What is killing India?

What is killing India?

Peep into this post and give yourself a weekend reality check....

·         Pesticides and fertilizers- India is the world’s largest user of fertilizers and pesticides. Look at Bangalore: sparrows have dwindled, no doubt. But now, even the crows say No to the city.

India has been the country with the most advanced forms of irrigation and most holistic way of agriculture. Ancient Indian agriculture systems like the Vedic Farming alone, yields far more superior crops, fruits and vegetables, than any damned fertilizer or pesticides any scientist can create…and without the damage that is caused by fertilizers and pesticides.

What happened after Independence?? “Independence"?...where’s the Independence?

·         Genetic Engineering- Just the south of India alone grows 150 varieties of rice! The smart way of agriculture is to grow different crops at different times on same soil…one type of crop enriches the soil for the next different type of crop to grow, thus allowing the soil to recuperate.

…But GM crops turn the agricultural soil sterile, and do not allow other crops to grow. This destroys the precious earth and leaves the farmers and the government defenseless at mercy of patenting laws. Patenting laws prevent farmers from saving crops.

·         Plastic:  Who invented the damned plastic?  The world lived just as comfortably before plastic was invented.

·         Bureaucrats: In terms of education quotient, politicians share the lesser blame compared to the so-called educated bureaucrats who are sucking up India and using politicians as pawn. If you feel responsible towards your country, what can you do? Write your Civil Services exam, become a responsible IAS officer. And while you are doing that, come to an Art Of Living workshop, tap enormous personal energy levels and broaden your capacity to take responsibility for yourself and for this planet.

·         Education: We have enough unemployable, and poorly conditioned lawyers, engineers and doctors in this country: we don’t want anymore! We need our ancient system of education back which the British systematically wiped out, so that they could fuel religious feuds, misconstrue the caste system, train Indians as lab rats who learn the following plagiarisms:

o   Galileo discovered that the Earth goes round the Sun’s orbit. (WRONG)
o   Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. (WRONG)
o   Pythagoras discovered (a+b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab. (WRONG)
o   Oppenheimer discovered the atomic bomb. (WRONG)
o   Drs. Steptoe and Edwards invented artificial insemination. (WRONG)
o   Archimedes of Syracuse discovered the value of “Pi”. (WRONG)
o   …I could go on and on.
All of the above and more were inventions or discoveries already made by ancient Indian scientists who were also spiritually enlightened meditators...such is the magnanimity of the world's grandest and most prosperous ("prosperous" in all senses) civilizations.

The bottom line is, our real Indian education system of Gurukul was systematically stolen by the English centuries ago, and plagiarized to form the Catholic system of modern education, and enforced upon us and the rest of the world during their colonization conquests.

·         English medicine (alopathy): Given the plethora of negative side-effects on the body and continual abuse of environmental resources, pharma companies have no real claims to philanthropy, except that English medicines come handy only in emergency situations when it is ok to pop a pill. Some facts here for Indian consumers.

You thought painkillers were a fantastic invention? Wrong! Painkillers dilute the nervous system’s ability to experience real pain in the pain areas of body. It simply postpones the cause of the disease.

You thought anti-depressants are the best boon to mankind?
Wrong! Anti-depressants (...and psychiatrists) only postpone chronic depression to a later time, and this only snowballs into worse depression and suicidal/homophobic tendencies. What’s the solution? No brownie points for guessing: It is MEDITATION.
If you are stressed or depressed, Sudarshan Kriya Yoga alone can solve the problem. If you are not stressed or depressed, Sudarshan Kriya Yoga alone can give you that extra energy burst (with heightened awareness) to do more in less time, at work or at home.

You thought alopathy cures the disease?
No! Alopathy in most cases treats just the SYMPTOMS, not the root cause. :-(

What’s  the cure?
Meditation and ayurveda.

Ayurveda attacks the CAUSE behind a disease, not the symptoms. And with zero side-effects…zero environment footprints.

And Panchkarma treatment ensures that diseases cannot touch your subtle body (that’s where diseases start incubating)
I couldn’t have found a better explanation of disease and health:

"Dis-ease occurs when any level of our existence is not at ease. Health is a disease-free body, a quiver-free breath, a stress-free mind, illusion-free intellect and obsession-free memory, an ego that includes all and a soul that is free from sorrow." – Sri Sri

·         Computer Games: This doesn’t need elaboration. We all know what it has done to whole generations of kids and teenagers across the globe! some facts

·         Junk Food: Carbonated drinks drain the body’s precious calcium and weaken digestion. Junk fast food: we all know what it does. I am amused that all we took from the west was coke and burgers, whereas in fact, we have much more to learn:

ü  Team work from the Japanese
ü  Precision from the Germans
ü  Presentation and marketing from the Americans
ü  Frankness and warmth from the Africans
ü  Etiquette and manners from the British
ü  Human and spiritual values from the Indians.

...choose a healthy lifestyle. Life is about living, and living is an art. ;-)


komal said...

put like a true disciple of His Holiness Sri Sri.. i mean if every single indian followed the 6 mantras in the last pparagraph of your post, india would be the best place to live in the world..british etiquette? when all the brits do today is listen to bhangra music and try imitating the gidha dance of punjabis maybe the rest of the country could lern hard work and warmth and etiquette from the punjabis rtaher than the africans and british, precision from the marwari community, team work from the gujaratis etc...the point is indians see gujaratis, punjabis and south indians as totally different people there is no unity in our country maybe you could add disharmony and the caste system to your post as well..

GauravNath said...

Caste system?? Not really...

why? thats why i insist so often that you come for as many YES!+ workshops as you can...

last YES!+ in Kormangla, Prasanna explained beautifully how the caste system in ancient India was free from discrimination and was created more discipline and harmony instead...

students from all religions studied @ our Gurukul's...and even people from faraway lands came to our ancient universities to gather knowledge...

and the caste system ensured that the trade secrets were kept as secrets according to lineage...and a Shudra or Kshatriya was just as much welcome as a Brahman in society and in educational institutions...

only when the English invaded India, they created communal hatred through discrimination and heart-burn.

That's what exactly happened.

GauravNath said...

Yes, even within India, we can learn so muchhh..one lifetime is never enough hehehe...

"hard work and warmth and etiquette from the punjabis rtaher than the africans and british, precision from the marwari community, team work from the gujaratis" ...wow very well phrased... :-)