Indian citizens have voted out GM food, and that’s a large sizeable chunk of educated citizens here, Mr Prithviraj Chavan.

What will it take our foolhardy administrators to realize that they must not misuse their seats of power, and that the votes that gave them the ability to take GOOD and LONG-SIGHTED HOLISTIC decisions, must not be taken lightly.

Especially in the scenario where the farmer populace of the country is concerned…because agriculture is one of the strongest pillars of India when it comes to prosperity factors. And introducing GM food will invite the not-so-desirable side-effects of GM food…

Legally it will make our country vulnerable to the monopolies of GM manufacturers (Monsanto being the kingpin) and we all know how such irresponsible, greedy and manipulative organizations have don to other countries. It is WISE to learn from others’ mistakes, wont you agree?

From business perspective, Bt Brinjal will open flood gates to other GM foods, and the trade-off between a “SHORT-TERM” increase in productivity will leave a plague in all other aspects of agriculture, business, ethics, etc.

Environmentally, it will bring EXTINCTION to the hundred plus crops that are a blessing to India. And yes, GM crops turn the soil sterile to other crops, seriously compromising the integrity of our eco-system.

Health-wise, GM food causes the maximum damage. We have already discovered few NEGATIVE side-effects to health caused by GM food. These, GM organizations are unsuccessfully trying to hide under their carpets. However, Mr Chavan, the larger percentage of damage to your family and to mine, will be visible only when we like educated fools start eating GM food… BECAUSE SUFFICIENT RESEARCH has NOT BEEN CONDUCTED on GM food. And the little research done so far…well, we all know who conducted it.

Why Monsanto sucks? http://www.monsantosucks.com/

Today Mr Prithviraj Chavan is underhandedly trying to introduce a bill that brings GM food into our country. As if, we do not have enough other important issues to take care of.

If The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill 2009 (BRAI) is passed in the current parliamentary session, what will happen?

This is what this preposterous bill proposes:

The bill proposes to gag the media (Section 63) since it infringes upon the fundamental right of freedom of speech.

The penalty for creating awareness (misleading the public) about the ill effects of Genetically Modified issues may lead to an imprisonment of minimum six months and up to one year with a maximum fine of Rs.2 lakhs. Our right to freedom of speech will be curbed if this Bill is passed. The clauses of this bill are draconian and more stringent than even the repealed acts like POTA, TADA.

The worst is this: There was no provision for action against the company for concealment of facts (ill-effects) as it happened in case of tobacco in the US where the court fined $250 billion after several years.

GM crops must be strongly discouraged UNTIL SUFFICIENT TESTS are conducted by INDEPENDENT BODIES
(The integrity of Monsanto tests is questionable right from grass-root level: http://www.monsantosucks.com/Newsnviews/revolvedoor.htm)

What say, Mr Chavan?

Otherwise, how would you like your children and grandchildren to remember you? I mean, God forbid it.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar—the global face of spiritual and unconditional humanitarian leadership, has been educated in modern as well as Vedic sciences, and with the unquestionable integrity that He is known world over for, this is what He has to say,
“We don’t need a bill that encourages free entry of GM food into India, without ensuring health safety of the people, besides penalizing the voice of protest.”

What can people like you and I do to protect our country and loved ones from such foolhardy politicians?

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