150 Varieties of rice!

For the record, I didnt know that ...just the south of India grows more than 150 varieties of rice!

If GM crops were to enter India, it dangerously limit the delicate and myriad biodiversity of our eco-system...many crops could get EXTINCT!

The Indian culture has always been to grow multiple types of crops. And we have flourished at that, with rich varieties.
If one crop fails the other will flourish...farmers and their families, and the whole of country wont starve...but if GM crops are grown, failure of one type of crop will mean virtual suicide.

And India DOES NOT want another episode of Vidharba district's mass suicide calamity repeated ever in future, in this great country!
Neither do you, nor do I. So, every educated citizen ought to get the facts right, and condone "progress for progress's sake".

This country is sustained by its farmers and rural villages, let us not forget that...and give the farmers their right...to cultivate crops in the best and the natural way...

And we have seen always, organic crops, and crops grown by vedic methods of agriculture, grow FASTER than any damn fertilized crop, and are the HEALTHIEST too! I have seen first-hand experience of this.

For the rest of us, I encourage you to do your own research.
And protect the richness of this country, after all, it is this country that has created the foundation for so many more diverse cultures across this world.

...and by all means, restore its unbounded spiritual, scientific, cultural, natural and human wealth, India is a country of love, and progress. But do not mistake this love as naive, and do not generalize the greed of a few short-sighted politicians as progress.

Here are glimpses of wake-up calls: