Poison on the Platter from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

(This video also features valuable comments of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who besides being a guide to billions worldwide on holistic and people-centric sustainable science, is also educated on ancient vedic science and modern science. He is a visionary with unquestionable integrity, and an all-encompassing, loving, caring concern for this entire planet and all its life forms.)

I am not against GE per se. GE can be applied to human gene therapy, they can be creating medicines in a laboratory under very carefully watched conditions. BUT WE SHOULD NOT feed the products of an infant science to millions of people.
- Jeffrey M Smith

If you look at GM food from the perspective of a simple human being, not a biotechnologist, or a scientist or an activist,...and you ask yourself:

From all the evidence discovered about the REAL threat of GM food to you, to me, to all people on this planet...would you still support GM food that has NOT been sufficiently tested by neutral bodies???

You and I know that trials of GM foods on lab animals across the world have repeatedly shown that they cause bleeding stomachs, and adversely affect brain, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestine. They have been even linked to higher offspring mortality and causing infertility.

As the most evolved, visible beings on this planet with sufficient intelligence, we are directly responsible for OUR ACTIONS AS WELL AS INACTIONS.

I am responsible for global warming and I am responsible for the insecure IT professionals who are too busy saving brownie points for their next appraisal instead of creating brownie points for the planet they owe more to.
I am responsible for the corruption among the politicians and the distorted bureaucrats that's siphoning out our country morality underneath seats of power, and stashing black money into Swiss bank accounts.
I am responsible for the junk food generation of misled teenagers (more facts) and and few over-enthusiastic ambitious biotechnologists who are spirituality deprived and do not respect the planet and its delicate natural laws.
I am responsible for educating you about it.

But I am not responsible if you choose not to look at it neutrally or neglect doing your own research:
  • beyond your education conditioning if you are a biotechnologist
  • beyond your vote bank politics if you are a politician, beyond your comfort zone of "short term gain long term pain" attitude
  • beyond your insensitivity to your environment

India is fast becoming the world’s biggest dustbin for this risky and unwanted technology. We are being told that these crops are essential for feeding the growing population, but there is not even one GM crop that produces higher yields. In fact, many of the GM crops produce less than the existing crops. And yet, as many as 56 foods crops are being genetically modified in India.
-Devinder Sharma,
Food Policy key Analyst 

What we need is a moratorium on release of any GM crop and sale of any GM seed for at least next 5 to 7 years, till their safety is not assured through stringent and impartial tests, because what’s at stake here is not just our health but our very survival
Dr Pushpa M. Bhargava
Founder Director, Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology and Supreme Court’s nominee in the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC).

You know the facts now.
Make a responsible, good choice that is sustainable for you and the planet we share.


Harsha B N said...

Very Informative Post!! People should stop encouraging US Food Chains like KFC, Pizza outlets, McD... We have to fight against GM Food..