Falling Grades,succumbing to stress/depression/substance-abuse,Organisations lacking candidates with right integrity, attitude and focus !!!


Thats the state of education in the US nowadays...and more increasingly so, because prople are moving more and more away from their "self" ..and suffering more and more as they do so. We are biological beings, the Natural laws apply as much to us, as they do to an animal which suffers from mutation, because of abnormal living conditions...
I did post a comment to all the concerned individuals reading the news and groping in the blinding light of [cool-but-not-right + fast-but-indifferent-living + have-wealth-but-no-time + have-access-to-world-changing-resources-but-no-intentions-or-effective-direction] to find something which will lead them onto the right ladder to "MEANINGFUL" success, fulfilment, and art of living.

On a more effect-encompassing level of life...the work life, This is the survey I have dug up from apex prgm site :

Stress on the job STATISTICS

  • 40% of job turnover is due to stress.
  • Xerox estimated that it cost them $1 to $1.5 million to replace a top executive and that was two decades ago.
  • Replacing an average employee today costs between $3,000 and $13,000.
  • 60 to 80% of accidents on the job are stress related and some, like the Three Mile Island and Exxon Valdez disasters, can affect untold thousands many miles away.
  • In California, the number of Workers' compensation claims for mental stress increased by almost 700 percent over eight years and ninety percent were successful with an average award of $15,000 compared to a national average of $3,420.
  • In 1987, California shelled out almost $1,000,000,000 for medical and legal fees alone, which is more than most states spend on actual awards.
  • Double digit increases in Workers' compensation premiums every year as a result of mental stress claims threaten to bankrupt the system in several states.
  • A jury in New York awarded nearly $6 million in 1996 to three women for repetitive stress injury allegedly due to faulty computer keyboards.
  • Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have become the nation's leading workplace health cost and account for almost a third of all Workers' compensation awards.
    * Studies show that keyboard entry operators who are under stress (because they are uncertain as to whether their activities are being monitored for performance evaluation), have a significantly higher incidence of such complaints and injuries.
    Although we are often asked to construct lists of the "most" and "least" stressful occupations, such rankings have little importance for several reasons. It is not the job but the person-environment fit that matters. Some individuals thrive in the time urgent pressure cooker of life in the fast lane, having to perform several duties at the same time and a list of things to do that would overwhelm most of us — provided they perceive that they are in control. They would be severely stressed by dull, dead end assembly line work enjoyed by others who shun responsibility and simply want to perform a task that is well within their capabilities. The stresses that a policeman or high school teacher working in an inner city ghetto are subjected to are quite different than those experienced by their counterparts in rural Iowa. It is necessary to keep this in mind when sweeping statements are made about the degree of stress in teachers, police personnel, physicians and those in other occupations.
    Stress is a highly personalized phenomenon and can vary widely even in identical situations for different reasons. One survey showed that having to complete paper work was more stressful for many police officers than the dangers associated with pursuing criminals. The severity of job stress depends on the magnitude of the demands that are being made and the individual's sense of control or decision-making latitude. Scientific studies based on this model confirm that workers who perceive they are subjected to high demands but have little control are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. "

So where do we go from here... I'll suggest SUDARSHAN KRIYA .....if it has changed my life , and lives of people in around 150 countries.....then what exception are you ? (still unsure, r you ?..You would b an exception that only proves the rule)

Whats this big wave that has soaked all dimensions of cultures, age-groups, Organisations, Governments, nationalities.. Its called blossomingof yourself....to be able TO BECOME 100% OF YOUR POTENTIAL, 100% OF YOURSELF, AND TO BE ABLE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS THROUGH LOVE.

When did you last give your 100% ? Truthfully never really..now is the time to do it sincerely, and experience how it changes us into a I-POD (Inner Peace Outer Dynamism ! )


here's the central website to guide you through:



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