Q. Most problems that exist today are in the name of religion. What's the future?

Sri Sri: The problem in religion is when the diehards say,"Oh! I cant say 'Allah' or 'Shiva' or 'Jesus'." Is your religion so weak that you will lose it just by saying "Om"? Or if you say "Allah", it wont take your religion away. i guarantee you no Go d will get angry with you.You accept technology and food from everywhere, isn't it? But when it comes to wisdom and singing, people seem to cringe. We have to break these barriers.

Sri Sri on strength and commitment:

"...When you want to do something, look at your own strength. Your weakness is that you start looking at others' strengths! When you are running, you can only look at the track below, not at who is next to you! Like a horse with blinders, look at your path only! Let anybody else do whathe or she wants to.
Also any job that you do, should be done with commitment.Otherwise, you will do th ejob when you enjoy it and stop doing it when you dont."

"You are only requuired to do what you want to do. You simply have to know that and you will get the strength.

Know that your life is more than your activity.

Life is not only about achieving - it is about contributing. "

Personally I found this true, and also a simple powerful fact...The next time you are bored or unhappy(even after you achieved something you had been personally longing/striving for), simply go and do some seva, do something for someone which will make him/her happy...for a child, for your friend, for a complete stranger, and then in a moment you will see your mood will be transformed from the happiness it will give you..nothing compares to it. So you know now what to do next time you are smitten by a heartbreaker, or feeling unhappy despite a personal win. O:-)


Archana Raghuram said...

Nice interview. I loved the last answer.

GauravNath said...

Thx ...Sri Sri is full of amazing thoughts, other question sessions I noticed that an answr leads to another string of questions...buthis answers have the uniqueness to quieten the seeker's mind with the answers...and then questions flower into "wonder" in the seeker's mind.... :-)