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My blog is alive now...because
today I shall link more neurons to my blog that will take you onto links you will be addicted to !! and it will create a farm of ideas in your heads, as you follow each of these links...given that you are an inquisitive person who thrives on intellectual you ? You do , I know that , and thats why you are reading my blog, because like me, you know the value of information, you adapt the value of knowledge in multiple domains of your unpredictable life...and because you know....WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK (well, I have a video to share on this concept, which will spark your untouched mental faculties...I can vouch on that) lets think knowledge and lets share ideas...

How do you know what my blog is read it with eyes, isnt it? and the brain maps it ...and how do you interpret it...the brain of course..and how do you leverage the information for your use..the brain again (adaptation and survival instincts) !! so now, here's a link to FOOD FOR THE BRAIN...

Lets play a small game here :

that was just a are the nuclear bombs :-)

ok brain games apart, lets get to other hierarchies...occupation, right ? :-) gone are the offline pre-internet job hunting is the time you checked out 2 blessed sites to cool your heels... and

infact why dont we cool off much more than just heels :-) there you go..

On a technology front there are openings here...

I liked the tone of it..

..well lets play on the turfs of some of my favourite sites now (good technical listings) (social sites which made it to the finsh line...for now) (a new trend of search engine technology...that focus on an old paradigm "BE THE FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY , OR BE THE BEST"..they just focussed on the latter o:-)

infact these caught my personal attention (good concept, excellent UX ) (search for meaning) (Integrating Trusted science + technology research= book search)) (good technical articles) (Archana Raghuram delves into Vedic Maths..besides that, she has an insightful blog) (a great repository for Web2.0 explorers, my personal favourite :-) :-))

Hoping we are stimulated and shall keep coming back to these useful posts asap..We will share knowledge , just as we share the air we breathe and the Earth that we belong to (are we conscious to realise , WE BELONG TO THE EARTH, THE EARTH DOES NOT BELONG TO US .

BUT "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein.


The Vedic Maths Forum India said...

You can check this site too on Vedic Maths

It has interesting tutorials and resources on Vedic Math. I am sure you like it.

You can also check out our blog on Vedic Maths
Much Thanks

Archana Raghuram said...

Thank you Gaurav for linking my blog and for your kind words.

Gaurav said...

Thanks for the site..frankly real good work, it'll surely keep Archana and me addicted to it for quite some time..

thx for tking the time to notice Archana, keep visiting my blog(I blog about enough topics to keep all parts of my readers' left and right brains stimulated. Promise!)

Archana Raghuram said...

Will definitely do Gaurav. Thank you once again.