RUBY is the latest bling bling in technology !

Hello everyone....heard of the latest buzz called Ruby ...? No? You wudnt have heard of it, if you r one of those guys/gals at one of those standard Companies who dont want to take innovative risks, and you probably are happy with the seemingly stable and "SAFE" career platforms..."safe" , because you think its worthwhile from a career perspective to sit on a huge pool of resources and support community that centers around only .NET or J2EE or yadda yadda yadda....and so YOU ARE IN A COMFORT ZONE ! B.U.T. unknowingly YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE ICE BERG TO MELT.....isnt it ? well try this now...its "bling bling" (a hip word among the youth for glittering accessories) among the technology enthusiasts ....its called RUBY....its relatively new, but stable enough to have set a lot of technical enterpreneurs interested...

RUBY is a dynamic (interpreted), open source programming (scripting) language WITH A FOCUS ON convention over messy configuration, Its elegant syntax attributes to its simplicity and productivity(ITS LIGHTWEIGHT !!)in object-oriented programming.

This should giv yu a hang of it (for now)

NOW wats Ruby On Rails (or RoR).....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...its a "full-stack"(meaning it provides "Convention over configuration" and "Dont Repeat Yourself" features, on both Client-as-well-as-Server side features(!!), and leads the race among next-genre of web app frameworks ...highlighting features such as "scaffolding", "object-relational mapping" and simple installation. The FULL STACK means that it supports an "MVC" (Model-View-Controller) architecture [yep! :-)]...back to track...RoR is a "full stack" web application famework , written in Ruby (bling! bling!).

It aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created, and offers skeleton code frameworks (scaffolding) from the outset.

Ruby involves very little mental programmers tend to be HAPPY PROGRAMMERS ! and bling! bling! too ;)

Some SW Companies tend to stay safe , means they are teh Hanging Gradens of Babylon (implies, --> its now available only in pictures..yu c d point ?)...which donot wish to exploit (sorry bad word, but kinda fits in wen lean mean business is in play (the only exception I can currently think of, is, Technologists with Conscience at VASUDHA EVA KUTUMBAKAM :) ) the best of new potential technology, because there is a disconnect among the bushy-bearded dodge-ball enthusiast managers towards any new technology (not that Ruby is new) ....and also that, among programmers and developers there is this "opinion" ("popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world." - Thomas Carlyle) that development is done only for developments sake so that their careers are (SEEMINGLY) safe ...but for technologists who have a vision beyond sight, who wish to do "smart work" (by smart work I mean those who wish to use newer technologies, not the "copy-paste" jobs that SW Engineers do) it boils down to the bling bling technologies like RoR (You-Know-Who), where you are "heard" and "seen" and yur contributions add value to a FUN, LIGHT WEIGHT, and SMART programming community around the "flat" globe.

Give it a try...its a productive and a healthy addiction! I have already dived into the tutorials and I feel its worth the try with RUBY !