"India's first woman saint" did they say??

I'd give a rat's arse to anyone who can lose the dignity that their religion represents, in order to advertize themselves at the cost of delimiting and putting down other religions and stepping over real facts...small wonder religion has fuelled so much unrest in this globe. This is the latest eye opener, ironical yet true...such a noble and unconditional religion misconstrued by manipulistic high-headed priests and FANATICS over few hundred years...the words of the Father Himself twisted beyond recognition.
Talking of unrest....
Last report of unrest...18 multiple bomb blasts in North East India. News reporter puppets report dead and injured figures so comfortably low, you'd feel disgusted it comes from Economic Times. The fact remains, people who have first and second hand experiences tell me, death count is 83, injury count is 300.

The bottomline is this:

Stop being closetted...if you think celebrating Christmas is going to make you any less Moslem or chanting Om going to make you any less Christian, then I am sorry for you....you just insulted your own intelligence. No religion is so weak that respecting and absorbing good meaningful things of a religion would deprive you own religion. Please stop fighting in name of religion and advertising "mine is best" illness you have all contracted from fanatics. TAKE THE GOOD THINGS FROM ALL RELIGIONS, and KEEP AN OPEN NON-JUDGEMENTAL MIND WITH FOCUS ON SPIRITUALITY NOT ON RELIGIONS...either ways you wont last more than a petty hundred years and you certainly wont want your grand children to curse you over YOUR neglect towards your environment...they will very well say..."Those old fools were busy bragging about their religions and flaunting their shallow lifestyles while the planet was in need of reversing global warming, sharing resources, passing down human values, learning how to handle the mind"!
I regret to state this observation of mine: "We live in a funny civilization today...full of headless chickens doing something because everyone else is doing it and not doing something because noone is doing anything about it"


Abhay Karnataki said...

we need to write about Indian Saints so that world knows about it. Meera was such a great saint.