I'll share the best known-secret in the world now: a simple, effortless nd revolutionary breathing technique called SUDARSHAN KRIYA
Its an advanced form of meditation which "successful+happy" people swear by...Abdul Kalam, NASA, AIIMS, NIMHANS, the European parliament, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, they have sworn by it.
Meditation is conscious relaxation, or, restful awareness. It flushes the mind of recurring negative thoughts and emotional garbage, and is a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit. Meditation gives you a rested mind free of negative emotions and stress and enables you to take more balanced decisions, with heightened awareness.
A monarch butterfly that flutters its wings in the rose of gardens of Lalbagh (Bangalore) causes a stir in ocean currents off the coast of …now think this: what would be the effect of a crowd of 1.12 billion Indians meditating in their own homes everyday? Scientists have observed that group meditation causes a dip in the stress levels of the environment all around it for miles together. And it has been proved that it affects the energy levels of people you come in touch with, it dilutes negativity and ill-intentions and gives more energy to all positive possibilities, and creative thoughts and intentions.
And we are all well-evolved human beings with good intentions inside us, who want to be live life 100% and enable health and life to flow to everyone around.
With this thought in mind, the Youth Empowerment and Skills (YES!+) series of workshops were designed. YES!+ teaches practical all-aspects-covered meditation and breathing techniques .
Drug de-addiction centers, alcoholics groups, suicide counselling groups, juvenile detention centres, and such similar philanthropic organizations are doing their part for the youth who are into alcohol, drugs, smoking, who are suicidal, violent, and so on. But 27 years ago, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, lovingly called as the Guru of Joy, knew the need to intervene at the stage before all these issues of substance abuse, depression, STDs, suicidal or homocidal tendencies start.
It does not make sense for counselling NGO's to wait for a teenager from a dysfunctional family to get into depression or smoking. It isn't meaningful to wait for a relationship breakup to lead to promiscuous sex or substance abuse, before alcoholics anonymous or AIDS groups intervene. Even more, its stupid shortsightedness to wait until a youngster under academic pressure resorts to suicide, before philanthropy starts. Instead it makes all the sense to intervene before drugs, alcohol, smoking, depression, violence or suicide attempt happen. This is ALSO what YES!+ does.
Your intellect may argue: But I am a normal person.
Ok dear, but "normal" is a subjective term.
I am successful.
Ok dear, but "at what cost are you successful?" How many times in a day do you smile without a reason?
I am happy.
Ok dear, you are happy because you have this and that. Will you still be happy if unfair coincidence snatches away the things that makes you happy?
Let's get practical.
YES!+ facilitates my life with SIMPLE and PRACTICAL techniques that makes me dynamic on o-u-t-s-i-d-e, unshakeably calm i-n-s-i-d-e. Its a shortcut from The Head To The Heart!
. . .head-to-heart is important so that:
...success can never cloud the intellect
...over-ambition may not eat one's true happiness away
...lack of awareness may never overstep simplicity and respect for the environment
...and power may not corrupt one.
For me, YES!+ workshop has been the most fulfilling experience of my life, and I simply cannot keep this off-the-charts Happiness Quotient with me..I want everyone to experience this equation of "success = unshakeable smile + unputdownable enthusiasm".
The rest of the stuff in life....job, relationship, money.....will automatically byproducts of your "YES!" mind (as Bawu sayz :-))
I see more sense in YES!+ today after the recent terrorist bloodbath at Mumbai. Youth are a symbol of energy...potential..enthusiasm...change.....and an innocence-intelligence balance. I invite you to enrol for the next workshop happening in your city or country and collectively EXPRESS our solidarity as youth of one world against any diabolical extremist force that threatens our peaceful coexistence. Your participation to this workshop will add value to your life, empower you to do all the good things you always wanted to do, and add your voice in tribute to our brave soldiers who have laid down their lives in unconditional valor for us.
Besides meditation and loads of fun, practical skills will be taught in interactive workshops that attend to all levels of existence (includes restoring the healthy bounce back to body, and developing a uncluttered super-mind that can relax and focus @ same time, and also influence the environment effortlessly). These techniques are right now being practiced by millions across the globe, and its healing effects have been tested and validated by researchers, doctors and scientists world over. Something that we have not learnt at school/college/offices, but which are essential for effective and stress-free, positive living. And learn it for a cause…to be stress-free and spread good vibes at a time when we need more of acceptance, good vibes and action, not words or lame complaints. It is time now to respond and not react.

“One peaceful mind attracts harmony in situations and people around. Six and a half billion peaceful minds create an unshakable civilization.”