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Swastiastu ! (its in Indonesian lingo...figure it out, meaning is beautiful)
Here are some IT facts to digest, for people who are religious abut technology fads...something like being part of the 'revolution'...or maybe savingt he world from obsolence by being part of the latest buzzwords..(and of course I m proud to b on blogspot, the best blogging site !)

TOP blogging sites in September 2007

September 2006 September 2007 YTY

Blogger 19,751 ---- 29,596------ 50%
Six Apart TypePad 7,525------10,992 --------46%
WordPress.com 2,673 10,424 290%
tmz.com 6,000 10,293 72%
LiveJournal 3,685 4,160 13%
Xanga.com 5,528 3,008 -46%
Perezhilton.com 1,234 2,203 79%
Engadget 1,503 2,021 34%

Gizmodo 763* 1,891 148%
Thatsfit N/A 1,726

TOP search engines in September 2007

Engine-- Searches-- Growth-- YTY Share
Google ---3,994,158--- 41.3%---- 54.0%
Yahoo! ---1,443,244--- 9.3%---- 19.5%
MSN -----890,685 --- 71.5%---- 12.0%
AOL ---- 444,493 --- 24.0%--- 6.0%
Ask.com--158,969 --- 4.5% --- 2.2%

TOP social networking sites in September 2007

Site ---------------------Audience Growth(Sep 2007) YTY
Myspace.com------------58,581 --------------------------24%
Facebook ----------------18,090 ------------------------133%
Classmates Online-------13,313 ---------------------------0%
Windows Live Spaces----10,275-------------------------- 32%
AOL Hometown ----------7,685------------------------ -23%
Reunion.com -------------4,845------------------------ 3%
LinkedIn -----------------4,075------------------------ 131%
AOL People Connection--- 4,017------------------------ -34%

(ahem...my blogger.com still reigns....mmmmm)

Quoting Steve Ballmer, "MS Search capabilities are goung to dunk the other guys" !!
....goodness gracious !where are we headed mates?? Maybe I dont have the legendary expertise and experience as Stevie, but perhaps being in a desert too long can be illusioning as one's focus gets blurred in terms of the difference between a "blurred being in the zone"guy and a "fresh outsider's view of the larger picture"guy ..so as far as I perceive it...certain startegies at MS have become an ill-boding, just the oxymoron way certain other strategies have enhanced the Company's adoptability( like a base ecosystem of Windows based GUI's to market and grip the zillions of people around, and then to deploy marketing strategies and eye-candies heavily on these old cash cows...the same way as wine does...(but again Software != Wine), and of course sharing code (Windows XP code, .NET, etc))...plummeting back to strategies that look like the silence before a storm , I see Steve's strategies in pushing MS into minds and souls of people, rather too aggressive and pushy, that also in 2 risky scenarios

>> more and more number of bugs and patches that bog down the acceptability of newer MS products in a fight by users who insist old is better (the same way that Vista SP2 has been postponed, and support for XP2 has been retained)

>>2nd scenario, overly diverging the previously efforts of the teams across the world, causing a pattern I would classify as "concave lens diverging parallel rays of a light beam"...Steve you are the lens , dont you see it ?? The effect shall be the opposite of what a convex lens like other competent search engine giants(their biggest competitors) are doing, "convex lens converges parallel beam" ...the over all effect, the efforts are not being focussed, the upto-an-extent-justified-but-not-effective-in-long-run strategy of diversifying should also be folllowed with a laser focus on the divesified products, and more importantly, not just retaining the value of an array of relatively-older product arsenals, but to actually improve them aggressively...andthe golden rule to learn is to LISTEN . Listen to the loud noises blogs are making from people in startups, analysts who care to write about your Organisation, your products. Listen. And then strategize, it WILL go a long way and save much last-minute bug fixes, and patches which we are so unpopular about. And here I emphasize upon the gem of our evolution...our ability to "create". And creation happens only when we are inspired, or in more gross terms, when neccesity knocks on the door...so let your teams INNOVATE and thats where a see a silver lining in this new directionof efforts MS is headed towards..MS is listening, through the ears of their Evangelists..and thats a good sign. Tomorrow is a day when consumers drive "user-geerated.editor-less.useful.neccesity-driven.scalable" technologies loudly, and dont you want to make sure you are basking in the glory then Mr. Ballmer , because you listened. And because your focus had shifted from only "dunking" competitors in a dodge ball game, into an alternative parallel strategy , just as stronglt focussed on letting your best developers run free to play amidst the ecosystem of infrastructure you have created, and to be "inspired" to create, instead of JUST COMPETING to stay even. Its not just about staying even. And maybe someone rightly said too.."A good software is not when you have no features left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Remember Joel Spolsky's blog on USABILITY http://www.joelonsoftware.com/uibook/chapters/fog0000000057.html and its cardinality moral.

Now that I have driven a few points home(at the expense of constraining my urge to nature's call, until I am done!), I feel like I could do with a short break until I get to sharing my DIGGS about an insightful blog born somewhere, or a beautiful thought born in my unpredictable mind that can change the world ;-) ...maybe who knows ?