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India is truly the greatest (in knowledge of sciences, of spirituality, of life and living), yet humblest and most accepting of all the countries that ever existed in civilization. I feel humbled to be born to such a great nation whose sages of the ancient past have been illuminators to the formation of newer cultures and religions of today world over; whose sages have been masters in both science and spirituality; on whose lands so many races, friendly or unfriendly, have been welcomed like one would welcome Gods (atithi deva-or bhava); on whose lands today so many religions and castes co-exist despite the differences; on whose lands there is a never-ending abundance of wealth (in all aspects) despite multitudes of foreign invasions- this nation has survived it all- and continues to prosper. I cannot but only count my blessings that I have been born on its lands. The greater gratitude I feel is to be taken on the path of universal knowledge, emotional-physical-mental well being,
unconditional love, greater belongingness, and of course a very very cool Guru- the Guru Of Joy.
Life is an endless celebration today!


pawan said...

Well India is a mixed bag of everything..the best qualities and the worst has got strengths like its cultures,secular nature,Very Hard working and intelligent people,Values,ethics,Humble attitude towards all small countries AND AT THE SAME TYM Horrible things like Poverty,Corruption,Unemployement,Illitracy,Child Labour,Dowry(Still Exists),Child Marriage Etc.

I am not saying we are in the wrong place but our home our motherland is in serious need of help.We all keep on saying no use this country is running on god's grace then how can it compete with countries like USA,UK there must be something special about our India.

The youth of Country has a major role to play if all shorcomings of ours are to be reduced to minimum.Instead of critisizing ourseves our leaders we as citizens should as individuals do our part in starting the change.

Youth should get involved in active politics nt for power bt to replace the rotten line of politicinas who are eating us up instead of blaming them.Good governance is one way.

Be aware of your surroundings and dont leave on police to save you from any terror attack its not possible as we are 1 billion people.If we all act as aware citizens nobody would dare to lok upon our motherland.

Start thinking about nations poor and needed after you earn some money for yourself dont just keep on running after endless cash.

Our nation has got independence at a very huge cost and we shud value that.Respect our elders ,respect those soldiers who protect our borders from invasion and not only protect but think about new technology for there safety also.they are not dummies who are bound to give lives for nation their lives are as precious as civilian lives.

I have many thoughts but you might have less time so plz just love our home take out the garbage(the bad things) and reprocess it into useful fuel(the good things) to boost ahead our dear country to the honour and dignity it deserves,,,