Milk is no more healthy !

It goes without elaborating that the milk of Indian cows..real Indian cows is the most nutritious in the world.

And today this breed of cows (desi cows) are fast disappearing...and a new kind of cows are appearing swiftly and a plague.
What's the difference between desi cows and jersey cows? Someone answered on Wiki answers "One is dumb, the other isn't" :-) isn't it obvious because the jersey cows are not natural breeds...they are dumb no doubt...LOL

These cows are injected with oestrogen hormones to increase their production of milk from 40 to 60. For those who are aware that oestrogen is a female hormone, it reveals why children as young as 10 and 11 years of age are getting puberty in India...thats because the milk children drink nowadays...this packaged milk is adulterated with oestrogen, and more...girls as young as 6th standard, are getting periods! And boys as young as 10 are getting visible signs of puberty!

Nandini milk has become a household name.
But how many educated, intelligent consumers actually do their own research? Do you?
...which is why, I thought it smart to share this with you:
The milk that you buy is obtained from machine milking of cows. You would have guessed by now, what harm this does to the milk. PUS and BLOOD go into machine-extracted milk!!
Do you wish to drink milk containing pus and blood???

Nandini Dairy (and all other packaged milk manufacturers) PASTEURIZES their milk. PASTEURIZATION KILLS THE MILK. Pasteurization heats the milk to high levels and kills the nutrition, before it even reaches your next-door shop.

Nandini Dairy (and all other packaged milk manufacturers) HOMOGENIZES their milk. HOMOGENIZED MILK KILLS BLOOD VESSELS.

If you are already mentally complaining that, in such a case "what shall I eat then???" I'll say run to the hand-milked cow shed in your neighborhood. And before that, feel grateful that we live in a country like India, which still has real Indian cows in many pockets of this country.

If you donot have this luxury (an ironic but realistic term now), then make REAL SOYA MILK at home. Real Soya Milk, is NOT the silken soya milk that you buy at RelianceMart or Spencer's. Oh btw, I am amused too see that, with all the monies that go into their marketing gimmicks, these retail outlets don't see the direct tangible gains they will get in marketing, if they invest even a fraction of that invisible marketing monies into procuring and promoting jute and cotton bags as a ECO-FRIENDLY measure for the planet. Just a priceless marketing tip!
(Here is where to procure jute bags in bulk from:


Now, I know you are already asking me "How" to make soya milk at home?

Here's how to make real soya milk at home :-)

COCONUT MILK is a SUPERB alternative to milk!
And coconut water :-) I could go on and on about its amazing nutritional brownie points :-)
  • natural isotonic beverage- the same level as in human blood! :-)
  • electrolytic balance in coconut milk= electrolytic balance in our blood.
  • Coconut Water is
:-) More Nutritious than whole milk - LESS FAT, NO CHOLESTEROL
:-) Healthier than Orange Juice - MUCH MUCH LOWER CALORIES.

:-) Contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother's milk- better than processed baby milk

You thought sports drinks are better because your favorite sportstar promotes it. Wrong!
Coconut water
:-) contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks
:-) has less sodium (25mg) where sports drinks have around 41mg and energy drinks have about 200 mg.
:-) has 5mg of Natural Sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25mg of Altered Sugars.
:-) is very high in Chloride at 118mg, compared to sports drinks at about 39mg. (Data based on a 100ml drink)

Coconut water is a universal donor - Its identical to human blood plasma. Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries thru Coconut IV.

"Coconut water is the very stuff of Nature, biologically Pure, full of Natural Sugars, Salts, and Vitamins to ward off fatigue and is the next wave of energy drinks BUT natural"-Mortin Satin, Chief, United Nation's Food & Agriculture Organization 

I dont understand the agenda of the news channels like NDTV and CNN IBN exist solely to have higher viewership ratings? (the answer is obvious, seeing day in and day out coverage of the Commissioner's pet dog having run away, or of Rakhi Sawant's personal life!) Do daily newspapers like Times Of India, DNA, MidDay, Deccan Herald etc spend man hours and energy only to garner more and more and more subscribers? In fact they have been partially successful in manipulating the reading psychology of the public...partially successful. Why don't the media cover issues of such paramount importance? Because they and a chunk of the public would prefer to live in denial...until it strikes their own homes. Funny civilization we live in.