question about whether the government in exile would change its policy from the current Middle Way approach of genuine autonomy under the sovereignty of the People's Republic of China (PRC), the Kalon Tripa said today: "We are totally following the democratic principle, which is that the people's opinion is supreme." He said that once the findings of the meeting were presented to the Dalai Lama, they would also be discussed by the Tibetan Parliament, which "has the final decision-making power" to adopt new strategies or not. He said: "One of the purposes of the meeting is to give different voices an official channel or platform."

The importance of non-violence

"The danger for Tibet is not whether we get independence or autonomy, but whether we manage to keep our culture alive"

A young, educated Tibetan who returned to eastern Tibet after studying in exile sent the following letter to ICT about the Special Meeting. An English translation from the original Tibetan is enclosed below. Details of the identity of the writer have been withheld at their request and for their safety.

"I am a Tibetan who was educated in India as a youngster but who returned to Tibet. I worked for various companies in Tibet, and visited different countries in the West. Tibetans inside Tibet can be quite successful in setting up businesses and finding jobs. This is important because we have to take part in the new economy and in all walks of life, and we have to make ourselves less dependent on the Chinese.

This year our businesses were of course hit hard, as we were affected in all spheres of life by everything that happened since March. The situation inside Tibet is desperate. Even in an anonymous letter I am afraid to fully speak out. The names of friends that are in prison can't be mentioned because while they are not yet sentenced, any evidence of a link with the outside world will further jeopardize their situation. Even though things have normalized a little since the end of the Olympic Games, the Chinese authorities use all efforts to silence people inside Tibet and also to create distrust and antagonism between the nationalities. Because of the terrible propaganda on TV and in other media, Chinese people these days are either afraid of or angry at any Tibetan they meet, while we are left furious when we see the propaganda that is being broadcast on television.

Let me start by saying how great it was to see the demonstrations during the torch relay and during the Olympic Games itself. After all that happened in March, it gave people in Tibet hope. It showed us that Tibet is not forgotten. The Tibetans living outside Tibet did a great job. They keep the cause alive. I really support all of you involved in that, and hope that you become even more effective in the future. China is always concerned about their good reputation. This year they were very embarrassed because of the demonstrations during the torch relay. As a super power they need a good reputation and losing face is a very big thing in Chinese culture. So for the future of Tibet, it is very important that China is reminded of the unacceptable situation inside Tibet.

I myself and others like me did not take part in demonstrations because we think we can contribute to the improvement of Tibet by focusing on our work and business. We believe that we can strengthen the Tibetan nationality in that way. But at the same time we support the demonstrations, even if it makes us suffer as well. That is okay, because we know it is for the good of our people. In terms of our struggle at large we must stay non-violent at any cost. China will be happy if Tibetans become more violent because it will give them an opportunity to portray Tibetans in a negative way. They are always eager to show that Tibetans in India instigate violence. It emphasizes how important the non-violent Middle Way approach is.

Even Tibetans who work for the government inside Tibet feel strongly about their nationality. I hear how Tibetan police officers in Lhasa and Tibetans working for the army were really very upset when they saw how the army responded to demonstrations this year. But they could not do anything. They were very angry when a Tibetan lady gave the names of several protesters to the authorities. They called her a whore and told her not to hand in Tibetan protesters. Also well-educated young Tibetans who went to school in China are often deeply patriotic. When they return to Tibet to work for the Chinese government they see the difference in how people are ruled in China and how they are controlled in Tibetan areas, and in particular how people are ruled in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). But inside Tibet, it is very difficult to receive good information. We can never open Tibetan websites such as and websites of Tibet organizations. Some movies on YouTube also can't be opened. The foreign companies that provide the search engines in China have no business ethics; they help the Chinese government to block information.

For the important meeting taking place in Dharamsala this week, there are two main things I would like to say.

As a Tibetan inside Tibet who has also seen places outside my country, including Western countries, I think that the danger for Tibet is not whether we achieve independence or autonomy, but whether we manage to keep our culture alive. I don't think an agreement will be reached with regards to full autonomy or independence. Perhaps in the future [there will be] some sort of autonomy. But the main issue is how we preserve and develop our culture. The main issue is the survival of our race and our way of life. People in Tibet, people who are part of our country, they are losing their culture. They prefer to communicate in Chinese and take on Chinese lifestyles. But in India you see the same. People talk to each other in English or Hindi. Tibetans lose their affinity with the Tibetan ways of life. When we look at the border areas in eastern Tibet, we see what will happen in central Tibet in the future. Our culture and our race will be completely assimilated and swallowed up by Chinese culture.

In order to keep the Tibetan cause alive, the most important thing is to keep the culture of Tibet alive. In India the Tibetans are supposed to keep the culture alive, but you see where it is happening. Are they staying together as a community? People are moving around the globe. The new generation of Tibetans around the world won't want to return to Tibet. So who is going to keep the cause alive? My point is that as part of any sort of negotiations of initial agreement, a priority should be given to the possibilities of exile Tibetans traveling to Tibet. It is very important that Tibetans outside Tibet take an interest in visiting Tibet, and if possible working in Tibet, setting up projects or businesses inside Tibet. In particular in the areas close to the Chinese areas, the climate is more relaxed and Tibetans can achieve a lot. Because Tibetans from outside Tibet are generally well educated, are well informed and are very broad-minded, they have a tremendously positive impact on the community inside Tibet. They can influence local people, not engage in politics. In this way they can keep the cause alive.

In line with this, there is a need to thoroughly rethink the strategy. The dialogue with the Chinese is not likely to yield any result soon. On the question of independence or autonomy there is not much choice; it is certain that full independence will never be debatable. In the meantime, time is running out for Tibet and Tibet's culture. I am from a Tibetan area that does not fall under the TAR. But I myself have come to the conclusion that perhaps it is important to consider that [if it is offered], whether we should accept full autonomy for [just] the TAR... [This is a controversial viewpoint, as it implies the exclusion of Tibetan areas of Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces.] .You see that in Lhasa and some other major cities, as well as areas close to mainland China, 60 to 80% of businesses belong to Han [Chinese] immigrants [and] the situation is urgent.

I would like to express the wish that we keep up our strong desires, and our spirit to fight for freedom, dignity and peace for our people. I pray for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and I pray for those who gave up their lives for Tibet and those that are still in prison."

Tibet, 15 November 2008

"India's first woman saint" did they say??

I'd give a rat's arse to anyone who can lose the dignity that their religion represents, in order to advertize themselves at the cost of delimiting and putting down other religions and stepping over real facts...small wonder religion has fuelled so much unrest in this globe. This is the latest eye opener, ironical yet true...such a noble and unconditional religion misconstrued by manipulistic high-headed priests and FANATICS over few hundred years...the words of the Father Himself twisted beyond recognition.
Talking of unrest....
Last report of unrest...18 multiple bomb blasts in North East India. News reporter puppets report dead and injured figures so comfortably low, you'd feel disgusted it comes from Economic Times. The fact remains, people who have first and second hand experiences tell me, death count is 83, injury count is 300.

The bottomline is this:

Stop being closetted...if you think celebrating Christmas is going to make you any less Moslem or chanting Om going to make you any less Christian, then I am sorry for just insulted your own intelligence. No religion is so weak that respecting and absorbing good meaningful things of a religion would deprive you own religion. Please stop fighting in name of religion and advertising "mine is best" illness you have all contracted from fanatics. TAKE THE GOOD THINGS FROM ALL RELIGIONS, and KEEP AN OPEN NON-JUDGEMENTAL MIND WITH FOCUS ON SPIRITUALITY NOT ON RELIGIONS...either ways you wont last more than a petty hundred years and you certainly wont want your grand children to curse you over YOUR neglect towards your environment...they will very well say..."Those old fools were busy bragging about their religions and flaunting their shallow lifestyles while the planet was in need of reversing global warming, sharing resources, passing down human values, learning how to handle the mind"!
I regret to state this observation of mine: "We live in a funny civilization today...full of headless chickens doing something because everyone else is doing it and not doing something because noone is doing anything about it"

Angels or Orbs or whatever you may call them..the more you respet them the more you are centred the more they respond


This blog is an eye opener to so much much it!

YES!+ Workshop for Youth...EXPERIENCES

Why did US financial market drop...fall...crash? A simple solution

This is what the Times Online reports to the following effect:

Danger for Men at work...and to the financial market!

WHAT caused the global bust? Harvard University researchers blame testosterone for the present global bust. They state in Evolution and Human Behavior how tests on 98 men show that the higher a man's testosterone, the more likely he is to risk a financial gamble. Other studies show that repeated fiscal losses caused a fall in a man's male hormone levels. This may indicate calmer markets, but still further research shows that depressed traders on Prozac are most likely of all to make daft investments. Watch out.

Do I see a cost-effective, time-saving breathing technique called the Sudarshan Kriya as the best alternative to maintain equanimous level of heightened awareness throughout the day, and simultaneously keep stress at bay? The answer is a very strong yes+!

Smart people do smart work...try the Art of Living healing breath workshop...and life will never the same worn-out, behind-schedule, prozac-dependant, irritable, self-conceited, stressed out life will blossom with efficiency, harmonious-effective communication, proactive and calm behavior, well-informed balanced decisions, and a peaceful meditative state of mind that distinguishes today's 0.5 billion successful-and-happy people from the rest of the 6 billions that come and go like insignificant, grumbling clouds. Be selfish towards yourself sincerely at least once and make an idependent choice for your life about how you want to make it, effortlessly. Sudarshan Kriya is the most practical answer for 300 million people and counting....

I have experienced it.

"a captivating definition of spirituality"

Vikram Bhaiya (a senior Art of Living teacher and a super-talented singer cum performer with a divine voice, and a ever increasing number of fan following across the world ...including me!) writes about "spiritualism" absolute unbeateable manner of presenting a buzz word of the new generation, by someone who actually lives the very buzzword in all he does :-)

here goes

aint it cool :-)

YES!+ and World Change


Spiritual education and Formal education Complements Each Other.

Why is spiritual education more important in education today than formal education ?

is why.

Protect your Inventions and Ideas

T O D A Y a great day for Science a great day for generating business with my yesterday's idea a great day for launching my product a great day to share my latest invention with the world
is an information overload world... a.n.d. knowledge is creating tremendous value for itself and its creator/ fact more than knowledge its the process/product/invention that generates knowledge, and knowledge is precious...and a process/product/concept-behind-the-invention is very vulnerable to unintentional leakage in information work-flow which can result in an inappropriate dissemination of your ideas and concepts which you have spent days and months formulating and it BELONGS TO YOU! What do you do now???? Simple- Have you protected it ? Yes?- you can sip your Monday morning cuppa coffee and pull the legal strings to stop plagiarism. No? ("Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." -Albert Einstein)- you take the car through the busy Monday morning traffic into the oak paneled doors of the wizened, knowledgeable patent attorney who has a fix for nearly everything. But again, a patent attorney just a demi-God, he may not be able to restore all the furniture from your house on fire (which you didn't get insured through him when you should have)...this is where the gyaan comes upfront:


It may bloody simple be a revolutionary babies diaper, or an idea swimming in your head waiting to materialize as a life-saving contribution to mankind...and it IS an intellectual property!

Mankind is good at imitation. And there isn't any dearth of PROMISCUOUS COPYING...Apple and Microsoft have been doing it out of mutual "love" and "respect" (seen only during the lawsuits) have many others. But it damages the potential immensity of the impact a business can gain otherwise. So the wise always protect their ideas...they patent it. The street-smart always register their trademarks. This prevents/excludes the seemingly-innocuous neighbor down the next IT Park from 'making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing your invention' while you are chilling at your reclining chair.

The good news is, it is a streamlined process to file a patent and get it registered. The bad news is, India's antagonism to software patents. The good news is there are around 200 patent offices around the globe. The bad news is, a guy-next-door wanting to protect his idea isn't differently-abled to create a near-perfect draft, so it could possibly be rejected in an office action, or it is highly likely your patent would contain loopholes that a street smart business-in-line can get around and use in his/her business. The good news is, my wizened, knowledgeable patent attorney is available.

Cover all frayed edges when filing for a patent/trademark/copyright, by consulting a patent attorney, because he would have the experience and expertise of the law, and the outsourced skills of the legal services firm which would search for similar inventions-validate novelty-write independent claims, draft the claims for invention, respond to office actions (when the examiner at the PTO rejects, which they always do, unless they are pitched against a reincarnation of Mr. A. Einstein), and finally have it approved, and the patent granted! :-)

Apple No ! No ! here's why

Are you an Apple junkie? good :-)

Are you an iPhone fad ? baddd...this is why ? pretty startling though....

and for a young Indian consumer, 5 hours of talktime is NOT a steal...not even when you have the snazziest looking phone in hand, but you get only 5 hours of talktime....sheeeeeezzz!

maybe Apple can reconsider its strategy for the Indian launch of iPhone (which is again more than 40 days after its US launch)....or perhaps it just cant.

This is Fun :-)

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

A Reminder

A reminder of how less sensitive and concerned most of us have is certainly good to form commitees and discuss good actionable items...but it is crucial to walk the other words "It is always a good idea to implement a good idea" (- Sri Sri)
...else the world leaders will have to listen to this video again and an anthem...before every world summit...before and after every election......even simpler, to make it mandatory to implement our kindergarten moral science lessons in the national constitution...

Glimpse of experiences shared by Art Of Living Course participants

For anyone who hasn't experienced any of the Workshops at the Art Of Living International Foundation, this should be an eye-opener. . . to me-- who has done a few already, its like the tip of the iceberg of Grace...because once on this path, spiritual excellence and material abundance flows into life in oceanic bursts, a person's consciousness is elevated, to be an achiever, and the small, calculating, distrusting and mediocre mind dissolves and the world becomes an ocean of celebrates YOU! Life has more meaning, enthusiasm, less/no regrets, health at all levels, and this happiness catches like fire, from one to another...transforming today's violent and stressed population. Sudarshan Kriya is the science that teaches one the art of living 100% in present moment, effortlessly.

I want to share a few testimonials from the ocean of positive experiences that everyone has experienced around the world with AOL Workshops, with my friends who haven't experienced it yet.

AoL workshop, Tin Shui Wai (Hong Kong) - Summer 2004

“My sleeping quality has improved by using breathing technique. ….. I will do my best in daily life.” (Michelle)

“In the past, I just know what my ego is and now I understand what my true self is. Also, I can have a hearty laugh, it is really good…. No matter when, I will say Hi or “Good Morning” to strangers.” (Mama Barbie)

“I find out that breathing has its wisdom; I appreciate that Yoga brings me joyfulness. …. I will hug my children more.” (Dora)

“..I enjoy the time with myself very much. … I will do more volunteer work to serve people.” (Maggie)

Advanced Course by Pradip K Shukla: Russia

Advanced Course happens in silence...silence in actions, in communication and in thoughts. It is only in silence that soul-to-soul communication happens, and in silence, the real "I" dawns. Isn't it ironic we complain noone understands us, and we don't understand our lover/parents/friends....but we haven't invested time to know and understand ourselves...this "I" is the I that remains undiluted, unchanged over the years and lifetimes of ever-changing concepts, opinions, behaviors, is this "I" you connect to in moments of real silence.

"I'm writing from the greatest place on the Earth – AoL Ashram, on the Black Sea Beach. Advanced course with Pradip K Shukla took place over here. Four days flew away just like that. We were surrounded by Eternal Love and Knowledge that was given to us without interpretation. It was amazing to hear Indian teacher talking Russian. During the course all my anxieties vanished. It is an unforgettable experience …" -With Love, Venera.

"Dear friends!
There are no words, only commas
In soul there is incredible peace.
It's so pleasant to fly and not to fear high altitude.

Do not miss your chance!" (Sisoeva Tatiana)

"I want to share with sincerity, joy and love, with feeling of unity and thrill of joy, which I've become aware in this (Advanced) course. These wonderful techniques rise love and wisdom, join soul, spirit and body together, and silence gives deep love and sensitivity to everything. I'm so grateful to Teacher, to all volunteers and to all the participants…" (Oksana Zhukovskay, Krasnoyarsk)

"Sun. Air. Sea. Golden Sand. Walks. Talks. Smells. Fruits. Customs. Hospitality. Mountains. Eastern Ladies. Gents. Hotness. Water. Silence. Meditation. Happiness. Laughter. Splashes. Smiles. Practices. Sunrise. Full Moon. Fire. Dances. Delight. Dances. Night. Surf. Joy. Contentment. Seva. Movement. Peace. Love. Gratefulness. Master. Blessing. Brightness. Knowledge. Eternity." (Little Julie)

"It seems like I've got invisible protection around me, that I feel so safe and comfortable. Calm and smiling Pradip who amazed everyone with his simplicity, sincerity and calmness still stays in front of my eyes. It's a blessing for us - Indian speaking Russian. His nice jokes, passionate wish to be helpful to everyone, ability to enjoy everything as a child - new song or fire baked potatoes, hosts coming - it's something amazing inexpressible. This image will stay in my memory for a long time…

"So good! And the most amazing thing is that the silence made people so close to each other whatever their gender or age. With "Sangham chhattvam" (move forward together uplifting everyone around) people felt so close as if they were known for eternity. This is how everything is bright and beautiful! …
Masters portrait, decorated by gorgeous flowers, bhajans, songs, fire, huge trees - what can be better than this? Even crazy Satsang dances didn't let go all the energy that we've got from this course …"

-With love, Alfiya.

There are many dreams in my life--all around 'I, me, my, mine...'. Apart from momentary joy and occasional satisfaction, they bring me habitual frustratin, feverishness and anxiety most of the time. After in touch with Guruji's knowledge, there is a substantial chnage in the contents of my dreams which dexpand the small 'I' to a bigger 'I' and I feel much more free and relax than before. Now, I have embarked on the journey and I like to offer help to those who needs the knowledge and direction!" (Raymond NG)

March 2008 Part II Participants (Hong Kong)

“During my few days of experience in silence….I experienced the true meaning of Yoga. To be in touch with the real essence of my being and experience that very presence cannot be explained in words. I am very grateful to be here. Jai Guru Dev!” (Sheryl Puterman)

“The first day and a half was not really enjoyable..., too much time on too little.

Then came the inspiration, the silence, the bonding without talking. The clarity of thoughts and letting go of thoughts was more satisfying than I have ever experienced. I have no preconceived ideas of what the course will like. And now, at the end, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the experience. Meditation brings me to another world the euphoria!” (Dorothy Sit)

“The meditations….are very powerful as are the exercises. The course has inspired me to love myself more and not put off doing good things for myself. “ (name withheld)

“Letting go of my ego is a big joy.…. I am letting! I have no power, I have no frame, all I have is love. That is what I am going to give. This is my experience.” (KF)

“My experience of being in silence

  • gain /regain clarity of mind
  • back to the Self
  • from disturbed / scattered mind to peace, calmness, confidence and love
  • see direction ahead and know what / want in future
  • more affirmative and centered
  • less painful (bodily) than previous courses
  • see myself grow in past years
  • recollection of past life time
  • appreciate and see consciousness in the nature manifest, in plants, animals
  • being peaceful and self aware
  • more considerate and compassionate” (Raymond NG)

“Patience, tolerance, silence, awareness” (Pauline)

“I have attended….…. more than 15 times advanced course. Every course is special. This time, I can go deeper into silence and calm. I can see the relationship between each process and the subtle effect on my body and emotion. The feeling and experience of “hollow and empty”. it is true and vital that each one of us should have advanced course every six months.” (Angel Kwok)

  • felt calmness
  • started to observe nature (previously ignored or took it for granted)
  • appreciate nature
  • felt more stability / strength
  • ease impact of my past bad memories
  • lightened my affinity of desire
  • realize how much important talking can mean my observing silence
  • enjoyed the course

Thank you. Jai Guru Dev!”


“I wish to share with you the joy….peace and enthusiasm that I have right now. The past week in the Bangalore Ashram is the most beautiful experience I have had in my life. I feel so much at home there. Though I had not given my 100% throughout and had sometime allowed my small mind to take over me, I have received so much grace from Guruji. Guruji have been arranging angels around me ever since I took the Part I course, though I was not fully aware of all these before. But for this Bangalore trip, I could strongly feel and experience his grace and beautiful arrangement ever since I picked up my luggage from the baggage claim.

I went to Bangalore with one suitcase, one backpack and one body. Coming back to Hong Kong yesterday, it was still that one suitcase, one backpack and one body. But what are within are so much so much different, and so much more beautiful and treasurable. I am so much overwhelmed with gifts from Guruji !!

In the rare case that you have doubts, I wish to say it out that you have played so big part in this process….. but allow me NOT to say ‘ t h a n k y o u ‘ in words……”

- Participant from Hong Kong to Pt III course in Bangalore Ashram, Feb 2008

SHARING from DSN workshop (Divya Samaj Nirman)

DSN is the next level of workshop. One is eligible for DSN after having learnt Sudarshan Kriya technique at any of the primary courses. Techniques taught in DSN generate enormous endurance capacity in the body and mind, and it becomes difficult to fail in any task undertaken with good becomes equally difficult for someone to say No to you. Coincidently DSN is also Dont Say No.

What is your mind saying now ? :-)


“I can sum up the course in one word “Fantabulous”. (It is both fantastic and fabulous.).The Teacher Sri.Vikramji is just great...We learnt that to really enjoy life we need to come out of our comfort zones. So also we should give miracle a chance to happen.” -Shri N.K.Sinha (Former Airport Director Coimbatore)

The Course was excellent….It increased my boldness and now I am prepared to take any task. Although the participants were of diverse age groups they blended very well as a cohesive family and enjoyed the course. The way he (VikramJi) explained the knowledge using examples made all of us spell bound. -Smt. Beena Mohan (Housewife)

He taught us that the Yes mind will always bring peace of mind and the No mind will bring more conflicts…” -Sri.Ayyaswamy (Art of Living Part I Teacher)

Scot’s experience

My journey over the last 7 months has been incredible. Can you imagine I did my first Part 1 Course at the end of July in San Mateo when Guruji was visiting the Bay Area. The journey began! Since then I have done a Part 2 Course and two DSN courses, the last one being in LA with Anandji, who will be teaching the upcoming course in March.

Each course had its own unique flavor. But the DSN courses really helped me understand through experience not from the mind. I was able to see my own self-imposed limitations and break out of them,to laugh at myself, to be a witness to my actions, to lose my ego and, most important to me, to dance.

At Anandji’s Part 1 course at the beginning of this month, I shared my DSN experience there. I had told the group of 700 people that the DSN experience was transforming for me. At the end of the session, one person came up to me and asked me if there was a moment in the DSN course where I realized I had changed. I thought what a wonderful question. As I thought about it the answer was a grand YES!!! Witnessing my own transformation and seeing that there was one point where I saw the transformation was reason enough for me to have taken the DSN course. Learning from Anandji was another.
Reading the notes describing the course, I can truthfully say that I experienced everything advertised. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!


Yogic sequences designed by His Holiness, along with a special set of exercises (Sukshm Yoga), it brings out the full benefits of yogic exercises with a different feel of high..

I was very impressed withthe Sri Sri Yoga-course. Only a few hours of sessions and you feel totally changed. Each day I felt more flexible and energetic...If you want to do something very good for you try it yourself. “ (Sylvia)

“I am so deeply touched... that I feel I am a new person. The discipline instilled during the yoga training brought me to an excellent physical condition. By the end of the course I was holding postures with such ease and in deep meditation. My yoga practice was missing a deeper connection. The knowledge given to us in this course has integrated into a complete sadhana. Although I have been to other teacher workshops / programs, this was one unlike any of the others. I believe now I have learned what true yoga is.” (Kiran)

“As I unite in this moment... I feel such a gratitude, I feel so precious to be able to be under this umbrella of Divine grace and to be able to go out in the world and share this precious pearl with humanity and all of creation.” (Daniel)

Union with myself, that is what this journey... of Sri Sri Yoga has been about for me. Everyday I become more and more aware of the changes that are occuring in this body and mind and with that, my spirit feels at peace. Peace with myself. Practising yoga in the morning is an awakening; each cell in the body is waking up and wishing me good morning; my mind feels as if I have just opened a window and taken a deep breath of fresh air and my spirit is being caressed by the divine. Simplicity is dawning in my life; just being, doing, and relaxing ( with a song and a smile). Sri Sri yoga I think has quietened the waves of a mind that is very susceptible to turbulence and allowed serene simplicity to manifest. I feel healthier and happier.” (Babita)