Pasteurization deprives children of the essential constituents that clean, raw milk can provide.

As for the health-conscious consumers who need REAL milk, pasteurized milk is fooling them into an illusion of milk, whereas fact is they are just consuming some white liquid that has near-zero essential nutrition.

What’s worse is all this artificial treatments to milk (and other food products) have created a generation of weak individuals who have weak immunity levels…due to excessive hygiene of course. This should be a reality-check for readers who say “raw milk may just be full of harmful bacteria”…I am sure the human race existed, in fact they thrived better long before Pasteur was heard of.

Pasteurization had set out to accomplish 2 things: destruction of germs, and preventing milk from turning sour (this is funny…because sour milk is super good for invalids, as a laxative). It did achieve the mentioned goals, at a greater cost that destroys the purpose itself.

Pasteurization ended up destroying even the beneficial bacteria which is why we drink milk. Not just that, pasteurization destroys nutrition in the milk. And this measure taken to prevent milk from souring, creates more favorable conditions for UNDESIRABLE GERMS to MULTIPLY very very fast.
The problem which Pasteur missed is that, its dirty milk causes menace, NOT raw milk. RAW MILK IS GOOD.

Some zealots say raw milk can cause tuberculosis. I have discovered some studies conducted on this assumption which revealed that pasteurized milk had also caused tuberculosis.

The last discovery I made is, pasteurization is the main offender when it comes to turning the much –needed calcium in milk, into insoluble by the body! RESULTS: rickets, bad teeth, nervous troubles. This also depletes the phosphorus associated with Calcium. RESULTS: serious effect on bone and brain formation. Pasteurization also destroys 20 percent of the iodine present in raw milk. RESULTS: constipation.

Now, for those special few people in denial (who ironically also happen to be intellectually stimulated), here are the numbers and figures: End Of Discussion :-)

Instead of forcing dealers to set up expensive machinery for turning raw milk into a mutant white zero nutrition liquid, can the government ensure our dairy-farmers produce clean, raw milk?

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pawan said...

Hm....True but Government needs to co-operate wid people to change these practices....will take some effort....