Non-vegetarianism and religious sacrifice

Animal slaughter is the worst act of misinterpretation that religious zealots promote. What the religious scripture mean between the lines, and what religious pastors, saints, ulamas mandate, are two very misconstrued practices.

In fact this blog post signs off on a very very eye-opening note. And this CONTEXT isn't just about Islam, its about Christianity as well as some Hindu sects. And it rests upon an educated reader to disillusion his/her mind if it is clouded by the herd mentality, and driven by stimulation of the senses.

An intelligent and responsible person will know that the capacity to enjoy the senses is limited. It will eventually tire one in the end. But the capacity of one mind to contribute to restoration of the planet is enormous...not limited by space, nor by time. Because when one's intentions towards other beings we share the planet with, and towards the planet, are genuine, then a dam of inspired following bursts, and it becomes a revolution with a far-reaching ripple effect across the planet and across centuries. It eventually shapes the face of the civilization and fosters a healthy evolution for all.

You know, the quality of your life depends on the state of your mind. And the food you eat affects the state of your mind just as strongly. And since that pastfew decades, we must admit we have made the wrong choices. Perhaps this is why today, it is perceived as desirable to be more angry, to be more aggressive, to be more self-centered, to be more violent. Perhaps this is because we have molded our younger generations from an intelligent civilization that is peaceful, that respects and CO-EXISTS with all life forms, into an animal civilization that encourages mindless rape of the environment. Do you remember how, yesterday, as children in a classroom, we were shunned if we lost our temper or got violent. What do you see today? More and more aggression...more and more depression..more and more suicides.

Where are we headed?


As Khurshed Batliwala (lovingly called Bawa) says, "Tomorrow we may end up with education systems where every child must be accompanied by a bodyguard. Ironically, we wont even know if the body guard is trustworthy." Where we are headed today, reflects the choices we have made about our lifestyle in the past. It is more strongly about CHOICES WE ARE MAKING TODAY about our lifestyles. Getting back to the talking point here non-vegetarians are more prone to diseases, more aggressive, short tempered, impatient, and certainly the biggest contributors to global warming (how?? educate yourself: If you are a cool teenager reading this, I would like to meet you 20 years from today..when the coolness quotient in your health equation translates into (God forbid!) impaired memory (from never having meditated..thanks to our bigotic education system), low immune system (from years of eating eggs and drinking milk that had been injected with antibiotics at farms), host of chronic health-issues, out-of-control aggression at work place, inability to function as a team, broken/abusive relationships, depressive thoughts....

I don't want this for you. Why do you want this for yourself?

Your weakness in attitude towards making intelligent and truly cool choices becomes weakness of character. IF you DO NOT make a balanced, intelligent choice for yourself, for your life, for the lives of people around you, and for this planet, then tomorrow you may become a weak link in evolution. And your future generations (or luckily, you yourself), shall experience the chain-effects of non-vegetarianism, abuse of natural resources, herd mentality, and inaction as well as wilful action.

Make good choices in life... become strong. Then... strengthen others. Grow together. Life is short. . .make a meaningful choice. Now and Here.