How Do I Choose My Web Design Company?

This is a simple but effective article on the ground zero points to consider when narrowing the search for an ideal Web Design Company that meets your requirements...nicely written by the Founder of a Company that was incubated out of a garage with just 2 employees:

"I set up Magnon Solutions with no technical background of my own -- in fact, I had to take a friend's help to even pick a couple of kids from NIIT who would best suit our requirements. I couldn't even afford to buy computers -- I had to rent two.

We started operations out of a refurbished generator room in south Delhi, with just one phone line for making calls as well as using the Internet -- which meant that we would go online only in the evenings and ended up staying in office until 10.30 pm. We got just Rs 5,000 for our first order, which was to set up a website for an artist based in Varanasi."

............and it took a new high with 100% growth every year.

Today he has over 400 clients in seven countries, including the Ministry of Finance and the Uttar Pradesh government. Magnon has a turnover of Rs 58 lakh and is targeting Rs 1 crore next year.

His experiences has spawned the book, Build From Scratch, which is aimed at the budding entrepreneurs. (It corners practical issues startups face, like high-pressure sales management and manpower retention.

The Barbarian Manager, his next book, is on the way. It will examine how managers are programmed to survive aggression in the corporate sector. Sounds cool :-)