Lately two thoughts have been competing in my mind, for first appearance on my blog is the Monsanto Company...another is celebs endorsing ads....

Its nearly 3 am in the morning, and my near-Zen state of mind ;-) suggests I should give full honor and dedicate more hours of research to Monsanto (to do justice to the years of their hard work in mindless animal slaughter, federal manipulation, unethical business practices, (oh...i could go on and on with such lovely adjectives)), before I write upon it...

as of now, it'll be celebrity stories series... :-)

BUT WAIT! just a small piece of general knowledge here...

Is milk safe from cows that have received hormones like RBST?

NO! (The answer couldn't be louder than this)

(R)BST ([Recombinant] Bovine somatotropin) is a bovine growth hormones in cattle..way back in 1985, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) had claimed that RBST is harmless to humans (what were they thinking??)

With the political manipulation that Monsanto is infamous for...Monsanto has geneticaly re-engineered RBST to abnormally boost milk production in cows to as much as 15 per cent , labelled it as POSILAC (or BGH, rBGH, BST and rBST) and managed to pass it into mainstream usage through FDA in 1993. Today, youngsters in the US are experiencing catastrophic levels and varieties of diseases..ranging from:
  • puberty in children as young as 10 years of age....they are confused, scared and do not know how to deal with such abnormal bodily changes at such a young age!
  • girls as young as 11, experiencing periods!
  • moreover, injection of estrogen (female hormones) in cows for commercial gains, are causing breast cancer in women and testicular cancer in men

    For the record, this is the rising trend among Indian children today since a decade....did you know India is a lucrative testing ground for Genetically Modified food, or GMO, for such organizations like Nestle and Monsanto...

    Do we still want to go the US way?
    ...Oh btw, today, one in every three children in the US suffer from Type-2 Diabetes. And among the minorities, the ratio is 1:2.

    ....are you still waking up every morning from Monday to Sunday, in the comfort of the packaged
    (homogenized/pasteurized) milk? or "are you asleep"? the advertisements of Maggi noodles, promoting Maggi stories make you feel good? or do you take the initiative to GOOGLE out on the effects of MSG, or Mono sodium Glutamate in Maggi, to your health...."YOUR HEALTH"?

    ...does one bar of Nestle's Kit Kat make you reach out for another bar? you feel Cerelac is a great food for babies?

    ...chances are, if you are educated and able to read this post to this point, you will certainly do our own research, and tell me what you found.

    Lots of love, until then.