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Space images taken by NASA reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge currently named as Adam´s Bridge is made of chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long. The bridge´s unique curvature and composition by age suggests that it may be man made. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago. This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in Tredha Yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago). In this epic, there is a mentioning about a bridge, which was built between Rameshwaram (India) and Srilankan coast under the supervision of a dynamic and invincible figure called Rama who is supposed to be the incarnation of the supreme. This information may not be of much importance to the archeologists who are interested in exploring the origins of man, but it is sure to open the spiritual gates of the people of the world to have come to know an ancient history linked to the Indian mythology.

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(thats a bit of our many proofs do you need to validate the oldest culture, Karunanidhi...we vest you power with our votes, we shall take it away too! Exercise your power for more demanding problems plaguing this country, dont dissipate your energies in opportunities that also have alternate solutions. Perhaps we under-estimate or overlook some facts in the incessant noisy commentary that has diseased our distracted minds...calm your mind and ask one question Karunanidhi : Where did technology originate in this world ? Was it in hard disks in Silicon valley, or CERN's picturesque Geneva, or did it flourish in India !!! long before America was discovered, even longer before the Japanese adapted their martial arts from Kalaripayattu (in Kerala, India) or the Chinese borrowed umbrella concept from India...when was this ? I see the answer in an era..when some of the geratest epics were documented as 'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata'......AND THE TECHNOLOGY ? Kunti mothered her 100 Kaurava sons via a technology boon that we use today to create "test tube babies" ..and that was technology long before anyone else imagined it in any other country or continent. Karunanidhi will overlook it I know, because he is "pressurised" by his colleagues and superiors, infact he will also overlook the facts so sublimely documented in Bhagavad Gita each of them with NEVER-ENDING knowledge value. And what of when Hanuman wished to reach the other end of Ocean to did Hanuman make the leap ? He was skilled in practical aspect of what we term now as "Projectile Motion" . And how do we validate He really crossed the ocean? Because Hanuman noticed the star clusters in a fixed sequence across the Heavens during the journey...the same fixed sequence as is observed when you make an arial journey across India to Sri Lanka today by your favourite airline . And you seek validation of the Ram Setu, do you ? Go visit one of the miracle rocks, infact go visit the Patna Jain Temple where news reports recently revealed one of the miracle rocks that floated on water with SRI RAM's name at the time the Bridge was being constructed by the thousands Sri Ram's soldiers ! Do you need more proofs ? I know you know...because you want just an EXCUSE, to proceed the Setu Samudran Project, not REASONS, but EXCUSES.

And religions asides, here is what Sri Sri has to say about India and Spirituality:


SPIRITUAL INDIA: People ask me how can India have so much spirituality and yet be so poor. I have my own explanation to this. India has one-third the land of America and thrice its population. It has six major religions, many dialects and over a thousand years of foreign rule.
That India is still existing as a country is a miracle. We could have gone the Yugoslavia way a long ago. Yet, it’s because of spirituality that India still exists.
Tell me, today there are more hospitals, how come there are more diseases? The health of society has gone down in the last 40 years. Are the hospitals responsible for this? No, it is because of the lifestyle. You still feel the villages in this country have lots of ethics, human values are greater there. Do you know 27% of the European population suffers from depression? In another eight years they expect the figure to reach 48%. Do you know 50% of the students in Washington DC drop out of school? The crime rate in the US is unbelievable. 33% of college students there have gone to jail or done some crime one time or the other. In face of these statistics India seems a much better place. It could be much better I agree. But there is an air of spirituality in India. Even in the freedom movement Mahatma Gandhi could do what he did because he was such a spiritual person. There were many more intelligent people than him around. Motilal Nehru and others were more well-read people. I agree moral degradation is happening, but it is because of no spirituality. Nobody taught us in school how to manage our mind when we are upset. Nobody taught us that your breath and your emotions are connected. That we are surviving is a miracle, let’s accept that. Then we are progressing economically - it’s only you people who tell us this, that GDP is growing. On the happiness front I would say we can do better. If we do better in the moral plane we could do even better.
SUPERSTITION: There’s nothing wrong in chaos. Many times creativity, bliss comes out of chaos. We need to learn to live with chaos. You should not dismiss something as superstition without probing into it. We should accept that there are many things in the world we do not know, have no explanation for. Whether a phenomenon is valid, whetherit could be explained, we need to probe into it before we can pronounce judgement on it.
You should accept the possibility of something you don’t understand. We can’t view everything with a communal prism, something like sea water tasting sweet. As for me there are many things which have no logical explanation. So you have to accept there are things beyond logical explanation. You go to Kulu, Manali and there are these devtas (deities) who answer people’s questions. You think about something and they’ll come and touch you on the left or right. In Karnataka there’s this devi’s panchloha statue that bends down and writes on a table that is covered in flour. A Japanese came and thedevi wrote in Japanese for him - a multilingual devi! Instead of brushing away such incidents as superstition a scientific mind should probe into them. You should keep your mind open.


This is an excerpt from his address to Indian Express reporters

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