Glimpse of experiences shared by Art Of Living Course participants

For anyone who hasn't experienced any of the Workshops at the Art Of Living International Foundation, this should be an eye-opener. . . to me-- who has done a few already, its like the tip of the iceberg of Grace...because once on this path, spiritual excellence and material abundance flows into life in oceanic bursts, a person's consciousness is elevated, to be an achiever, and the small, calculating, distrusting and mediocre mind dissolves and the world becomes an ocean of celebrates YOU! Life has more meaning, enthusiasm, less/no regrets, health at all levels, and this happiness catches like fire, from one to another...transforming today's violent and stressed population. Sudarshan Kriya is the science that teaches one the art of living 100% in present moment, effortlessly.

I want to share a few testimonials from the ocean of positive experiences that everyone has experienced around the world with AOL Workshops, with my friends who haven't experienced it yet.

AoL workshop, Tin Shui Wai (Hong Kong) - Summer 2004

“My sleeping quality has improved by using breathing technique. ….. I will do my best in daily life.” (Michelle)

“In the past, I just know what my ego is and now I understand what my true self is. Also, I can have a hearty laugh, it is really good…. No matter when, I will say Hi or “Good Morning” to strangers.” (Mama Barbie)

“I find out that breathing has its wisdom; I appreciate that Yoga brings me joyfulness. …. I will hug my children more.” (Dora)

“..I enjoy the time with myself very much. … I will do more volunteer work to serve people.” (Maggie)

Advanced Course by Pradip K Shukla: Russia

Advanced Course happens in silence...silence in actions, in communication and in thoughts. It is only in silence that soul-to-soul communication happens, and in silence, the real "I" dawns. Isn't it ironic we complain noone understands us, and we don't understand our lover/parents/friends....but we haven't invested time to know and understand ourselves...this "I" is the I that remains undiluted, unchanged over the years and lifetimes of ever-changing concepts, opinions, behaviors, is this "I" you connect to in moments of real silence.

"I'm writing from the greatest place on the Earth – AoL Ashram, on the Black Sea Beach. Advanced course with Pradip K Shukla took place over here. Four days flew away just like that. We were surrounded by Eternal Love and Knowledge that was given to us without interpretation. It was amazing to hear Indian teacher talking Russian. During the course all my anxieties vanished. It is an unforgettable experience …" -With Love, Venera.

"Dear friends!
There are no words, only commas
In soul there is incredible peace.
It's so pleasant to fly and not to fear high altitude.

Do not miss your chance!" (Sisoeva Tatiana)

"I want to share with sincerity, joy and love, with feeling of unity and thrill of joy, which I've become aware in this (Advanced) course. These wonderful techniques rise love and wisdom, join soul, spirit and body together, and silence gives deep love and sensitivity to everything. I'm so grateful to Teacher, to all volunteers and to all the participants…" (Oksana Zhukovskay, Krasnoyarsk)

"Sun. Air. Sea. Golden Sand. Walks. Talks. Smells. Fruits. Customs. Hospitality. Mountains. Eastern Ladies. Gents. Hotness. Water. Silence. Meditation. Happiness. Laughter. Splashes. Smiles. Practices. Sunrise. Full Moon. Fire. Dances. Delight. Dances. Night. Surf. Joy. Contentment. Seva. Movement. Peace. Love. Gratefulness. Master. Blessing. Brightness. Knowledge. Eternity." (Little Julie)

"It seems like I've got invisible protection around me, that I feel so safe and comfortable. Calm and smiling Pradip who amazed everyone with his simplicity, sincerity and calmness still stays in front of my eyes. It's a blessing for us - Indian speaking Russian. His nice jokes, passionate wish to be helpful to everyone, ability to enjoy everything as a child - new song or fire baked potatoes, hosts coming - it's something amazing inexpressible. This image will stay in my memory for a long time…

"So good! And the most amazing thing is that the silence made people so close to each other whatever their gender or age. With "Sangham chhattvam" (move forward together uplifting everyone around) people felt so close as if they were known for eternity. This is how everything is bright and beautiful! …
Masters portrait, decorated by gorgeous flowers, bhajans, songs, fire, huge trees - what can be better than this? Even crazy Satsang dances didn't let go all the energy that we've got from this course …"

-With love, Alfiya.

There are many dreams in my life--all around 'I, me, my, mine...'. Apart from momentary joy and occasional satisfaction, they bring me habitual frustratin, feverishness and anxiety most of the time. After in touch with Guruji's knowledge, there is a substantial chnage in the contents of my dreams which dexpand the small 'I' to a bigger 'I' and I feel much more free and relax than before. Now, I have embarked on the journey and I like to offer help to those who needs the knowledge and direction!" (Raymond NG)

March 2008 Part II Participants (Hong Kong)

“During my few days of experience in silence….I experienced the true meaning of Yoga. To be in touch with the real essence of my being and experience that very presence cannot be explained in words. I am very grateful to be here. Jai Guru Dev!” (Sheryl Puterman)

“The first day and a half was not really enjoyable..., too much time on too little.

Then came the inspiration, the silence, the bonding without talking. The clarity of thoughts and letting go of thoughts was more satisfying than I have ever experienced. I have no preconceived ideas of what the course will like. And now, at the end, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the experience. Meditation brings me to another world the euphoria!” (Dorothy Sit)

“The meditations….are very powerful as are the exercises. The course has inspired me to love myself more and not put off doing good things for myself. “ (name withheld)

“Letting go of my ego is a big joy.…. I am letting! I have no power, I have no frame, all I have is love. That is what I am going to give. This is my experience.” (KF)

“My experience of being in silence

  • gain /regain clarity of mind
  • back to the Self
  • from disturbed / scattered mind to peace, calmness, confidence and love
  • see direction ahead and know what / want in future
  • more affirmative and centered
  • less painful (bodily) than previous courses
  • see myself grow in past years
  • recollection of past life time
  • appreciate and see consciousness in the nature manifest, in plants, animals
  • being peaceful and self aware
  • more considerate and compassionate” (Raymond NG)

“Patience, tolerance, silence, awareness” (Pauline)

“I have attended….…. more than 15 times advanced course. Every course is special. This time, I can go deeper into silence and calm. I can see the relationship between each process and the subtle effect on my body and emotion. The feeling and experience of “hollow and empty”. it is true and vital that each one of us should have advanced course every six months.” (Angel Kwok)

  • felt calmness
  • started to observe nature (previously ignored or took it for granted)
  • appreciate nature
  • felt more stability / strength
  • ease impact of my past bad memories
  • lightened my affinity of desire
  • realize how much important talking can mean my observing silence
  • enjoyed the course

Thank you. Jai Guru Dev!”


“I wish to share with you the joy….peace and enthusiasm that I have right now. The past week in the Bangalore Ashram is the most beautiful experience I have had in my life. I feel so much at home there. Though I had not given my 100% throughout and had sometime allowed my small mind to take over me, I have received so much grace from Guruji. Guruji have been arranging angels around me ever since I took the Part I course, though I was not fully aware of all these before. But for this Bangalore trip, I could strongly feel and experience his grace and beautiful arrangement ever since I picked up my luggage from the baggage claim.

I went to Bangalore with one suitcase, one backpack and one body. Coming back to Hong Kong yesterday, it was still that one suitcase, one backpack and one body. But what are within are so much so much different, and so much more beautiful and treasurable. I am so much overwhelmed with gifts from Guruji !!

In the rare case that you have doubts, I wish to say it out that you have played so big part in this process….. but allow me NOT to say ‘ t h a n k y o u ‘ in words……”

- Participant from Hong Kong to Pt III course in Bangalore Ashram, Feb 2008

SHARING from DSN workshop (Divya Samaj Nirman)

DSN is the next level of workshop. One is eligible for DSN after having learnt Sudarshan Kriya technique at any of the primary courses. Techniques taught in DSN generate enormous endurance capacity in the body and mind, and it becomes difficult to fail in any task undertaken with good becomes equally difficult for someone to say No to you. Coincidently DSN is also Dont Say No.

What is your mind saying now ? :-)


“I can sum up the course in one word “Fantabulous”. (It is both fantastic and fabulous.).The Teacher Sri.Vikramji is just great...We learnt that to really enjoy life we need to come out of our comfort zones. So also we should give miracle a chance to happen.” -Shri N.K.Sinha (Former Airport Director Coimbatore)

The Course was excellent….It increased my boldness and now I am prepared to take any task. Although the participants were of diverse age groups they blended very well as a cohesive family and enjoyed the course. The way he (VikramJi) explained the knowledge using examples made all of us spell bound. -Smt. Beena Mohan (Housewife)

He taught us that the Yes mind will always bring peace of mind and the No mind will bring more conflicts…” -Sri.Ayyaswamy (Art of Living Part I Teacher)

Scot’s experience

My journey over the last 7 months has been incredible. Can you imagine I did my first Part 1 Course at the end of July in San Mateo when Guruji was visiting the Bay Area. The journey began! Since then I have done a Part 2 Course and two DSN courses, the last one being in LA with Anandji, who will be teaching the upcoming course in March.

Each course had its own unique flavor. But the DSN courses really helped me understand through experience not from the mind. I was able to see my own self-imposed limitations and break out of them,to laugh at myself, to be a witness to my actions, to lose my ego and, most important to me, to dance.

At Anandji’s Part 1 course at the beginning of this month, I shared my DSN experience there. I had told the group of 700 people that the DSN experience was transforming for me. At the end of the session, one person came up to me and asked me if there was a moment in the DSN course where I realized I had changed. I thought what a wonderful question. As I thought about it the answer was a grand YES!!! Witnessing my own transformation and seeing that there was one point where I saw the transformation was reason enough for me to have taken the DSN course. Learning from Anandji was another.
Reading the notes describing the course, I can truthfully say that I experienced everything advertised. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!


Yogic sequences designed by His Holiness, along with a special set of exercises (Sukshm Yoga), it brings out the full benefits of yogic exercises with a different feel of high..

I was very impressed withthe Sri Sri Yoga-course. Only a few hours of sessions and you feel totally changed. Each day I felt more flexible and energetic...If you want to do something very good for you try it yourself. “ (Sylvia)

“I am so deeply touched... that I feel I am a new person. The discipline instilled during the yoga training brought me to an excellent physical condition. By the end of the course I was holding postures with such ease and in deep meditation. My yoga practice was missing a deeper connection. The knowledge given to us in this course has integrated into a complete sadhana. Although I have been to other teacher workshops / programs, this was one unlike any of the others. I believe now I have learned what true yoga is.” (Kiran)

“As I unite in this moment... I feel such a gratitude, I feel so precious to be able to be under this umbrella of Divine grace and to be able to go out in the world and share this precious pearl with humanity and all of creation.” (Daniel)

Union with myself, that is what this journey... of Sri Sri Yoga has been about for me. Everyday I become more and more aware of the changes that are occuring in this body and mind and with that, my spirit feels at peace. Peace with myself. Practising yoga in the morning is an awakening; each cell in the body is waking up and wishing me good morning; my mind feels as if I have just opened a window and taken a deep breath of fresh air and my spirit is being caressed by the divine. Simplicity is dawning in my life; just being, doing, and relaxing ( with a song and a smile). Sri Sri yoga I think has quietened the waves of a mind that is very susceptible to turbulence and allowed serene simplicity to manifest. I feel healthier and happier.” (Babita)