Foie Gras is cruel..McDonalds and KFC have unethical practices

For all the obese consumers who don’t mind eating and treating friends and family at the nearest McDonald’s and KFC joints…
And for all the young, hormone-awash, media-stimulated, teenagers who think KFC and McDonald’s serve tastier food than their mothers can make…
For all the young corporates who are challenged and cannot think beyond KFC and McDonald’s when it comes to eating outside…
You and I are aware of the cruelty (includes the slavery in Africa that goes behind the scenes of these joints).
Why do you still haunt these joints?
Is your love for this beautiful planet that you are ACCOUNTABLE to, negotiable compared to your judgment about the dangers of such food, morally, spiritually, economically, and health-wise upon your health?
It doesn’t matter how old are you, which college you go to, which employer you work for, it doesn’t even matter if you rarely go to KFC and McD or you go there often. It is unhealthy and irresponsible. Please stop haunting KFC and McDonald’s immediately, for good.
For my friends in Europe, this is why you should immediately stop visiting KFC and McDonalds.

 Looks Familiar? It's Foie Gras. Translated into English, it means "Fat Liver"
This luxurious menu dish originated from France.
 But this dish comes from FORCE FEEDING a goose to make them develop the FATTY LIVER DISEASE!

 The geese are force-fed

The metal pipe is made to pass through its throat to the stomach..ensures adequate pain and brutality to make the liver bigger and fatter

 Small cages force the geese to stay in one position to avoid using energy, thus converting all food into fat.


Their legs swell up from standing all day

They are defenseless and this they learn quickly, after repeated torture.

They are force-fed until they are dead or their bodies cant stand with this

The survivors develop inflamed anal orifice...and they bleed profusely while they excrete, Their mouths, throat and stomach ache from this senseless force-feeding. Their legs swell to enormous sizes, and deprivation of sleep wrecks their nerves. Would you like to eat such an animal? What effect will such a diseased food cause to your nerves and to your body? 

Isn't it unimaginable...the hidden cruelty and disease that goes into this dish that LOOKS tasty!

I would never take my significant other or my loved ones to a restaurant or food joint that serves such diseased cruelty-laced dish.
Would you?


For readers in India, who are wondering how does visiting KFC and McDonald's once in a while affect these mute geese: Every penny you spend at KFC or McDonald's is a generous contribution to the Organization that sells such food in any corner of this world.

Are you evolving or devolving now?


Comet-Sanyasi said...

All I can pray for these Geese is "Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu..." :-(

pawan said...

think abt it.....

OIPA – India Representative said...


arash said...

how you guys dont even know that Mc Donald and KFC just serving hamburger and chicken?I'm not in love with this fast food restaurants but be honest! I never seen duck or goose in their menu!! dont talk about something that you dont even know!

GauravNath said...

Dear Arash,

I suggest you do your own thorough research before concluding your point. I did mine.

My friends in Europe have confirmed that Foie Gras has been in McD menu, and as a global citizen, consuming products of an unethical fast food joint ANYWHERE in the world, contributes to their cash cows. Do you want to do that?

Or do you want to write enough about how eating at McDonald's contributes to 3 things:
1) Child labor in Ivory Coast to procure the raw materials in the supply chain

2) Unethical treatment to the animals involved (including the mutated artificially raised, mutant chickens which KFC is infamous for)

3) the ingredients that give the McDonald's burger its false taste...I can make tastier and healthier burgers which do not involve animal products (I am talking about the mayonnaise which contains emulsifiers obtained from eggs!!,,,oh btw, eggs are NON VEGETARIAN...I call them LIQUID MEAT)

bottomline: we both share the same concerns for the planet and its delicate eco system. I encourage you to do some research on what chemicals go into our processed food at supermarkets, and which of these chemicals are banned in the US, but openly marketed in India? Good idea? :-)


style-sha said...

Gaurav, My doubt is like, is this fat liver been sold as a separate dish by the name "fat liver" itself or been added as one of the ingredients for kfc chicken, burger etc.,

GauravNath said...

My take on this is that: if it were sold as a separate dish and advertised so, I would never buy it as a consumer, because:
1) the word "fat" would scare me
2) I would be sceptic about a product like that, and do my own research which would tell me enough to stay away from it.

Hence I am sure every seller is smart enough to include it as part of the ingredients implicitly and mask it with a classy tempting name, isn't it? :-)

Its also smiliar to what we call "emulsifiers" on Lays potato chips..they will never disclose that emulsifiers are actually animal fats!! and the label syou see on the ingredients such as E410 or E32..these are codes to indicate the PROBABLE source of the flavors...two sources of these ingredients are animals and plants. Most obviously , often its cheaper to use animal-derived flavors in the labs...

so you see...there is much we dont knwo and havent bothered about in the past..
thankfully things are changing, and consumers are curious about what's on their plates...especially since obesity and heart diseases are on the rise, and also since the risks of GM food are now disclosed!

Love, good luck,