"You clean your windows, you clean your tables, you wash your clothes , but you forget to wash your mind"


Realizing that many beautiful minds find my blog useful, let me start a more meaningful series on it...a series consolidating experiences of people who have undergone the Art Of Living healing-breath workshop , and have experienced very powerful and healing changes at the different levels of their existence:
the body , mind, emotions, memory, intellect, ego, ...and at the level of the "SELF"

Before that, I ought to give you a small but helpful explanation of how the SUDARSHAN KRIYA works....

The human mind is akin to a kite, the kite being one that always flies to the tune of the distracting wind, then one can associate the breath to the string that ties the kite...the relevance is very obvious if one noticed how closely our "breath" is linked to our emotions....observe how the pattern of breathing varies...from rough and heavy , to light and soft and breathless too, when we are angry or depressed or excited or shocked or very very happy. And the breath is our only most important connection to our immediate external environment, and also the source of life....Interestingly , we neglect that the most....now imagine if we were able to regulate our breathing pattern to the RHYTHM that we are born with (each individual is unique and responds accordingly to his wavelength of vibrations around) , then we would form our emotions, our thoughts, our mental outlook to life, on the basis of positive vibes, stress-agnostic thoughts, and a very very focussed-yet-aware mind... on such lines, the Kriya effortless tunes the mind into the present moment....

what does being "in" the present moment mean and do ? It means that the mind will not be swayed in the 'inertia' of glorifying the past..or regretting about the past...nor will it be stuck in apprehension of the future...this, my dear friends is the best explanation the fact that RIGHT NOW, as we are, with the people and situations around us, and in the state of mind as we ARE in, it is a translation of the thoughts(and actions in response) we have focussed on, in the past...means our state now is JUST A RESIDUE of the past actions.......and it is not easy to snap out of it , without a technique, because it just IS NOT possible to harness the mind using the mind... :-) got the point...

enter Sudarshan Kriya : it "effortlessly" (through the breath) lassoes the mind into present moment 100 percent! and in direct consequence , with regular practice, an individual becomes an I-POD >> Inner Peace Outer Dynamism ...more aware, *relaxed-and-focussed* at same time, and more action oriented....and it is very experiential ....to each individual his/her experience...over the last three years that I have practised Kriya, I have personally experienced it amazing effects...from becoming a much much happier person than in 20 years , to an individual who has balanced his cravings and aversions, and has balanced his life...in perfect synchronization with what I want...especially since Kriya has oriented what I 'need' in life into what I 'want' from life.....

someone once said "In education, one needs grades...but in life, one needs Grace"
.....and only an open mind or an open palm collects more grace than a closed fist...or a mind that is closeted in a paranoia of CONCEPTS...concepts about how things should be, or concepts about how people are, concepts about what works and what doesn't....and an INTELLIGENT person doesnot make concepts , he breaks them....the Sudarshan Kriya impacts mental barriers and emotional garbage directly, conceived 27 years ago by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (lovingly called The Guru Of Joy) and the ONE WORLD FAMILY social educational NGO founded by Him, has united more than 30 million people around this globe in the last 25 years....in complete ONENESS....in zero conflict in the "layers" we are surrounded by...castes, tribes, continents and countries, languages, ages, sexuality,religion, governments.....

so powerfully profound and IMMEDIATE are the changes that Kriya does, is...

...terrorists, prison inmates and naxalites turning socially responsible
...youth quitting years old alcohol,smoking and substance abuse habits in a matter of first 40 minutes of the Sudarshan Kriya!
...70% recovery of patients at mental hospitals,
...cases of cancer cells dying away in months, leaving an individual healed
...more productive, more enthusiastic (yes a paradox in happening...productive and enthusiastic) employees and equally focussed-yet-relaxed students...

...and the best, is Sudarshan Kriya has been found to slow down the ageing cycle by 12 years , if regularly practised for 4-5 years !

(Research studies on SK performed at some of the most reputed medical institutions in world, is available at www.aolresearch.org )

My greatest regards to Sri Sri who has transformed milions of lives into fuller, more meaningful and happier CELEBRATION of EXISTENCE ! Existence that acknowledges life and living as more important than losing oneself into smaller events...existence that is untouched by prejudice of religions, countries, violence, or economic and political dividing factors...an existence that acknowledges a person as a HUMAN BEING FIRST and not on nationality or religion or sex or sexuality...an existence that is based on sharing love (love once lit spreads like fire more powerfully than anger or greed or violence) and contributing 100% to ourselves and to this beautiful lonely planet !

The need of the hour is to gift ourselves 40 minutes everyday so that we live more than 24 hours every 24 hour of lives....disease-free, STRESS-FREE, violent-free, and more productive, happier life !

more information is available at www.artofliving.org Workshops have been fine tuned for all age groups:
  • 7-14 ART EXCEL
  • 14-18 YES (Youth Empowerment Seminar) www.yesplus.org
  • 18-30 YES Plus (also part of curriculum at Harvard and Stanford, IITs and IIMs now)
  • APEX Courses (for the segment of professionals in IT, finance and such industries)
  • the general BASIC (or PART-1 course) for all age groups 18 and onwards.
...Courses are conducted all over the world in more than 155 nations.


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