The World's only Immortal Animal........ :-)

Sages have spent years of energy and research into food, living, and meditation....drug companies spend millions of monies into this....and even more, many a Seeker on the path to Enlightenment, have deviated from the path of self-enquiry, simply to find immortality...

...and here is this one, simple, living creature that effortlessly stays immortal...Nature knows who to bestow what. :-)

Which is it? 
The turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish...also called the hydrozoan jellyfish!

It can cycle from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again, and back again, and back again! There may be no natural limit to its life span.

Transdifferentiation process: 1 type of cell transforms into another type.
Examples of runner-ups: Salamanders can regrow limbs (limited transdifferentiation).

Because they are able to bypass death, they're now found in oceans around the globe.

"We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion," ~Dr. Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute.