GURU means. . .

Who is a GURU ?
One who is an expert. . .one who acomodates everyone without judgements. . .towards knowledge.

What is the significance of a Guru?

When I express my understanding of the concept called GURU, I'll understand you shall also read my thoughts keeping all preconceived notions aside and with an open mind. . . .

A GURU is one in whom innocence and intelligence have blossomed together

A GURU is a mirror...GURU shows us what we really are, but a GURU doesnt judge. . .GURU makes us realise how far or how distorted (angered or depressed or tossed by waves of feverish desires easily) we have come from our true self (which is innocence, intelligence and love in harmony)...and with this realisation...dawns an awareness that we can become better, there is space for improvement, there is a need for unlearning, there is less time and more to do, and that we blossom in KNOWLEDGE. . .in spiritual knowledge. . .which is just as important as scientific knowledge (and complementary too). . .

GURU's love is like the cocoon in which washes away action-reaction karmas and protects the one who surrenders. . ."the innocence remains untouched, and the intelligence grows". . .and the GURU tattva dawns in him too...because where innocence and intelligence walk hand-in-hand, the Universe responds accordingly with knowledge and love.

Here dawns a thirst for knowledge and a thirst to take more responsibilites in life. The greater the repsonsibilities, the more freedom one experiences. Life becomes an expression of multi-dimensional fullness. . .enthusiasm. .and bliss. This bliss is 10000 times more than that through a pizza or sex or whichever other short sighted, short term means of bliss one searches in vain for. This is called

The desires no longer manipulate the mind. . .the feverishness thins away, and every action is done with awareness. . .with wakefulness.
So says Sri Sri, "Strength is wakefulness, and in wakefulness there is no desire. Remember this. "

Here starts an experience of true freedom. . .freedom from instant gratification of senses, freedom from fear and guilt, freedom from stress and freedom from struggling for happiness, freedom from trying to please everyone. . .everything becomes effortless, every action arises out of an intention, not a desire. . .and an intention (sankalpa) is stronger than a feeble desire. We live 100% . . .without regrets. . .and this affects everyone around us. . .because happiness and love spread like fire. . .
this doesnt mean that one drops all in life...this means that one enjoys everything life offers more fully, more meaningfully, one experiences every moment 100% ...but with awareness...and then small events in life stop bothering one, because one is aware of a bigger existence that is bigger than small events that bring small joy or sadness.

The Universal understandfing of Guru is one who is mysterious and knowledgable...wise and benign. . .and mischievious and playful...full of innocence at the same time. . .this has deep significance.

So why dont we all stop greeting each other in terms of 'How are you?' which is superficial and sounds like a complement than a question really (hehehehe) and start greeting as "Jai Gurudev" ..Jai meaning Victory and Gurudev means the Divinity inside you, the Guru inside you, the wisdom and innocence inside us. . .

thus JAI GURUDEV means May the Divinity inside you shine forth . . .wouldnt you want that for every individual around you. . .every person you meet ? :-)

Life is utterly simple and yet most complex. You have to simultaneously attend to both facets of life. When life appears most complex, turn to the simplicity. Simplicity brings peace. When you are peaceful attend to the complexity within you. That will make you more skillful.

"Beyond an event is Knowledge.

Beyond a person is love.

Beyond an object is infinity.

Knowledge is not in an event; it is beyond an event."- Sri Sri