Holistic Affordable Certification Programs for IT Professionals

Feeling the recession pinch?

Hunting for the missing link that could boost immunity to your career?

Giving a concerned thought to where your career is headed?

Sri Sri Centre Of Professional Excellence (SSCOPE) is the answer.

Having observed the difficult trends in the recent IT landscapes, we are sharing our rescue jacket programs for the IT industry that will give you a competitive edge.
Our unique programs reinvent and upgrade your current skill sets, thus adding value to you as a professional in today’s cut-throat market.

What is SSCOPE?
SSCOPE is a Learning and Transformation centre of the education wing of Art of Living (www.artofliving.org) and has been established with a vision to empower professionals with the right attitude, skills and knowledge to achieve excellence.
SSCOPE imparts professionals with cutting edge competencies that enhance employee productivity and add value to organizations. Comprised of relevant and practical modules and delivered by industry experts, the programs are offered at very attractive prices enabling individuals to register on their own.

SSCOPE Certifications:
  • SCSL- SSCOPE Certified Software Lead: ready to take up Leadership roles
  • SCPL- SSCOPE Certified Product Lead: ready to build World-Class products
Participants may also choose to sign up for specific modules based on their needs.
  • SSME- Six Sigma Made Easy: spearhead cost-cutting and breakthrough improvements
Visit our website http://www.sscope.in/ for details on course modules
We are also reachable online at registration@sscope.in and offline at +91-80-65909097

Get in touch with us ASAP for a one-on-one consultation to help you map out the most relevant course and schedules that work best for you.
We would appreciate if you also gave us an opportunity to speak to your organization' s training department and explain the program benefits more in detail. We can send out a corporate mailer to the concerned person accordingly.