The changing face of Bangalore music culture Feb, 2010:
Palace Grounds, Gayathri Vihar:
Evening: 5pm

Enter a host of Indian and international music bands, who set the tone for Richard Marx and the Backstreet Boys to hit the stage...

The uniqueness was, there were a few aunties and family folks...which was a pleasant surprise. Not quite a surprise if one knows the popularity Backstreet Boys enjoy in India-- the country where music continues to be @ the peak of excellence and diversity, since the past many millenniums.

Just two hours before the show, I had no clue I was gonna be there, but of course, I have a superb Guru...who knows what I want (I wanted to watch Richard Marx live, just the previous day...not knowing that Richard Marx was in Bangalore the next day! surprise...not anymore...I'm usd to miracles now... :-))
....and there I was, with Anjana (thx to her, I was there)...and enjoyed superb guitar work by Richard Marx...what really caught my eye, were the extra effort Richard took to change a guitar for every song..he certainly gave us the best experience...and also that he was extremely witty and bright on the stage...he was very Deva kinds :-) playful..really playful on the stage...

well he made sure, that, he plays "Right Here Waiting" for us...!

 and of course another number that hasnt gone into production yet ...well, :-)

Next were the Backstreet Boys who simply set the fans (including the aunties) going wild by their mere presence...I must appreciate they did put in a lot of hard work there and did their moves right...superb dance moves, great singing, and lots of love for their all showed immensely. Given that, they have come to learn the immense impact Indian music has had on the world music scene...they did admit they were gonna come back again to India next year (yes :-) good news for the big chunk of Indian music lovers who have grown on an everyday dose of Backstreet Boys)..and they also confirmed their openness to collaboration with Indian singers.... sounds good :-)

Its nice to know, for a change we have some good music coming into Bangalore....besides the usual hard rock and gothic music...

Music is vibrations, and these vibrations affect every cell of the human  body (which is 90% water) likewise...good, positive, melodious music uplifts...whereas violent, anti-Christ, metal noise simply distorts every water molecule in our bodies...thus creating more violent, negative-minded, individuals..

  Life is an upward trend, not a downward spiral. Life is a celebration, not a race.