Protect your Inventions and Ideas

T O D A Y a great day for Science a great day for generating business with my yesterday's idea a great day for launching my product a great day to share my latest invention with the world
is an information overload world... a.n.d. knowledge is creating tremendous value for itself and its creator/ fact more than knowledge its the process/product/invention that generates knowledge, and knowledge is precious...and a process/product/concept-behind-the-invention is very vulnerable to unintentional leakage in information work-flow which can result in an inappropriate dissemination of your ideas and concepts which you have spent days and months formulating and it BELONGS TO YOU! What do you do now???? Simple- Have you protected it ? Yes?- you can sip your Monday morning cuppa coffee and pull the legal strings to stop plagiarism. No? ("Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." -Albert Einstein)- you take the car through the busy Monday morning traffic into the oak paneled doors of the wizened, knowledgeable patent attorney who has a fix for nearly everything. But again, a patent attorney just a demi-God, he may not be able to restore all the furniture from your house on fire (which you didn't get insured through him when you should have)...this is where the gyaan comes upfront:


It may bloody simple be a revolutionary babies diaper, or an idea swimming in your head waiting to materialize as a life-saving contribution to mankind...and it IS an intellectual property!

Mankind is good at imitation. And there isn't any dearth of PROMISCUOUS COPYING...Apple and Microsoft have been doing it out of mutual "love" and "respect" (seen only during the lawsuits) have many others. But it damages the potential immensity of the impact a business can gain otherwise. So the wise always protect their ideas...they patent it. The street-smart always register their trademarks. This prevents/excludes the seemingly-innocuous neighbor down the next IT Park from 'making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing your invention' while you are chilling at your reclining chair.

The good news is, it is a streamlined process to file a patent and get it registered. The bad news is, India's antagonism to software patents. The good news is there are around 200 patent offices around the globe. The bad news is, a guy-next-door wanting to protect his idea isn't differently-abled to create a near-perfect draft, so it could possibly be rejected in an office action, or it is highly likely your patent would contain loopholes that a street smart business-in-line can get around and use in his/her business. The good news is, my wizened, knowledgeable patent attorney is available.

Cover all frayed edges when filing for a patent/trademark/copyright, by consulting a patent attorney, because he would have the experience and expertise of the law, and the outsourced skills of the legal services firm which would search for similar inventions-validate novelty-write independent claims, draft the claims for invention, respond to office actions (when the examiner at the PTO rejects, which they always do, unless they are pitched against a reincarnation of Mr. A. Einstein), and finally have it approved, and the patent granted! :-)