My Friends

I wish to communicate heart-to-heart with you today on an issue of paramount importance. We share the friendship of human kind. Recently a thought crossed my mind, what is the true meaning of our friendship? Is it only coffee, movies, gossips, dates, breakups, advice...or is there something more valuable? To be clearer, let me say this:
Of all the 6.5 billion people on this Earth, you are not reading my blog by coincidence. There isn't anything called coincidence, there are only reasons not coincidences and the reason isn't just sharing commonalities or celebrating differences, the reason is also to uplift each other through rough times, and dilute negativity with good company (sat-sangh). Today is a ripe time that we stood by each other in sangatchadvam (working together), because our national security and the world’s state of calm is at stake. A bunch of 20 jokers are able to trigger mental, physical, emotional, financial and administrational quakes in financial capital of our country with a population of 1.12 billion!

Isn't it time for good people to act too?

A virtual dissection of a terrorist’s psyche reveals a silent victim. He is a victim of some childhood trauma, some misleading concepts (concepts of religious feverishness or leftism-- the communist mindset that left hundreds dead in Russia). Fill this innocent child's mind with stress and teach it to divide people—on basis of religion, caste, economy, gender, politics, country, bias and prejudices, concepts about how things should be or shouldn’t be. Add the fuel of misinterpret Jihadi concepts to this mind filled with untapped energy…and you can get a full fledged miss-channelized terrorist product.

One more step: Equip this mind with state-of-art guns, and it will go to any extent to execute its misled any cost.

Now... think of youth like you and me—good people in comparison. How do we react to terrorism?

We meet.....we light candles. We call celebrities to talk about it and grumble about it.....and talk more about it? We don’t act, we only talk about it until it becomes an intellectual entertainment.

The tragic paradox is, you lose your sleep if your laptop breaks down, but not when an innocent man, woman or child is gunned down elsewhere! Are we so lost in our small closets that we have become insensitive to our world.

If you feel a little stirred and responsible, then I ask you to join me in friendship of the world, to eliminate this stress that creates a terrorist or prompts a 10-year old to suicide (academics) or leads a college youngster (with a dysfunctional family or a recent breakup) towards unhealthy emotional ventilation (drugs, alcohol, smoking, aggressive behavior, short temper).

Let's admit it: even with our IIT degrees, and MBA's we know very little about our own minds, and even little about how to handle it. But clarity in thoughts are important every moment of our day, isn't it?

The trick as His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares, lies in our breath: the breath and the mind are connected. Just as a string guides the kite, the breath guides emotions in the mind...happy thoughts: effortless breathing, angry thoughts: rough shallow breathing!

Unless we uncondition our system of all negative impressions, our immense creativity and richness of life remains unexplored. Remember the choice Morpheus offered Neo: blue pill......or red pill...

So what's the solution to it?

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pawan said...

Well Terrorism doesn't exist only in form of humans killing humans for sm cause,bt it is same as terrorism of a teacher brutally thrashing a kid in school ruining the very image of a teacher,a guru who takes his student on path to god,child labour by rich,terrorism of politicians letting poor farmers die of hunger while they enjoy power.Terrorism of humans destroying nature day by day just to feel advanced in future.Dont know the solution as my mind is also terrorised by the human race for stepping on each other's head and moving ahead.God bless India.